School Records Digitized on line

Dickinson College has created an on-line archive for the Carlisle Indian School records housed at the National Archives. These are the actual student records developed at the school and followed up on after students returned to their home communities during the period 1879-1918.The bulk of the student records are housed in File 1327 of Record Group 75 at the Washington, D.C. repository. These student folders, along with various student enrollment cards from File 1329 are included in this ambitious, carefully organized project. Opening these records to the public in this way has the potential to catapult the U.S. government-run boarding school era into the limelight and will become a huge asset to researchers looking for information about their relatives. For more information about the contents of these student records, go to www.carlisleindian.dickinson.edu


Redwood said...

I attempted to access that link, and it doesn't seem to work. I'm looking for records for a Mike Gomez, who was Pomo from Lake County, California. He attended Carlisle sometime after 1900, he was trained there to be a blacksmith. He was my husband's father-in-law from his wife prior to me.(she passed away) I research genealogy, and would like to collect any records about Mike Gomez, for the benefit of his great-grandchildren.

Barbara Landis said...

Hi - Sorry, I'm having trouble linking sites. Here's the NARA abstract for Mike Gomez. His information has not yet been digitized but will eventually be there.
Mike Gomez, Pomo
RG75, File 1327, Folder 4211
C/o Louis Gomez, Finley, CA
Blood Quantum: 3/4
Father, Louis, 1/2. Mother, Ellen, Fullblood
Previous schooling: Big Valley Mission School with Franciscan fathers 5 yrs
Age at arrival: 24
DOB: 5/10/1886
Height: 63" / Weight: 165 lb
Date of arrival: 10/8/1910
Period of Enrollment:5 years
Date of departure: 9/7/1914
3 Outings, 4/15/11-3/12/13; 3/24/13-5/10/13 and 6/3/13-4/8/14
Trained as blacksmith at Carlisle
4 brothers and 3 sisters living; one brother named Louis
1916: 1916 living in Harrisburg.
1917: 4/20 1917 granted reentry to Carlisle to work in Ford factory class
7/30/18 “His record while a student here is excelent. He is sober, industrious, clean and conscientious in the performance of his duties. He visis this school frequenty and always his appearance and manners indicate that he is living a life of industry and sobriety.”

Redwood said...

I put the link into my browser, and got the message that it couldn't find that site. Perhaps you have an error in the address. Thank you for the information about Mike. I'm not sure if I dreamed it or not... but I was sure I had found a census where Mike was living in a town close to Carlisle, and he was shown to have a wife and child. I don't seem to be able to find that census, now, though, so that's why I thought maybe I'd imagined it. The possibility that he left a child in Pennsylvania is fascinating. You said his information had not been digitized as of yet, but will be eventually. Will there be any other information about him, besides what you've provided here? And for your information, Mike died in 1967, in Lake County, California, at the age of 81. He had raised his last daughter alone, since her mother passed away at a very young age. His daughter, Maxine, was devoted to her father. He was always known to "sober and industrious"! Hah! No, honestly, he was very well-liked by all who knew him, and known to be a kind man. The information that you provided that he had 4 brothers and 3 sisters is also interesting, since I have no record of more than a single brother, and a single sister.

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