Tuscarora Students Enrolled at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, 1879-1918

99 Carlisle Indian School students enrolled as "Tuscarora" according to documents found at NARA and CCHS. Below are surnames and family/guardian/home addresses found in the records. For information about these students, please visit the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center.
Anderson, Madella   /   Elvira Anderson, Lewiston Ny
Anderson, Melissa   /   Elvira Anderson, Lewistown N
Anderson, Robert   /   Mrs Elvira Anderson, Lewiston, Ny
Bissel, Hattie   /   Joe Bissel
Bissell, Harry   /   Elias Bissel, Sanborn Ny
Bissell, Lemuel   /   Lewistown Ny
Chew, Delia   /   Harley Chew, Niagra Falls Ny
Chew, Garfield   /  
Chew, George   /   Harley Chew, Sanborn, Ny
Chew, John H   /  
Chew, Matilda   /   Harley Chew, Sanborn
Cusick, Agnes   /   James Cusick, Writes To Mother: Mrs Eliz Cusick
Cusick, Charles   /   Mrs Elizabeth Cusick
Cusick, Enos   /   C. Wilkins Cusick, Lewiston
Cusick, Wilson   /  
Cusick,Wilkins   /   C. Wilkins Cusick, Lewiston, Ny
Doctor, Chauncey   /   Mrs Emily P Lincoln, Lewistown Ny
Durrin, Sherman   /   C. Henry Durrin, Lake George Ny; Bolton Landing Ny
Gansworth, Alberta   /   John Gansworth, Sanborn
Gansworth, Howard   /   John Gansworth
Gansworth, Leander N   /   John Gansworth
Gansworth, Willard   /   John Gansworth, Jr
Garlow, Alex   /   C. Alex Garlow, Suspension Bridge, Niagara Co, Ny
Garlow, Alice Verona   /   Martha Garlow, Modeltown Ny
Garlow, Claude   /   John Garlow, Lewistown, Ny
Garlow, Emmeline   /   Suspension Bridge
Garlow, James   /   C. Martha Garlow (Mother), Model City, Ny
Garlow, Theodore   /   Mrs Martha Garlow, Model City, Ny
Garlow, William   /   John Garlow, Lewiston Ny
Green, Leander   /   William H Patterson
Green, Thomas   /   Mrs Hannah Green
Greene, Mary   /   Mrs Minne Greene, Lewiston, Ny
Henry, Bertha May   /   Sanborn, Ny
Henry, Elmer   /   Annie Hil, Hartford, Ont
Henry, Lester   /   C. Noah Henry, Sanborn, Ny
Henry, Lillian   /   Mrs Amelia Henry, Lewistown Ny
Henry, Noah   /   Eli Henry, Sanborn, Ny
Henry, Timothy   /   Noah Henry
Hewitt, Amelaia   /   C/ Alvis D Hewitt, Lewiston Ny Grand River
Hewitt, Freemont   /  
Hill, Clement   /   Jacob Hill, Sanborn Ny
Hill, Edith   /   John Hill
Hill, Robert   /   C. Annie Hill, Lewiston Ny
Jack, Warren D   /   C. Anderson C Jack, Lewiston Ny
Jacobs, Frances B   /   Caroline Jacobs, Lewiston Ny
Jamison, Emma   /   Jesse Jamison
Johnson, Alida   /   Ely Johnson
Johnson, Dennis   /   C. David Williams
Johnson, Enos   /   Enos Johnson, Father; Wh Patterson Gdn
Johnson, Frances E   /   Eliz Johnson, 1352 Ridge Ave, Phila
Johnson, Frank   /  
Johnson, Matthew   /   C. Wm Johnson
Johnson, Nellis A   /   Mr Elais Johnson, Lewiston, Ny Gdn And Grandfather
Johnson, Stanley   /   C. Elias Johnson, Lewiston, Ny
Johnson, Wilkerson   /  
Jonathan, Eddie   /   C. John Johnathan
Jonson, Lewis   /  
Miller,Clara   /   Ny Moses Miller (Musican)
Mt Pleasant, Edison   /   Frank Mt Pleasant, Sanborn Ny
Mt Pleasant, Frank   /  
Mt Pleasant, Mamie   /   Frank Mt Pleasant, Lewiston Ny
Mt Pleasant, Nelson   /   C. Mrs Lucy E Johnson, Lewiston, Ny
Mt Pleasant, William   /   Frank Mt Plesant Rev Frank Mt Plesant, Sanborn
Patterson, Asa   /   C. Hd Patterson
Patterson, Emmeline   /   Cornelius Patterson, Chicago IL
Patterson, Flora   /   Ny
Patterson, Guy   /   C. George Patterson
Patterson, Homer   /  
Patterson, Katherine Leah   /   Hd Patterson
Patterson, Moses   /   C. William H Patterson, Sanborn, Ny
Patterson, Rachel   /  
Pembleton, Enoch   /   Mrs Rose Chew, Lewiston NY
Peters, Wilbur   /   Jeremiah Peters, Pekin Ny, Niagara Co
Printup, Alta   /   Mrs Leah Printup, Lewiston Ny
Printup, Alvin   /   C. Moses Printup, Sanborn, Ny
Printup, Chester Amos   /   Eleazer H Printup, Sanbron Ny
Printup, Daniel   /   C/ Daniel Printup
Printup, Harrison   /   C. Daniel Printup
Printup, Jessie N   /   Eleazer Pirntup,, Sanborn Ny
Printup, Jonathan   /   C. Charles Printup, Sanborn, Ny
Printup, Lafayette   /   C. Layfayette Printup
Printup, Louver [Levere ]   /   C. Lafayetter Printup, Sanborn NY
Richard, Fred   /   C. Frederick Richard
Rickard, Edgar   /   George Rickard, Pekin Ny
Rickard, Grace Irene   /   Lewistown
Smith, Arthur   /   Edith Sage, Lewiston, Ny
Smith, Daniel   /   Elias Smith, Lewiston
Smith, Edith   /  
Smith,Spencer   /   C. Amos Smith, Suspension Bridge NY
Sylvester, Hebert   /   C. Noah Sylvester, Akron Ny
Sylvester, Oscar   /   C. Noah Sylvester, Perkin Ny
Thompson, Linnie Laura   /   Simon Andrew Thompson, Sanborn NY
Thompson, Melissa   /   Jos And Jennie Thompson, Uncle And Aunt
Williams, Cinderalla   /   Lucerus Williams, Pekin Ny
Williams, Eleazar   /   C. Thomas Williams,
Williams, Elizabeth Lizzie   /  
Williams, Hattie   /   Sanborn Ny
Williams, Hayes   /   C. Adam Williams
Williams, Theodore   /   C. Thomas Williams, Pekin Ny

Onondaga Students Enrolled at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, 1879-1918

126 Carlisle Indian School students enrolled as "Onondaga" according to documents found at NARA and CCHS. Below are surnames and family/guardian/home addresses found in the records. For information about these students, please visit the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center.

Brown, Joseph   /  C/ Agustus Brown, Onondaga Castle
Blackchief, Anna   /  Herman Blackchief, Onondaga Castle,, Ny
Brown, Lyman   /  C/ Agustus Brown Onondaga Castle
Bucktooth, Clayton   /  Lydia Bucktooth, Syracuse, Ny
Bucktooth, Flora   /  Lydia Bucktooth, Syracuse Ny
Carpenter, Daniel   /  Jos Carpenter, Syracuse, Ny
Carpenter, Sarah   /  C. Nancy Griffin, Onondaga Castle Ny
Cook, Alllison L   /  Louis Cook, Onondaga, Ny
Cook, Senecaclark   /  C/ Louis Cook (Mrs EG Pierce, Syracuse Ny)
Cooke, Esther A   /  C. Ida Cooke, Onondaga Valley
Cooke, Lois   /  Mrs EG Pierce, Syracuse
Crouse, Jarius   /  Syracuse Ny
Day, Elizabeth   /  Baptiste Day
Day, Katie   /  Baptiste Day
Edmunds, Eva   /  Mrs Sara White, Syracuse
Edward, Thomas   /  C/ Richard Edwards
Edwards, Delia   /  Lawrence Edwards, Ft Plain Ny
Edwards, Florence   /  Mrs Lawrence Edwards, Syracuse, Ny
Elm, Margaret   /  Mary Jacobs, (Mother), Syracuse Ny
Frost, Elizabeth B   /  Lena Frost, Syracuse
Frost, Hattie   /  Solomon Frost, Syracuse Ny
Garlow, Florence May   /  Model City Ny
George, David   /  Mary Jacobs, Syracuse
George, Dennison   /  Carrie George, Syracuse, Ny
George, Eliz   /  Carrie George, Syracuse, Ny
George, Florence   /  Elijiah George Onondaga Castle
George, Josiah   /  George George
George, Leroy   /  C/ Elizah George, Onondaga Castle, Ny
George, Mabel   /  Moses Carpenter
George, Samuel   /  C/ Eliza George, Onondaga, Ny
George, Simeon   /  George George, Syracuse
George,Gilmore S   /  C/ Mrs Sallie Geoge George, Syracuse Ny; Onondaga Castle
Gibson, Helen   /  Andrew Gibson, Syracuse, Ny
Gibson, Lizzie   /  Andrew Gibson, Syracuse Ny
Gordon, Henry   /  C/ Mrs Susan Johuas, Onondaga Castle, Ny
Green, Thomas Daniel [Daniel White Eagle]   /  C/ Joseph Green, Onondaga Castle, Ny
Hill, Clarence [Ge Gar Gahhan]   /  Hawley Hill (Chief)
Hill, David Russell Jr.   /  Syracuse, Ny
Hill, Levi   /  William Hill, Onondaga Castle
Hill, Randolph   /  Daniel Hill, Onondaga Ny
Hill, Robert S   /  Syracuse, Ny
Hill,Howard {Genwaae)   /  C. Hawley Hill (Chief)
Homer, Alice   /  Henry Homer, Syracuse Ny
Homer, Jeremiah   /  C/ Henry Homer, Onondaga Castle, Ny
Homer, Jonas   /  Elizabeth Homer, Onondaga, Ny
Homer, Thomas   /  C/ Henry Homer
Homer,Henry   /  C/ Henry Homer, Onondaga Castle, Ny; Eliz Homer, Syracuse Ny
Honiyoust, Eliza [Honyoust]   /  C. Elizabeth Wheeler, Onondaga Castle, Ny
Isaac, John   /  Sidney Isaac, Syracuse, Ny
Isaac, John   / 
Jacobs, Agnes   /  Mary Jacobs, Syracuse
Jimerson, Mary   /  Susan Farmer, Indian Village, Sryacuse
Johnson, Alice   /  C. Charlotte Johnson, Onondaga Castle
Johnson, Mary   / 
Johnson, Moses   / 
Johnson, Newell   /  C Moses Johnson
Johnson, Ulysses   /  Moses Johnson, Onondaga Castle, Ny
Jones, Edward   /  C/ Emily Honiyoust, Onondaga Castle
Jones, Eugene   /  C/ Joshua Jones, Onondaga
Jones, Howard M   /  C/ Alex Jones, Syracuse Ny
Jones, Reuben   /  C/ Moses Jones, Onondaga, Ny
Kennedy, Charles D   /  Nellie Hill (Sis), Onondaga Ny
Kennedy, Lyman   /  C/ Daniel Kennedy
Lion, Baptiste   /  C/ Bill Lion, Onondaga, Ny
Lyon, Isaac   /  C/ Beale Lyon, Syracuse
Lyon, James F   /  Amelia Lyon, Onondaga Ny
Lyon, Sarah   / 
Lyon,, Isaac   /  C/ Beale Lyon
Lyon,Lewis   /  C/ Emily Lyon, Onondaga Castle, Ny
Martin, Cora Belle   /  Mrs Eunice Martin, Syracuse, N
Nolan, Leo   /  Lydia Nolan, Onondao Syrcause Ny
Nolan, Lucinda   /  Mrs Lydia Nolan, Syracuse Ny
Noland, Grace   /  Syracuse, Ny
Patterson, Abner   /  David Patterson
Pierce, Glennie   /  C/ Lydia Blacksnake, Corydon Pa
Pierce, Harold   /  Wm O Pierce, Syracuse
Pierce, Mildred   /  Wm O Pierce, Syracuse Ny
Powlas, Charles   /  C/ Elias Powlas, Onondaga
Powlas, Eddie   /  Isaac Powlas, Syracuse
Powlas, Gilbert   /  David Powlas, Syracus, Ny
Powlas, Jesse   /  C/ Martin Powlas, Onondaga Castle
Powlas, Mcclellan   /  C. Isaac Powlas, Syracuse Ny
Printup, Elmer   /  C/ Julia White (Mother), Onondaga
Quartz, Maggie   /  C/ Susan Farmer
Redeye, Harrison {Henry}   /  C. Henry And Mrs Lucy Redeye, Tunesassa
Redeye, Hattie   /  C. Henry Redeye, Tunessasesa Ny
Redeye, Rena   /  C. Henry Redeye
Redeye, Spencer   /  C. Lucinda Redeye (Mother)
Schanandore, Jennie   /  C. Mrs Hattie George, And Simon Schanandore, Syracuse
Schanandore, Joshua   /  Simon Shanandore
Schanandore, Willie   /  C/ Chauncey Schenandore, Onondaga
Schandandore, Fred   /  Simon Schanandore, Onondaga Castle, Ny
Seneca, Berdina   /  C. Cornelius Seneca
Skenandore, Amelia   /  Gdn David Russell Hill, Syrcuse Ny
Skenandore, Isaiah   /  C/ David Skenandore
Smith, Frank Chubb   / 
Smith, Fred   /  Moses Smith, Onondaga
Smith, Rosasara   /  Levi And Martha Smith, Ny
Soanodoah, Enoch   / 
Strehl, Martha   / 
Thomas, Adam   /  C/ Jamison Thomas, Onondaga, Ny
Thomas, Albert   /  John Thomas
Thomas, Amos   /  C/ Emily Thomas, Onondaga Castle
Thomas, Edith   /  John Thomas
Thomas, Eli   /  C/ Emily Thomas
Thomas, George   /  C/ Emily Thomas, Onandago Castle, Ny
Thomas, James   / 
Thomas, Matilda   / 
Thomas, Theodore   /  Florence Reuben, Syracuse Ny
Thompson, Alta   /  Jno Thompson, Onondaga Castle
Thompson, Joseph   /  C. John Thompson, Syracuse Ny
Waterman, Edward   /  Syracuse, Ny
Waterman, Eva   /  Adeline Alzson, Syracuse, Ny
Waterman, Fred   /  Mary Bigbear (Grdmother), Onondaga Castle
Waterman, Harrison   /  C/ Mary Big Bear, Onondaga Castle; Adelia Lazore, Onondaga Castle
Webster, Elean   /  Syracuse
Webster, Elizabeth   /  Joh Webster
Webster, Ephriam   /  Mrs Lizzie Webster, Indian Village, Syracuse Ny
Webster, Harry   /  Mrs Lizzie Webster, Syracuse, Ny
Webster, Stephen   / 
Whealock, John   /  C/ Peter Whealock (Father), Syracuse, Ny
Wheelock, James   /  Peter Wheelock, Onondaga Castle Ny
White, Albert   /  C/ Rosa Isaac Jacobs; John White, Onodago Castle
Williams, Edgar   /  Mrs Mary J Willaims, Syracuse, Ny
Williams, Elijah Baldwin   /  George Williams, Julia Willaims Mother, Syracuse Ny
Williams, John   / 


My Original Web Pages Created 1995, The Carlisle Indian Industrial School


(1879 - 1918)
 "The common schools
are the stomachs of the country
in which all people that come to us
are assimilated within a generation.
When a lion eats an ox,
the lion does not become an ox
but the ox becomes a lion."
...Henry Ward Beecher*
"If the Great Spirit had desired me
to be a white man 
he would have made me so 
in the first place. 
He put in your heart 
certain wishes and plans; 
in my heart he put
other and different desires. 
Each man is good 
in the sight of the Great Spirit.  It is not necessary, 
that eagles should be crows."
..Sitting Bull (Teton Sioux)

Tom Torlino, 1883, on arrival to Carlisle Indian Industrial School height="278" nosave="" src="torbefore.jpg"
Tom Torlino, Navajo. Carlisle Indian School 1886 - 3 years after arrival height="275"



These pages are designed, written and executed with the purpose of offering glimpses  into the Carlisle Indian School and its history. 

The Carlisle Indian School's mission was to shape identity. 

In its infancy, that shaping meant to transform American Indian children to resemble their so-called "civilized"
American brothers and sisters. 
As the experiment progressed, that purpose shifted to one of "influence"
rather than "transformation,"  according to Francis Leupp,  U.S. Indian Commissioner, 1904.

It is our purpose to respectfully
those students
and their descendants who lived the experiment, 
celebrate with those who prospered from it,  and
with those whose lives were diminished by it.

This is a history that belongs to all Americans. 
 The identities of all Americans  are shaped by the Carlisle experiment. 

Much of the text on these pages reflect the collaborative efforts of 
Barbara Landis and Genevieve Bell, and none of this work
is associated
with the Cumberland County Historical Society. 

Our express purpose in keeping this history alive is
  encourage historians to invigorate a troubling conversation
and to deliver the Carlisle Indian School student names
to their respective nations.

- Barbara Landis

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*THE RED MAN, VolumeX, No. 6, July and August, 1890.

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Cherokee Students Enrolled at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, 1879-1918

328 Carlisle Indian School students enrolled as "Cherokee" according to documents found at NARA and CCHS. Below are surnames and family/guardian/home addresses found in the records. For information about these students, please visit the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center.

Amachana, Nick (To Night) [Arm Chair]   /  Joseph
Arch, Jennie   /  C. David Arch, Cherokee, Nc
Arch, Johnson   /  Mrs Taxie And David Arch, Cherokee NC
Arch, Kodeskie   /  Irne Consum, Cherokee Nc
Arch, Olivan   /  David Arch,Cherokee Nc
Arch, Ross   /  David Arch, Cherokee NC
Armachain(E), Jonah   /  Ann Eliza Welch, Stoney Nc
Asher, Buck   /  Jg Schofield, Chectoah Ok Gdn
Baldridge, William   /  James Baldridge, Poorn, Ok
Bean, Albert   /  Ochelata Ok
Beck, Diana   /  C. James Beck, Cherokee School
Beck, Ella   /  C. Smaul Beck, Homing Post, Ok; Dora Red Eagle
Beck, Eugene   /  Samuel Beck, Clayton Ga
Beck, Mamie   /  C. James Beck, E Cherokee
Beck, May   /  C. Samuel Beck, Clayton, Ga
Beck, Rose   /  Samuel Beck, Cherokee Nc
Beck, Savannah   /  C/ Samuel Beck, Clayton Ga
Beck, Stacy   /  James Beck, Clayton Ga
Bell, Ernest   /  Caroline Bell, Lumberton Nc
Big Jim, Goliath [Gillowich]   /  Driver Big Jim, Cherokee N
Big Jim, Lassla   /  Cherokee NC
Big Meat, Robert   /  John Crow [Uncle], Cherokee Nc
Bird, David   /  Mrs Sarah Bird Arneach, Almond Nc
Bird, Lizzie   /  Jefferson Amach, Whittier Nc
Blythe, Fred   /  James Blythe, Cherokee, Nc Gdn
Blythe, Sampson   /  Cherokee Nc
Blythe, Stella   /  Nc
Boles, Richard   /  Kate Downing, Tezanna Ok
Bradley, Henry   /  V Bradley
Bradley, Johnson   /  Vindaly Bradley
Bradley, Margaret   /  Nancy Bradlye, Stonery Nc
Bradley, Nick   /  Vandalia Bradley, Cherokee Nc
Cannot, Abel   /  Geo Cannot
Catolst, Etta   /  Charley Catolst, E Cherokee
Christian, Alva Blanchard   /  Thoms M Christian, Shawnee Ok
Clark, John   /  John C Clark, Lumberton Nc
Coats, Elmer E   /  Susie D Coats, Pryor Ok
Cody, John   /  Keller Cody
Coleman, Nancy   /  Nancy Mary Ellen Coleman, Cherokee Nc
Colonahaska, Abraham   /  Doneola Colonahaska Father, Cherokee Nc
Colonahaski, Joseph   /  Isiah Colonahaski,Whittier Nc
Colonhaske, Charles   /  Susan Colonahski, Nc
Conley, John   /  Nc
Conley, Luke   /  John Conley, Wahiyah, Nc
Conseen, Junalashi   / 
Corbin, Sara   /  OK
Cornsilk, Dow   /  Cherokee NC
Cornsilk, Martha   / 
Crittenden, Cicero   /  Rb Worsham, Stilwell Ok Gdn
Crow, Alice Bigwitch   /  Sallie Bigwitch, Whittier Nc
Crow, Arthur   /  Mary Greene, Cherokee Nc
Crow, Boyd   /  Joseph Crow, Cherokee Nc
Crow, David   /  Sevier Crow, Cherokee Nc
Crow, Dora   /  Cherokee Nc
Crow, Etta   /  C. Mrs Laura Crow, Sever Crow, Cherokee Nc
Crow, Nana Anona   /  Survey Crow, Cherokee Nc
Crow, Ossie   /  Welsey And Peter Crow
Crow, Robert Elige   / 
Crow, Ute   /  Wm Chitoske, Cherokee
Crowe, Dora Dell   /  Mary Crowe, Whittier Nc
Crowe, Luther   /  Mary Greene, Cherokee
Crowe, Minnie   /  Joseph Corw, Cherokee Nc
Cucumber, Gena   /  Ross Cucumber, Cherokee Nc
Daniel, Adolphus   /  Wm Buzzard, Jay, Ok
Daughtery, Robin   /  Rb Worsham Gdn, Stilwell Ok
Davis, Anita   /  Sallie Long, Cherokee Nc
Davis, David   / 
Davis, Isaac   /  Charlie Davis, Cherokee Nc
Davis, Isaac   /  Swayney Nc
Davis, Israel   /  Charles Davis, Stoney Nc
Dewatley, Sam   / 
Dewitt, Charles   / 
Downing, Hill   /  Father Houston Downing, Jay Ok
Driver, Adam   /  Eliza Kruaght, Cherokee Nc
Driver, James B   / 
Duncan, Charles   /  Thos J Sanders, Stillwell Ok Gj Sanders, Stillwll Ok Gdn
Duncan, Felix   /  Lydia Duncan, Stilwell Ok
Feather, Hettie   /  Sallie Shell, Cherokee Nc Gdn
Feather, Mary   /  Samuel E Adair, Stillwell, Ok
Fields, Leslie Earl   /  Nellie Fields, South West City, Mo
Fisher, Moses Wiley   /  Maggie Fisher, Choteau Ok
Fishinghawk, Chickkilla   /  Jl Morton, Stillwell Ok
Foreman, Evaline   /  Minnie Foreman, Tahlequah OK
Foreman, Osceola   /  Joe Foreman, Locust Grove, Ok
French, Maud   /  Arves French, Cherokee NC
French, Morgan   / 
French, Moroni   /  Awee French, Birdtown, Nc
French, Ned   / 
French, Nellie   /  Adam Owl, Whittier Nc (Cousin)
French, Songhee   / 
George, Abraham   / 
George, Anna B   /  Mrs Mary George, Dawson Geroge, Cherokee Nc
George, Annie Smoke   /  Smoke, Eastern NC
George, Beulah   /  Sampson Owl, Cherokee Nc
George, Dahney   /  Stemper George, NC
George, Green   / 
George, Hayes (I Gon Du Geh)   /  Stamper George
George, Jordan   /  Yonasjena Geroge, Cherokee Nc
George, Judas   /  Jonah Skena George
George, Manly   /  Qualla, Whittier Nc
George, Mark   /  Charleston George, Birdtown, Nc Gdn
George, Samuel   /  Qualla Boundary
Geroge, Sohn   /  David George
Gilstrap, Anna   /  Lou Gilstrap, Evanston, Ill Mother
Gilstrap, David F   /  Lou Gilstrap, Evanston, Ill
Gilstrap, Mamie   /  Lou Gilstrap, Evanston Ill
Graybeard, James   /  Moses Vilnotz, Cherokee Nc
Graybeard, Sallie   /  Moses Vilnotz, Cherokee Nc
Green, George   /  Wm Johnson, Cherokee Nc
Green, Willie Lucy   /  Mrs Frances Green, Muskogee Ok
Hall, Bessie   /  Wd Hall, Viaw, Ok
Hicks, May   /  Jw Wyrick, Baxter Springs, Kansas
Hicks, Nina   /  Jw Wyrick, Baxter Springs, Kansas Gdn
Hildebrandt, Benjamin   /  Mrs Laura Butler, South West City, MO
Hill, Blaine M   /  Maul Hill, Wahhiyah Nc
Hill, Minda   /  Louisa Hill, Sonery Nc
Holland,Walter   /  Hugh Holland
Holomiheskie, Martha   /  Cherokee, Nc
Hornbuckle, Dinah   /  Leander Hornbuckle, Cherokee NC
Hornbuckle, Fred   /  C. Will Hornbuckle, Cherokee Nc
Hornbuckle, Jefferson Davis   /  Davis Hornbuckle, Cherokee Nc
Hornbuckle, Johnson   /  Sallie Catt, Bryson City Nc
Hornbuckle, Maggie   /  C. Jas Hornbuckle, E Cherokee
Hornbuckle, William   /  Rebecca And James Hornbuckle, Cherokee Nc
Hornbuckle,. Ross   /  Ross Smith, Cherokee NC
Israell, Ella   /  Wm Israel, Salina Ok
Jackson, Fannie   / 
Jackson, Jack {Owanita)   /  Nannie Jackson, Cherokee Nc
Jackson, Jonas   /  John Jackson, Cherokee Nc
Jackson, Sarah   /  John Jackson, Cherokee Nc
Jacobs, Luther   /  William Jacobs, Lumberton Nc
Jasson, John   /  Jassan, Cherokee Nc
Jessan, Joseph   /  Lydia Jessan, Cherokee
Jessan,, Dahnola   /  Wagnersville Nc
Johnson, Addison   /  Janus Johnson, Cherokee Nc
Johnson, Amy   / 
Johnson, Clifford   /  Hnery West, Vian Ok Gdn
Johnson, Frances F   /  John W Anderson, Claremore Ok
Johnson, Lewis   /  William E Johnson Rose Ok
Johnson, Richard W   /  John W Johnson, Claremore Ok
Johnson, Samuel M   /  John W Johnson, Claremore Ok
Johnson, Simon   /  Janus Johnson,Cherokee Nc Amanda Thompson, Cherokee Nc
Johnson, Tempa   /  C. Idaih Colonahashi, Cherokee And Thaddeus Nick Whittier Nc
Johnson, William   /  Golia Blithe, Cherokee Nc
Jumper, Stansil   /  Ute Jumper, Whittier Nc
Lambert, John   /  John Lambert, Cherokee Nc
Larch, David   /  Daniel Larch, Cherokee Nc
Larch, Olive   /  Daniel Larch
Larch, William   /  Daniel Larch, Cherokee Nc
Largen, Mary E   /  Salliswa Ok
Lewis, Bert   /  Jas Lewis, Turley, Okl
Littlejohn, Agnes   /  Cherokee Nc
Littlejohn, Guy   /  Will Littlejohn, Cherokee Nc
Locklear, Charles   /  Fuller Locklear, Lumberton Nc
Locklear, George   /  C/ Fuller Locklear, Lumberton, Nc
Locust, Peter   /  William Locust, Whittier Nc
Long, Carl Wheeler   /  George Long, Cherokee Nc
Long, Charles   /  Joe Long, Whittier, North Carolina
Long, Peter Ichudahulattah   /  Connehatah, Cherokee Nc
Long, Rachel   /  C. Con Ne He Tah, E Cherokee
Long, Sylvester Clark   /  Jos Long, Winston Nc, Robeson Ag
Lossih, John   /  John Dehart Lossih, Cherokee, nc
Lossih, Solomon   /  Lon Toineeta, Cherokee Nc
Lossih, Thomas   /  Mrs Hennie Lossih, Cherokee Nc
Lowin, Lucy   / 
Lowrie, Garfield   /  Alex Lowie, Pembroke Nc
Maney, James   /  Jasper Maney, Birdtown Nc
Mcclanahan, Leonard   /  Tb Cornelius, Vian Ok Gdn
Mcdaniels, George   /  Thomas Mcdaniel, Gdn, Muscogee Indian Territory
Melton, Anna M   /  Grove Ok
Melton, Clara   /  Grove Ok
Melton, Cora   /  Grove Ok
Miller, Iva   /  Grace Gray Morris, Arkansas City, Kansas
Miller, Leon   /  Nora Miller, Evanston Ill
Miller, Leon   /  Nora Miller, Evanston Ill
Mixwater, Lollie   / 
Mumblehead, James Bradley   /  John Mumblehead, Almond Nc
Mumblehead, James W   /  Mrs Sallie Catt, Almond Cherokee
Mumblehead, Roger   /  Nancy Saunooke, Cherokee Nc
Muskrat, Harvey R   /  Jas Muskrat, Grove Ok
Newcomb, Otmus A   /  Thomas Newcomb Ok
Newcombe, Robest F   /  Amanda Wilson, Nowata Ok
Nick, Bessie Eganola   /  C. Cherokee Nc
Nick, Chittoske Tassie Nick Chiltoski Nick   /  C. Sam Collins, Cherokee Nc
Nick, Minnie   / 
Ocumma, Mattie   /  James, E Cherokee
Oosowie, Tarquette   /  Sallie Johnson, Cherokee Nc
Osowie, William   /  Jennie Osowie, Cherokee Nc
Owl, Agnes   /  B Jumper, Cherokee Nc
Owl, Ammons   /  Suate Owl, Cherokee Nc
Owl, David   /  Adam Owl, Birdtown
Owl, Enoch   /  Annie Owl, Cherokee Nc
Owl, Fanny   / 
Owl, John   /  Adam Owl, Cherokee Nc
Owl, Johnson   /  George Owl, Cherokee Nc
Owl, Kamie   /  Sampson Owl, Cherokee Nc
Owl, Martha   /  Jos Owl, E Cherokee
Owl, Martha Jane   /  Solomon Owl, Birdtown, Nc
Owl, Samuel   /  Adam Owl, Birdtown
Owl, Theodore   / 
Owl, Thomas   /  C. Adam Owl, Cherokee NC
Owl, William   /  Adam Owl, Ja Tahquette, Cherokee Nc
Owl, William H   /  Suate Owl, Cherokee Nc
Oxendine, James   /  Charity Oxendine, Pembroke Nc
Oxendine, Lacy   /  Pembroke Nc
Paris, Marion   /  Mrs Annie E Paris, Catale Ok
Parker, Harrison G   /  R Jordan Gdn. Mcalester Okl
Parris, George   /  Johnanna Parris, Rose Ok
Partridge, Bird   /  Jm Partridge And Delvid Partridge, Bird Town, Nc
Payne, George   /  Hasel Payne, Cherokee Nc
Powell, Moses   /  John Powell, Wahhiayah, Nc
Powell, Sarah   /  Doogah Powell, Swayney Nc
Powell, Stansill   /  John Powell; Dague Powell, Wahhiyah Nc
Ratliff, William Ratley   /  Hughie Battles, Cherokee Nc
Reed, Lloyd   /  Peter Reed, Grdfather, Cherokee Nc
Reed, Lucinda [Cindy]   /  Cherokee, Nc
Reed, Margaret Goleach   /  Mrs Rachel C Reed, James Reed, Cherokee Nc
Revels, Willard   /  Like Revels, New Auburn Wis
Rogers, Winifred D (Winnie)   /  Andrew J Rodgers, Short Ok
Ross, Adam [Tewatley - Nick Name]   /  C/ James Tewatley, E Cherokee
Ross, Mckinley   / 
Ross, Rosa   /  C. Joshua Ross, Tullahassee Mission OK
Running Wolfe, Lloyd   /  Running Wolf, Cherokee Nc
Sam, Josiah   /  Sulteesky Sam, Stillwell Ok
Sannooka, Jackson   /  Stacey An John Sannooka, Almond Nc
Saunook, Stillwell   /  John Sounook, Whittier Nc
Saunooke, Dora   /  C. Dora Saunooke Mother
Saunooke, Isabel   /  C. John Saunooke
Saunooke, Joe   /  C/ Cowan Saunooke, [Chief], Cherokee NC
Saunooke, Malinda   /  Stilwell Saunooke,
Saunooke, Nana   /  Joe Saunooke,Cherokee Nc Stilwell Saunooke?; Aged 25 Full Blood
Saunooke, Nannie Mrs Manus Screamer   /  C. Stilwell Saunooke
Saunooke, Samuel   /  C/ John Saunooke, Cherokee NC
Saunooke, Stephen   /  Cherokee Nc
Screamer, Manus   /  C/ James Screamer, And Ollie Saunooke, Cherokee, Nc
Seay, John W   /  C/ Poleman Seay, Cherokee NC
Sequoyah, Lizzie   /  C. Jackali Sequoyah
Sequoyah, Luzena Luzena Jackali Mrs Blaine Hill   /  C. Jackali, Cherokee
Sequoyah, Noah   /  John Sequoyah, Cherokee Nc
Sequoyah, Tahquette   /  Jackalye Sequoyah, Wahhiyah Nc
Shell, Huckleberry B   /  Wp Fay, Stilwell, Ok Gdn
Shell, Ute   /  C/ John Shell, Cherokee NC
Shevill, William   /  Andy Shevill, Cherokee NC
Smith, David   /  Stoney Nc
Smith, Duffia   /  C/ Dock Smith, Birdtown Nc
Smith, Jaocb   /  C/ Henry Smith
Smith, Jesse   / 
Smith, Lewis   /  C. Jesse Murphy, Gd
Smith, Lottie   /  C. George Smith, Cherokee Nc
Smith, Mary Ann   /  Henry Smith, Cherokee Nc
Smith, Robinson   /  Floyd Smith, Cherokee Nc
Smith, Roxanna   / 
Smith, Sibbald   /  C/ Nimrod Smith, Cherokee NC
Smith, Tom   /  C/ Henry Smith, Cherokee Nc
Squirrell, Dinah   /  Gdn: Je Henderson, Birdtown
Standingdeer, Culgaluska (Carl W)   /  C. Wesley Standingdeer
Swaney, Calcina   /  Laura Swayney, Swayney Nc
Swayney, Luzena   /  John Swayney, Swayney, Nc
Teesateske, Welch   /  Robert Crowe, Whittier Nc
Teleskie, Jesse   /  Ute Jumper, Cherokee Nc -- Step-Father
Tewatley, Cain   /  C/ James Tewatley, Cherokee, Nc
Thompson, David B   /  Johnson Thompson, Swayney Nc
Thompson, James   /  Johnson Thompson, Swaynex, Nc
Thompson, Jeffress William   /  C/ Johnson Thompson
Thompson, Newton   /  Frank M Breene, Bartlesville Ok Gdn
Toolate, Nelson   /  Geo Squirrel, Salina Ok
Tramper, Ammoons   /  C/ Aggie Tramper, Cherokee Nc
Tramper, Chittoske “Tossie”   /  Molly Tramper, Yellow Heel Nc
Tramper, Lottie C.   /  C. Molllie Tramper, Cherokee Nc
Tubbs, Laura   /  C. Tabitha Tubbs, Leesville La
Tubbs, Texie   /  C/ Mrs T A Tubbs/ George Tubbs, Leesville La
Turley, William B   /  Jw Turley, Turley Ok
Wahhahoo, Lista Wahoo   /  C. John Grey Beard, Cherokee, Nc ... Mrs C E Saunders, Cherokee (Mother)
Wahyahnetah, Maggie   /  Wm Wahyahnetah, Cherokee Nc
Wahyahnetah, Posey   /  Joh Wahyahenutah, Whittier Nc
Wahyahnetah, Samuel   /  Wm Wahyahnetah, Cherokee Nc
Walkingstick, Mike   /  Jno Walking Stick, Birdtown Nc
Washington, Joseph   /  C/ Lizzie And James Washington
Washington, Rachel   /  C. Lizzie Washington (Mother)
Webb,William David   /  Gertrude Webb Norton, Fairland, Okl
Welch, Lucinda M   /  C. Isaac Welch And Nancy Welch, Cherokee Nc
Welch, Bettie   / 
Welch, Charlotte [Lottie]   /  C/ John G Welch, Cherokee, Nc
Welch, Clarence   /  Jas B Welch, Stonery Nc .. Browning Mt
Welch, Cornetta   /  C/ Sampson Welch, Birdtown, Nc
Welch, James   /  Davis Welch, Cherokee Nc
Welch, Jesse   /  Stoney Nc; Cherokee Nc, Ewen Welch
Welch, John   /  Jacson Welch, Tomotla, Nc
Welch, Lloyd   /  Mary E Toinetta, Cherokee Nc Mother
Welch, Lucinda   /  C. John G Welch, Cherokee Nc
Welch, Mark   /  Elija Welch, Stonery, Nc
Welch, Mary   / 
Welch, Mollie   / 
Welch, Moses   /  C/ Isaac Welch
Welch, Ned   /  Stonery Nc
Welch, Robin   /  Cherokee Nc
Welch, Tony   /  Mary E Toineeta, Cherokee Nc
Welch, William   /  John G Welch, Cherokee Nc
Welch, Wilson Ocumma   /  James Ocumma, Cherokee NC
Welsh, Mary   /  Jackson Welch, Cherokee Nc
West, James   /  William West, Cherokee Nc
Whippoorwill Allan   /  Cherokee Nc
Whippoorwill, Manly   /  C/ John Whippoorwill
Wiley, Wilson   /  Josie Hendricks, Ochelata Ok
Wilnotih, Ned   /  Annie Littlejohn, Cherokee
Wofford, Jesse   /  Ochelata Ok
Wolf, Callie   /  Jos Wolfe, Stoney Nc
Wolf, Elkany   /  Abraham Hill, Cherokee Nc
Wolfe, Amanda   /  C. Mrs Nancy Wolfe,
Wolfe, Edward   /  C/ Margaret Wolfe
Wolfe, George   /  David Wolf, Cherokee NC
Wolfe, Jesse   /  Swayney Nc
Wolfe, John   /  Cherokee Nc
Wolfe, Katie   /  Mrs Margaret Saunooke, Cherokee Nc
Wolfe, Mark   /  David Wolfe
Wolfe, Mary   /  David Wolfe, Cherokee NC
Wolfe, Mary Elizabeth {Lizzie}   /  Comeback Wolf
Wolfe, Pearl   /  C/ Nancy Wolfe, Cherokee, Nc
Wolfe, Tarquette Taquah   /  Ojalade Dickey, Wahhiyah, Nc
Woodell, Margaret   /  Mallissa Oxedine, Pembroke, Nc
Woodfire, Hattie   /  Edward Hyht
Wright, Ellis S   /  Rose Ok
Young Bird, Rufus   /  John Youngbird
Young Bird, Saughee   /  Whittier Nc
Young Bird, Wesley   /  Cherokee Nc
Young Bird, Yhannie   /  Cherokee Nc
Young Deer, Jessie   /  C/ Youngdeer
Young Deer, Stephen   /  C/ John Youngdeer


Cayuga Students Enrolled at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, 1879-1918

34 Carlisle Indian School students enrolled as "Cayuga" according to documents found at NARA and CCHS. Below are surnames and family/guardian/home addresses found in the records. For information about these students, please visit the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center.

Bishop, Harold   /  C/ Isa B Logan, Versailles Ny
Bishop, William   /  Versailles Nykossuth Bishop
Charles, Ira   /  John Charles, Akron Ny
Charles, Minnie   /  Clarinda Charles, Basom Ny
Doxtater, Edna   /  Orlando Doxtater And Josephine Doxtater, Versailles Ny
Doxtator, Earl   /  Josephine And Orlando Doxtator, Versailles Ny
Doxtator, Jack   /  Versailles Ny
Gordon,Gertie   /  C. Cassie Gordon, Gowanda Ny
Jacobs, Barney   /  Syracuse, Ny
Jacobs, Elnora   /  Melinda Jacobs, Syracuse, Ny
Jacobs, Ernest   /  Melinda Jacobs, Syracuse
Jacobs, Leonard   /  Melinda Jacobs, Syracuse, Ny
Jamison, Marjorie   /  Emily P Lincoln, Iroquois
Kinjoekety, Jesse Jr   /  Aunt Elizabeth Pierce Gdn
Lay, Alanson W   /  Clara Lay, Versailles Ny
Logan, Addie   /  Mrs Fidelia Logan. Irving Ny
Logan, Beulah   /  Fidelia Logan, Versailles, Ny
Logan, Frank   /  Versailles, Ny
Logan, Henry Love   /  Harry Logan, Gowanda Ny
Logan, Lenora   /  Mrs Fidelia Logan, Catt Ny
Logan, Mabel   /  Fred Logan, Versailles Ny
Logan, Marjorie   /  Mrs Ida Logan, Versailles Ny
Logan, Mattie   /  Mrs Ida Logan, Versailles Ny
Mitter, Minerva [Lying On The Table]   /  Wiliam Haog, W Salamanca Ny
Parker, Asher W   /  Frank Parker
Parker, Mattie   /  Frank Parker, St Clairsville
Patterson, Flora   /  Tuscarora / Cayuga In Burial Record
Plummer, Elsie   /  Cornelius Plummer, Gowanda Ny
Scott, Lettie   /  James Scott, Gowanda
Seneca, Roberta   /  Jacob Seneca, Bro> Rochester Ny
Seneca,Hulsie   /  Catherine Seneca, Irving
Snyder, Oscar   / 
Stephen, William   /  Brent NY
Swanson, George   /  Jesse Kenockety, Gdn< Gowanda Ny

Mohawk Students Enrolled at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, 1879-1918

299 Carlisle Indian School students enrolled as "Mohawk" according to documents found at NARA and CCHS. Below are surnames and family/guardian/home addresses found in the records. For information about these students, please visit the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center.

Abrams, Katie   /  C. Peter Abrams, Hogansburg
Abrams,Annie   /  C. Peter Abrams, Hogansburg, Ny
Allen, Edwin   /  Mrs Sarah Allen, Massena Ny
Allen, George   /  Sarah Allen, Mahsena Ny; Messena Spring
Arquette, Andrew   /  C. Mrs Nancy Arquette, Hogansburg, Y
Arquette, Jacob   / 
Arquette, Mary Ann   /  Polly Arquestte, Hogansburg
Arquette, Mitchell   /  Sis: Sara Arquette, Hogansburg
Arquette, Mitchell   /  New York,
Arquette, Mitchell {Ka Nu Sta Tse Ka Gakenenttu]   /  Mrs Nancy Arquette, Hogansburg, Ny
Arquette, Rose   /  Maggie Jordan Hogansburg, Ny
Arquette, Theresa Betsie   /  Mike Arquette, Hogansbury, Ny
Back, Richard   /  Hogansburg, Ny
Benedict, John   /  C. Matthew Benedict, Hogansburg, Ny
Bero (Berau), Loren   / 
Bero, Andrew   /  C. David Bero, Hogansburg, Ny
Bero, Annie   /  Mike Bero, Hogansburg, Ny
Bero, David   /  Thomas Bero, Hogansburg Ny
Bero, Jacob “Lak”   /  C/ William Bero, Hogansburg Ny
Bero, Louis   /  C. Michael Bero, Hogansburg
Bero, Paul   /  C/ William Bero, Hogansburg
Bero, Peter   /  C Michael Bero, Hogansburg, Ny
Bero, Tom   /  C/ Sarah White, Hogansburg
Big Tree, Charlotte [Waiesaro Kaierithon}   /  C. Phillip Bigtree, Hogansburg
Big Tree, George [Swasen   /  C. Philip Big Tree
Billings, Charles   /  C/ James Billings, Hogansburg Ny
Billings, Hattie   /  Jacob Billings, Hogansburg Ny
Billings, James   /  Adolphus Billings, Hogansburg Ny
Billings, Joshua   /  C. Jacob Billing, Hogansburg Ny
Billings, Lucentia [Lenseuhtenh Peloe]   /  Jas Billings, Hogansburg
Billings, Minnie   /  Sarah Billings, Hogansburg, Ny
Billings, Peter   /  C. James Billings, Hogansburg
Bonapart, Angus   /  Mrs M Bonapart, Hogansburg, Ny
Brown, Angus   /  Alex Brown, Hogansburg, Ny
Brown, Joseph   /  C. Alex Brown, Hogansburg, Ny
Brown, Noah   / 
Brown, Samuel   /  C. Louisa Brown (Grandmother); Alex Brown, Hogansburg Ny
Brown, Theresa   /  Alex Brown, Hogansburg, Ny
Bruce, Ida   /  John Bruce, Hogansburg
Bruce, Mary [Onware Tsiosaken Tiioh]   /  John Bruce, Hogansburg
Cano, Annie   /  Mrs Mary Williams, Hogansburg, Ny Mother?
Casey, James Sa Wa ,A La Rato   /  Tom Casey, Hogansburg, Ny
Casey, John   /  C/ Tom Casey, Hogansburg, Ny
Chew, John H   /  Lewiston
Chubb, Agnes   / 
Chubb, John [Katahnoran]   /  C/ Martin Chubb
Chubb, Katie   /  Martin Chubb, Hogansburg
Chubb, Lizzie   /  C. Mrs Maria Chubb; Peter Chubb, St Regis
Chubb, Louisa   /  C. Alex Chubb, Hogansburg
Chubb, Nancy   /  C. Mrs Maria Chubb And Peter Chubb, St Regis
Chubb, Sarah   /  Martin Chubb, Hogansburg
Clark, Frank H   /  Louis P Clark, 323 Jay St, Utica Ny
Clark, Ida   /  Louis P Clark, Utica Ny
Cole, Abraham   /  C. Peter Cole, Hogansburg, Ny
Cole, Annie   /  Alex Cole, Hogansburg
Cole, Charlie   /  C/ Alex Cole (Father) Hogansburg, Ny
Cole, John   /  C. Peter Cole
Cole, Joseph [Sose]   /  C/ Peter Cole
Cole, Nettie   /  C. Peter Cole, Hogansburg
Cole, Thomas   /  Louis Cole, Hogansburg
Conner(s), Nancy   /  C. Mitchell Conners, Hogansburg, Ny
Conners (Connors), Alice   /  Joe Connors, St Regis Ny
Conners (Connors), Emma   /  Mitchell Connors, Hogansburg
Conners (Connors), Mary   /  Joseph Connors, St Regis
Conners, Agnes   /  Mitchell Conners, Hogansburg, Ny
Conners, Charles [Saro Wikto Ton]   /  C. Mitchell Conners, Hogansburg
Conners, John   /  Hogansburg Ny
Cook, Bessie Agnes Arquette   /  C. Mike Arquette, Hogansburg, Ny
Cook, Frank [Laksarie]   /  C. John Cook
Cook, John   /  David Cook, Hogansburg
Cook, Louis   /  Abram Cook, Hogansburg
Cook, Louis   /  Charles Cook, Hogansburg
Cook, Maggie   /  C. Jacob Cooke, Hogansburg, Ny
Cook, Mary Mamie   /  Susan Cook, Hogansburg
Cook, Maud   /  Lizze Cook, Hogansburg
Cook, Mitchell A-Ren-On-Keta   /  Abram Cook, Hogansburg, Ny
Cook, Peter A   /  C/ Andrew Cook, Hogansburg
Cook,Charlotte [Warisaro Kawennaiesen]   /  Mrs Eliz And Louis Cook, Hogansburg
Cook,Christine   /  C. Mrs Eliz And Frank Cook, Hogansburg
Cooke, Isaac   /  Alice Cook, Hogansburg, Ny
Cooke, Marion   /  Hogansburg
Cooke, Mary   /  C. Mrs Eliz Cook And Frank Cooke, Hogansburg
Cooke, Mary   /  Philip Tarbell, Hogansburg Ny Gdn
Cooke, Mary Belle   /  James Cooke, Hogansburg
Cooke, William Peter   /  Jake Cook, Hogansburg
Cross-The-River, Frank [Saksarine Feonie Tate]   /  C/ Peter Cross-The-River, Hogansbury, Ny
Day, Elizabeth La France [Katutsaron Kwas Arisawe] Also E. Terace;   /  C. Peter Day Gdn, Hogansburg
De Beau,Louis   /  C. Joseph De Beau, Hogansburg
Deer, Betsey   /  Sarah Connor, Hogansburg Ny
Delorimiere, Abram [Taiothoraki],   /  C/ Paul Delorimiere
Delorimiere, Joseph   / 
Delorimiere, Margaret Maggie {Kon Wa Ia Kon Ni}   /  Paul Delorimiere, Hogansburgy
Delorimiere, Nancy   /  Paul De Lorimiere
Deloumiere, Philip [Oanahonraton]   /  Paul Delorimiere
Dibo, Alice   /  Alice Dibo, (Grandmother) Hogansbrug, Ny
Dibo, Annie Anniedalbou Ha Nan Ka Rou To Ra Ta   /  C/ Annie Gorrow, Hogansburg, Ny
Dibo, Frank   /  Annie Gorrow, Hogansburg
Doctor, Inez   /  C. Lucy Doctor, Lewiston My
Edmunds (Edwards), Eva   /  Mrs Sara White, Syracuse
Fisher, Mary Ann   / 
Friday, Annie Mrs Anniefriday   /  C. Richard L Tarbell, Hogansburg
Garlow, Mary   /  Abrom Casey, Hogansburg, Ny
Garrow, Loren   /  Anna Garrow, Hogansburg
Garrow, Mary   /  C. Loren Garrow, Hogansburg
Gorrow, Emily   /  John Garrow, Hogansburg
Gorrow, Evalalie   /  Hogansburg
Gorrow, Joseph   / 
Gorrow, William   /  Mrs Emily Gorrow Bero
Gray, Addie   /  Jno Gray, Hogansburg
Gray, Julia   /  John Gray, Hogansburg, Ny
Gray, Louis   /  John Sylvester, Hogansburg, Ny
Gray, Margaret   /  John Gray, Hogansburg Ny
Gray, Mary Ann Wa-Ri-Ia-Nem-Ka-Hen-Ten-Ta   /  Paul Gray, Hogansburg, Sarah Remson
Gray, Minnie   /  John Gray, Hogansburg, Ny
Gray, Moses   /  Chas Gray, Hogansburg, Ny
Hemlock, Susan   /  Sallie Friday, Hogansburg, Ny
Herne, Andrew   /  C. Julius Herne Hogansburg Ny
Herne, Charles   /  Mrs Mary Herrine, Hogansbur
Herne, Jacob   /  Julius Herne, Hogansburg
Herne, Lewis   /  C. Julius Herne, Hogansburg, Ny
Herne, Mitchell   /  Peter Herne, Gdn, Hogansburg Ny
Herne, Moses   /  Julius Herne, Hogansburg, Ny
Herne, Peter   /  Julius Herne, Hogansburg, Ny
Herring, Louis [Rowie]   /  C/ Richard Herring
Herring, Moses   /  C/ Richard Herring
Hill, Elsie Verona   /  Marthal Hill, Syracuse Ny
Hobbs, Leo {Leo Norateka]   /  Loren Hobbs, Hogansburg
Hopps, Susan   /  Mrs Agnes And Peter Hobbs, Hogansburg
Jackson, Christie Kensite   /  C Frank Johnson
Jackson, Jacob   /  Loran Jackson, Hogansburg
Jackson, John   /  Thos Thomspon, Baldwinsville
Jackson, Loren   /  C. Frank Jackson, Hogansburg, Ny
Jackson, Louis   /  C. Loren Jackson
Jackson, Mary Ann   /  Lawan Jackson
Jackson, Susan   /  Richard Jackson, Hogansburg, Ny
Jacob, James   /  C. Mary Jacob, Hogansburg, Ny
Jacobs, Angus   /  Cecelia Jacobs, Brone St, Nyc
Jacobs, Annie   /  C. Cecelia Hyde, 526 1/2 Roone St, Nyc
Jacobs, David   /  C. David Jacobs, Hagansburg, Ny
Jacobs, Genevieve Mary   / 
Jacobs, John   /  Mitchell Jacobs, 922 Duane Ave, Schenectady Ny
Jacobs, Michael   /  C. Jacob Jacobs, Hogansburg
Jacobs, Paul C   /  Jos H Jacobs, 32 Thompson St, Nyc Rm #12
Jocks, Joseph   /  John M Jocks , Schenedtady
Johnson, Anna Mary (Annie May)   /  Mrs Joseph Johnson, Syracuse, Ny
Jones, Amos   /  Syracuse, Ny
Jordan, Dewey   /  Louisa Jordan, La Fayette, Ny
Jordan, Henry M   /  Louise Jordan, Kenwood Ny Mother
Jordan, Isabell W   /  Louisa Jorda, Syracuse Nj
Kennedy, Hannah   /  J George Bucher, Narbeth Pa
La Clerce, John   /  C/ James Montour [Guardian]
La France, Sarah Sisir Ken Tis Koh Tho   /  Loren La France, Hogansburg, Ny
La France, Thomas   /  C/ Jos La France
La France, Thomas   /  Peter And Mary Ann La France, Hogansburg
Laughing, John   /  Mitchell Laughing, Hogansburg Ny
Laughing, Maggie   /  Tom Laughing, Hogansburg, Ny
Laughing, Richard   /  C Mitchell Laughing
Laughing, Thomas   /  C/ Peter Laughing St Regis Ny
Laurent, Lizzie   /  David Laurent
Lazore, Frank   /  Mitchell Lazore, Hogansburg, Ny
Lazore, Fred   /  C. Mitchell Lazore, Hogansburg
Lazore, John   /  Mitchell Lazore
Lazore, Julia   /  C. Mitchell Lazore
Lazore, Louis [Rowie]   /  C. Louis Lazore
Lazore, Peter [Tier] Peterlozer   /  C. Mitchell Lazore, Hogansburg
Lazore, Peter Thomas   /  Felix White, Hogansburg, Ny
Lazore, Philip [Aritonko]   /  C/ Louis Lazore
Le Clerce, Thomas   /  C. James Montour [Guardian]
Loraine, Christie   /  Hogansburg Ny
Loram, Daniel   /  C/ Hogansburg
Loran, Abraham   /  John Loran, Hogansburg
Loran, Agnes Ames Kan Wa Po Ana Kenon   / 
Loran, Peter [Tier Rone Didkon]   /  C. John Loran, Hogansburg
Loren, Agnes   /  Mitchell Loren, Hogansburg, Ny
Loren, Anna   /  Ida Cole, Hogansburg, Ny
Loren, Minnie   /  John Loran, Hogansburg
Loren, Peter [Rohyendenreuh] Pj Loraine   /  C. John Loren Hogansburg Ny
Martin, Jennie   /  C. Sam’L Martin
Mc Gregor, James   /  C/ Annie Morris, Temple Mich [Grdn]
Mcdonald, John   /  C. Jake Mcdonald, Hogansburg, Ny
Mcdonald,Mary A   /  John Mcdonald, Hogansburg
Mitchell, Hattie   /  C. Sarah Mitchell, Hogasnburg (Mother)
Montour,Mary   / 
Myiow, Thomas   /  Mary Myiou, Mother, 845 W Wan Burent St, Chicago Ill
Oaks, Francis   /  Peter Oaks, Hogansburg, Ny
Papineau, John   /  Mitchell Papineau, Hogansburg
Patton, Celia   /  Peter Patton
Paul, Anna   /  John Paul, Hogansburg
Paul, Jacob   /  C. John Paul, Hogansburg
Philips, Martha Mary   /  August/Angus Philips, 717 Strong St, Schenectady
Phillips, Evan   /  C. Davis And Sara Lorant, Hogansburg
Phillips, Martha   /  Martin Twoaxe, Caughnawago, Canada
Phillips. Cecilia   /  Anugs Phillips, Hogansburg, N
Poodry, Floretta   /  C. Barnum Poodry (Fahter), Basom Ny
Poodry, Lawrence   /  Sara C Poodry, Basom Ny
Printup, Bessie   /  John Printup, (Father), Basom Ny
Printup, Mary   /  John And Agnes Printup, Carry Mills Ny
Ransom, Christie   /  Margaret Ransom, Hogansburg, Ny
Ransom, Hattie Paul   /  Angus Ransom Foster Parent
Ransom, Josephine   / 
Ransom, Katherine   /  Loren Ransom
Ransom, Peter   /  C. Loren Ransom, Hogansburg
Ransom, Phillip   /  Thomas Ransom, Hogansburg, Ny
Regis, Peter [Tier Tha Tsaronsere]   /  Jos Regis, Hogansburg, Ny
Rockwell, Edna   /  Wh Rockwell, 55 Elton St, Rochester Ny
Rorke, Mary (Porke)   /  Hogansburg
Sawatis, Catherine   /  Mrs Mitchell Sawatis, Hogansburg Ny
Sawatis, Hattie   /  C/ Mitchell Sawatis
Sawatis, John [Ak Ra Ken Sia See]   /  Suan Sawatis, Hogansburg, Ny
Sawatis, Josephine   /  Mitchell Sawatis, Hogansburg Ny
Sawatis, Mary   /  C/ Mitchell Sawatis, Hogansburg, Ny
Sawatis, Thomas   /  Mrs Mitchell Sawatis, Hogansburg
Sawyer, Frank   /  C. Louis Sawyer
Schanandore, Lillieschanandoah   /  Simon Schanandoah, Onanondago Castle
Sema, Thomas   /  C/ Philip Deome {Grdn} Hogansburg
Smith, Mitchell   /  C/ Frank Smith And Jno Smith, Grank Fl, Hogansburg
Smith, Thomas   /  C. Polly Cornstalk, Hogansburg
Smoke, John [Attri-Rate]   /  C. Abraham Ransom, Hogansburg Gdn
Smoke, Joseph   / 
Smoke, Mary Wat Ban Ti   /  Thomas Smoke, Hattie Cole, Gdn Hogansburg
Smoke, Philip   /  C/ Louis Smoke, Hogansburg, Ny
Solomon, David   /  Alex Solomon, Hogansburg, Ny
Solomon, Mitchell   /  C. Alexander Solomon, Hogansburg, Ny
Splicer, Angus   /  John Splicer, 279 Hudson St, Nyc
Squire, Mitchell   /  C. Maggie Squire, Hogansburg
Swamp, David   /  C. Mary A Swamp, Hogansburg Ny
Swamp, Levi   /  C. Philip Swamp, Hogansburg
Swamp, Maggie   /  Hogansburg, Ny
Swamp, Peter   / 
Tarbell, Agnes   / 
Tarbell, Angus   /  C/ Joe Tarbell, Hogansburg
Tarbell, Annie   / 
Tarbell, Charlotte   /  Phillip Tarbell, Hogansburg, Ny
Tarbell, Daniel   /  C/ John Hill
Tarbell, Frank   /  C. Philip Tarbell
Tarbell, Hattie   /  Hogansburg Ny
Tarbell, Jacob   /  C. Nancy Wood, Hogansburg, Ny
Tarbell, Jemison Johnson   /  C/ John H Tarbell Hogansburg Ny
Tarbell, Joseph [So Seteisnentatte   /  C/ Philip Tarbell, Hogansburg
Tarbell, Lewis C   /  Phillip Tarbell, Hogansburg, Ny
Tarbell, Louis   /  C/ Joseph Tarbell
Tarbell, Louis Roytarbell Louis Ctarbell   /  C. John Tarbell, Hogansburg, Ny
Tarbell, Louisa   /  Peter Tabell
Tarbell, Margaret H   /  John H Tarbell, Hogansburg
Tarbell, Mitchell   /  John Tarbell, Hogansburg, Ny
Tarbell, Peter [Tier Skanawate   /  C. Philip Tarbell
Tarbell, Roy   /  Hogansburg, Ny
Tarbell, Thomas Hill [Atonwa Ka Con Akta Se]   /  C/ John H Tarbell, Hogansburg, Ny
Tarbell,Thomas [Aton-Wa]   /  C/ John L Tarbell
Terrance, Ada   / 
Terrance, Elizabeth (Same As Rg 75. 1327.2484   / 
Terrance, Joe   /  Louis Terrance, Hogansburg, Ny
Terrance, John   /  C. Louis Terrance, Hogansburg, Ny
Terrance, John   /  Hogansburg
Terrance, Joseph   /  Richard Terrance, Hoganburg, Ny
Terrance, Lydia   / 
Terrance, Moses   /  Richard Terrance, Hogansburg, Ny
Terrance, Thomas   /  Geo Terrance, Hogansburg
Terrance,Ada {Tirance]   / 
Thomas, Louise {Ro Wi Es Ka He Ron Ta}   /  Frank Thomas, Hogansburg,
Thomas, Minnie   /  Hogansburg
Thompson, Alex   /  Charles Thompson
Thompson, George   /  C. Chas Thompson
Thompson, Ida   / 
Thompson, John Jonas Thompson   /  C/ Loran Thompson, Hogansbury
Thompson, Louis   /  Chas Thompson, Hogansburg
Thompson, Nancy   / 
Thompson, Peter   /  Geo Terrance, Hogansburg
Thompson, Ray   /  Rock Spring, Ny
Thompson, Richard   /  C. Mary Thompson, Hogansburg, Ny
Vilnave, Alex   /  Moses Vilnve, Hogansbury, Ny
Vilnave, Louis   /  Moses Vilnave, Hogansburg Ny
White, Agnes   /  Mag Tarbell, Hogansburg
White, Christine A   / 
White, David   /  Angus White, Gdn, Hoganburg
White, John   /  Felix White, Hogansburgy My
White, John   /  Mrs Louise Bero, Felix White, Hogansburg
White, Joseph   /  Jk Tarbell And Maggie Tarbell, Hogansburg
White, Joseph   /  Jk Tarbell And Maggie Tarbell, Hogansburg
White, Lawrence   /  Angus White, Hogansburg, Ny
White, Louis D   /  Angus White, Hogansburg Ny
White, Louis G   /  Polly Benedict, Hogansburg, Ny
White, Mamie   /  Augus White
White, Minnie   /  Angus White, Hogansburg Ny
White, Mitchell   /  Felix White/Mrs Louise Bero, Hogansburg
White, Paul   /  C. Joseph White
White, Peter   /  Aiken White, Hogansbrug
White, Peter   /  C/ Aiken White, Hogansburg, Pa
White, Peter Ransom Lb   /  Mrs Maggie Ranson, Hogansburg Grandmother
White, Sara   / 
White, Susan   /  Angus White, Hogansburg
White, Susie [So Sn Te A Anotat]   /  Joseph White, St Regis, Ny
Whitecloud, Ida   /  Jos White Cloud, 707 N 7Th St, Phila Pa
Williams, Mary   / 
Wood, Lizzie   /  Joseph Wood
Wood, Thomas   /  C. Joseph Wood, Hogansburg
Woodman, Maggie   / 
Woodman, Simeon   /  John W Woodman, Hogansburg
Woods, Edward (Brown)   /  Mrs Mary Chubb, 33 St Paul, Baltimore, Md

Seneca Students Enrolled at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, 1879-1918

558 Carlisle Indian School Students enrolled as "Seneca" according to documents found at NARA and CCHS.
Listed below are names and home information, either parents or guardian names and/or home agencies or towns. For more information about these students, please visit the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center.

Abrams, Alexander   /  C. Mary Jimerson, Amos Abrams, Carrollton Ny
Abrams, Florence   /  Rebeca Winnie, Tunesassa Ny
Abrams, Frank   /  Casler John, Red House Ny
Abrams, Marcus   /  [No info on file]
Abrams, Monroe   /  Mary Abrams, 49 Elm St, Salamanca
Allen, Arline B Arlene   /  Charles Allen; C. Louisa Cooper, Carrollton
Allen, Claudia B   /  Charles Allen
Allen, Maud   /  C. Charlie Allen, Mrs Louisa Cooper, Carrollton Ny
Armstrong, Edith   /  Oral Armstron
Armstrong, Elmer   /  C. Mrs Sara Armstrong, Brant Ny
Armstrong, Lydia   /  Alfred Jamison
Bennett, Carlenia   /  Laura Bennett, Brant Ny; Lawton Station, Ny
Bennett, Clarence   /  Tunesassa Ny
Bennett, Frederick   /  Laura Bennett , Brant Ny
Bennett, Georgia   /  Brant Ny
Bennett, Lena   /  Augustus Bennett, Lawton Station
Bennett, Mckinley   /  Laura Bennett, Brant Ny
Bennett, Nicholas L   /  Hanover Bennett, Quaker Bridge, Ny
Bennett, William L   /  [No info on file]
Bernberry, Levi   /  [No info on file]
Billy, Nicodemus Bailley   /  Akron Ny
Billy, Silas   /  Clara George, (Sister) Levi Billy Seneca Ny
Billy, Simon   /  C. Len Billy
Bishop, Albert   /  Lester Bishop
Bishop, Asenath   /  Thomas Bishop, Red House
Bishop, Frank   /  Lester Bishop
Bishop, Tracy D   /  C. Thos Bishop, Salamanca, Ny Gd By Adoption
Black, Edward   /  C. Carrie Johnson
Black, Jerry   /  Barber Vlack,, Akron Ny, Father
Blackchief, Allan [Gan-Dyoh-Hoh]   /  C/ Charlie Blackchief
Blackchief, Gibson   /  Charles Blackchief, Akron Ny
Blackchief, Hiriam   /  C. Charles Blackchief
Blackchief, Lena   /  Chas Blackchief, Akron Ny
Blackchief, Lyman   /  C. Charlie Blackchief, Akron
Blue Sky, Bertram   /  Albert Blue Sky
Blueeye, Ned   /  Henreiatta Blue Eye, Basom Ny
Bowen, Nicholas   /  Edward Bowen, Onoville Ny
Brant, Elizabeth   /  Henry P Brant, Oil City Penn
Brooks, Clifford   /  Izora Brooks, Versailles
Brooks, William   /  Mrs Izora Brooks, Versailles
Bucktooth, Flora   /  Lydia Bucktooth, Syracuse Ny
Bucktooth, James   /  Lydia Bucktooth, Syracuse Ny
Burr, Dorothy   /  Sydney Burr
Burr, Ruth Ella   /  [No info on file]
Butler, Charles   /  C/ Mrs Musuin Philips (Sister), Cattaraugus, Ny
Button, Bessie   /  Nancy Button, Collins Ny
Button, Dennis Crouse   /  Collins Ny Emily P Linclon -- Gdn
Button, Leroy G   /  Lama Doxtater, Aunt
Button, Rena   /  Wm Jones, Versailles, Ny
Carihoe, James   /  Quapaw Agency, OK
Carpenter, Alpha   /  Selina Jamison, Basom Ny Mother
Carpenter, Boni   /  Salina Carpenter, Basom My
Carpenter, Simon   /  Wesley Carpenter, Akron Ny
Carpenter, Wilson   /  Cornelius Carpenter, Basom Ny
Cayuga [Cayufe], Melinda   /  Nicholas Cayuga, Tiff City, Mont
Cayuga, Delia   /  Nicholas Cayuga Tiff City, Mo
Charles, Ada   /  Mrs Abbie Moes, Akron Ny; Geo J Lincoln, Supt, Gdn
Charles, Clarinda   /  John Charels, Akron Ny
Charles, Harman   /  C/ John Charles
Charles, Lucy   /  Lucinda A Parker
Charles, Reuben E (Sundown)   /  Anderson Charles
Chute, Lydia A   /  Chas Chute
Clark, Edwin   /  [No info on file]
Clarke, Rayner   /  Mrs Nellie K Plummer, Gowanda Ny
Clute, Charles   /  Eliz Sundown, Akron Ny
Clute, Levi   /  Phoebe Sundown, Akron Ny
Clute, Louisa   /  Charles Clute, Akron
Clute, Lydia   /  Chas Clute
Cooper, Hazel M   /  Arline B Allen, Carrollton Ny (Sister)
Crouse, Alice   /  Ida Crouse, Carrollton Ny
Crouse, Arthur Llyod   /  C/ Mrs Martha Crouse, Versailles Ny
Crouse, Frank   /  Frank T Jamison
Crouse, Ida Ada   /  Ida Farmer, Carrollton, Ny
Crouse, John W   /  Irving Ny
Crouse, Lonnie   /  C/ Ida Shongo, Carroltton, Ny
Currey, Edgar   /  C/ Wm Curry, Tunesassa, Ny
Davis, Ida   /  Taylor Davis, Wyandotte, It
De Forrest Billy   /  C. De Forrest Billy, Akron
Deerfoot, Frank   /  Sawadis Deerfoot
Deerfoot, Mary   /  C. Sewadis Deerfoot
Deerfoot, Peter   /  C/ Sawadis Deerfoot
Delisle, Joseph   /  C/ Mitchell Delisle
Delisle, Peter   /  C. Mitchell Delisle
Dennis, Bertha   /  Charles Dennis
Denny, Elnora   /  Quapaw Agency, OK
Denny, Nora   /  Mary Baker
Doctor, Alice Faugh Ga   /  Frederick Doctore, Mrs Mary B Reuben
Doctor, Daisy   /  Adopted By Wm Fish
Doctor, Eli   /  C. Orie Armstrong, Versailles (Mother)
Doctor, Fleeta   /  Sally Doctor, Akron Ny
Doctor, Henry   /  Feby Sundown, Pembroke Ny
Doctor, Jemima   /  Charles Doctor
Doctor, Milo   /  C. Frank Doctor, Basom Ny
Doctor, Myrtle Winnie   /  Cristine Doctor, Irving Ny
Doctor, Rosalie Ah Noo Geh Hoh   /  C. Frank Doctor
Doctor, Thomas Jamerson   /  Cattaraugus
Doctor, Timothy   /  C/ Jacob Doctor (Fahter), Akron Ny
Dominick, William   /  C/ Thomas Dominick
Dowdy, Ainsley   /  [No info on file]
Doxtater, Commodore   /  Geo J Lincoln, supt Thomas Indian Orph Gdn
Doxtator [Doxtater], Deforest   /  Jane Gordon, Red House, Ny
Doxtator, Arthur   /  Orlando Doxtator
Doxtator, Emma   /  Howard Doxtator, Chas Gordon, Croydon Pa
Doxtator, Frank   /  Lydia Doxtator, Geo Doxtator, Versailles
Doxtator, Howard   /  Jennie Doxtator, Red House, Ny
Doxtator, Theodore   /  Robert Doxtator
Doxtator, Wallace   /  C. Henry Doxtater, Salamanca
Dye, Bertha Fatty   /  Geo Fatty
Edwards, Florence   /  Lawrence Edwards, Syracuse
Eels, George   /  C. Thoams Eels
Eels, Lillie   /  Geo Eels
Farmer, Amelia   /  Eli Farmer, Lucy John, Carrollton Ny
Fox, Ainsley   /  Medicine Fox
Fox, Solon   /  C/ Thomas Fox, Gowanda, Ny
Frank, Theodore   /  George H Frank, Salamanca, Ny
Garlow, Abraham [Garlau]   /  C/ Ada Garlan, Irving, Ny
George, Amos   /  Geo J Lincoln Gdn
George, Clinton   /  Susan King, Irving N
George, Cornelius V   /  David George, Irving Ny
George, Hubbin   /  C. Mary George, Akron Ny
George, Mabel   /  Moses Carpenter, Grdfather; Mrs Ida N Hill, Indian Falls Ny
George, Mary   /  David Geroge Irving Ny
George, Salina   /  James George (Uncle), Cold Springs Ny
Good, Frank   /  C/ Minnie John, Mother
Gordon, Hannibal   /  Cordelia Gordon, Irving
Gordon, Louisa   /  Millie Stevens, Alfred Jamison, Tunesassa
Gordon, Olive   /  Geo Gordon, Red House Ny (Father)
Gordon, Wesley   /  Theo Gordon (Bro) Irving
Gordon, William   /  [No info on file]
Green, Edward   /  C. Chauncey Green, Lawton Sta, Ny
Green, Jesse   /  C. Mrs Helen Moses, James Philips, Lawton
Green, Mary   /  C. Jas Poudray, Gdn
Green, Sophia   /  Mrs Sara Green, Collings Ny
Green, Willie   /  C. Chauncey Green, Lawton
Ground, Nora   /  Young Charles, Akron, Ny
Halftown, Clifford   /  Chas Kennedy, Irving Ny
Halftown, Cordelia   /  Alfred Halftown, S Corydon, Pa
Halftown, Frances   /  Nancy Halftown, Irving Ny
Halftown, James   /  Martin Halftown, Carrolltown, Ny
Halftown, Lafayette   /  [No info on file]
Halftown, Lea   /  [No info on file]
Halftown, Lovett   /  Alfred Halftown
Halftown, Ora   /  Jefford Halftown, Indian Falls Ny
Halfwhite, Rosetta   /  Iwillett Nephew, Irving Ny
Hamilton, Ora   /  C. Mrs Viola Baslor, Mother, Versailes Ny
Hare, Fred   /  C. Charles Farce
Hare, Lyman   /  C. Louisa Longfinger
Hare, Nelson   /  Charels Hare
Harris, Bert   /  C. Ed Harris, Salamanca Ny
Hemlock, Joseph   /  C. Alice Hemlock (Sister) Lawton Ny
Hemlock, Julia   /  Sacklett Hemlock, Lawton Ny
Hemlock, Simon   /  Sackett Hemlock
Hewitt, Caroline   /  Brant Ny
Hill, Isaac   /  Nancy Hill, Indian Falls, Ny
Hill, Jennie Glannie   /  Nancy Hill, Indian Falls, Ny
Hill, Maggie   /  Nancy Hill (Mother), Akron Ny
Hill, Moses   /  [No info on file]
Hotbread, Wilson   /  George Hotbread
Hubbard, Charles   /  C/ Star Young Gdn
Hudson, Lena   /  Jack Hudson
Hudson, Robert   /  Jack Hudson
Huff, Abram   /  [No info on file]
Huff, Elmer   /  Allegeny
Huff, Morris   /  Emeline Thompson, Lawton Ny, Versailles
Huff, Willie   /  C/ Abram Huff, Versailles
Jack, Martha   /  Young Jack Lawtons Tation
Jackson, Albert   /  [No info on file]
Jackson, Alfred   /  Horace Jackson, Felton Ny
Jackson, Andrew Jr   /  Lillian King, 1327 W Main St, Coosy Pa
Jackson, Cornelius   /  C. Andrew Jackson, Brant, Ny
Jackson, Edith   /  C. Caroline Jackson (Gdmother), Red House
Jackson, Elsie Bell   /  Andrew Jackson,
Jackson, Henry   /  Leance
Jackson, Jonie   /  Andrew Jackson, Brant Ny
Jackson, Lindsey   /  Emily P Lincoln, Iroquois Ny
Jackson, Peter   /  C. Henry Jackson, Red House, Ny
Jackson, Raleigh   /  Filmore Jackson, Versailles
Jackson, William   /  Cattaragus
Jackson,John   /  C/ Mrs Louise Eels, Gowanda
Jacobs, William   /  C/ Owen Jacobs, Gowanda Ny
Jacobs,Ruth   /  Josephine Van Almum, Red House Ny
Jaminson, Raymond   /  C. Hattie Jaminson, Salamance, Red House, Ny
Jamison, Abbie   /  Anthony Jamison, Irving Ny
Jamison, Bertha   /  Matilda Jimison
Jamison, Clara   /  James Jamison
Jamison, Claudie   /  Matidla Jamison, Red House Ny
Jamison, Elnora   /  Jane Jamison, Gowanda Ny
Jamison, Emma Jamerson   /  Thos Green Versailles Ny
Jamison, Flora   /  John J Jimison, Mrs Lorinda Jamison, Red House Ny
Jamison, Geneva   /  Zacharia Jamison, Versailles
Jamison, Harriet   /  Jess Jamison
Jamison, Hobart Mckinley   /  Jacob J Jamison, 47 Clark St, Warren Pa
Jamison, Jacob   /  Alex Jamison
Jamison, James   /  C/ Thos Jamison (Bro)
Jamison, Jennie   /  Jonathan Jamison, Basom
Jamison, Jesse   /  Jesse Jamison
Jamison, Lucy   /  John Lincoln Jamison, Akron Ny
Jamison, Luther   /  Emily Jackson, Red House, Ny
Jamison, Lydia   /  Geroge Jamsion, Tibb City Mo
Jamison, Matilda   /  Jess Jamison
Jamison, Richard   /  George Jamison
Jamison, Roger   /  James I Jamison, Steamburg Ny
Jamison, Spencer   /  C/ Anthony Jamison
Jamison, Torrence   /  Jacob Jamison, 47 Clark St, Warren Pa
Jamison, Walter   /  C. Walter Jamison Sr
Jamison, Wesley   /  C. Matilda Jamison, Red House, Ny
Jemison, Franklin   /  Mrs Sophelia A Jemison, Salamanca Ny
Jemison, Levi   /  Abbie Jemison, Gowanda, Ny
Jimerson (Jimison), Sherman   /  C/ Julia Jimison, Red House, Ny
Jimerson, Albert   /  Louis J Jimerson, Irving Ny
Jimerson, Clayton   /  Anthony Jamerson, (Father), Versailles Ny
Jimerson, Eugene   /  Willet Jimerson, Red House, Ny; Adoptee Father
Jimerson, George [Dagahah]   /  Benj Jimerson And Louisa John, Versailles
Jimerson, Hamilton   /  Bersisha Jimerson Miller, Irving Ny
Jimerson, Jacob   /  Jerome Kennedy,, Irving Ny Gdn
Jimerson, Lawrence   /  Cattaraugas
Jimerson, Pauline   /  Cattaraugas
Jimerson, Ruth   /  Cattaraugas
Jimerson, Theodore   /  Hiram Cooper, Steamburg Ny
Jimeson, Geneva   /  Jacob Jimeson
Jimeson, Nora   /  Jacob Jimeson
Jimison, Robert   /  C. Matilda Jimison, Red House
Joe, Howard   /  C. Mary Logan, Grandmother, Lawton St
John, Clinton   /  Mrs Malvina John Red House, Ny
John, David   /  C. Moses John (Father), Ann Arbor Mich
John, Della   /  Kingsly Nephew, Versailles Ny Gdn
John, Hebert   /  C/ Austin John, Versailles
John, Lafayette   /  C. Ann John
John, Oliver   /  C/ Versailles, Ny
John, Samuel   /  Austin John
John, William   /  Mary George
John, Wilton   /  C. Mary George (Mother)
Johnnyjohn, Betsy (Johnijohn)   /  C. Louis Johnnyjohn, Gowanda Ny
Johnnyjohn, Cleveland   /  Lewis Johnny John, Collins Ny
Johnnyjohn, Isaac   /  C. Lewis Johnjohn
Johnnyjohn, Maggie   /  Cattaraugas
Johnnyjohn, Mitchell   /  Lewis Johnnyjohn, Collins Ny
Johnson, Alpha   /  Hebert Johnson, Basom Ny
Johnson, Alva   /  Hebert Johnson, Basom Ny
Johnson, Anna   /  Dw Coater, Miami It Gdn
Johnson, Augustus   /  Lawton Ny
Johnson, Bertha   /  Moses Johnson, Versailles
Johnson, Charles   /  C. Thomas L Parker, Gdn, Akron
Johnson, Delia   /  C. Hebert Johnson, Indian Falls Ny
Johnson, Ella   /  Herbert Johnson, Basom Ny
Johnson, Floyd   /  C/ Elizabeth Pierce, Gdn
Johnson, Freeman   /  Tonawanda
Johnson, Herbert H   /  Sallie Silverheels, Akron Ny Gdn
Johnson, Jackson   /  Dw Coater, Miami, It
Johnson, Lillian   /  Guy Miller, Uncle, Versailles
Johnson, Minnie   /  Geo J Lincoln, Supt
Johnson, Richard Lay   /  C/ Young Lay, Lawton Stat, Ny
Jonas, Albert   /  C. George Peters, Lawton
Jones, Elisie U   /  Sylvester Lay, Irving Ny Uncle
Jones, Eva   /  Thomas Jones, Akron Ny
Jones, Flora E   /  Thomas Jones, Akron Ny
Jones, Grace   /  C. Caroline Jones, Basom Ny
Jones, Lena   /  Susan Sundown, Indian Falls
Jones, Minne   /  C. Louisa Ske, Akron Ny
Jones, Philip   /  C/ Gerry Jones, Lawton, Ny
Jones, Timothy   /  C. Carrie Jones, Tonawanda, Ny
Kennedy, Alvin   /  Walter Kennedy, Killbuck, Ny
Kennedy, Amelia   /  Steprock Kennedy
Kennedy, Charles   /  C/ Fidelia Kennedy
Kennedy, James   /  Eliza Henry
Kennedy, James Henry   /  C/ John Kennedy, Irving, Ny
Kennedy, James Henry   /  John Kennedy, Irving Ny
Kennedy, John   /  C. Walter S Kennedy, Gowanda
Kennedy, Lawrence   /  Farnham Ny
Kennedy, Nellie   /  Steeprock Kennedy
Kennedy, Raymond   /  Fred Kennedy, Versailles, Ny
Kennedy, Sarah   /  Walter S Kennedy
Kennedy, Theodore   /  Walter S Kennedy, Gowanda Ny
Kennedy, W Leroy   /  Steeprock Kennedy,
Kennedy, Walter Lee   /  C. Walter S Kennedy
Kennedy, Wilford   /  Fred Kennedy, Versailles
Kettle, Aaron   /  Lawton Ny
Kettle, Alex   /  C. John Black Kettle
Kettle, Cora   /  Harry Kettle, Lawton Ny
Kettle, Francis   /  Harry Kettle, Lawton
Kettle, Lena   /  Harry Kettle, Lawton Ny
Kettle, Leroy   /  Harry Kettle, Lawton Sta, Ny. Father
Kilbuck, Anna   /  Peter Kilbuck
Kilbuck, Peter   /  C/ Peter Kilbuck
King, Clarissa   /  James King
King, Francis   /  Quapaw Agency, OK
King, Geo Also Redeye, Geo Ernest   /  Lillian S King, Irving Ny
King, Russell   /  Lilian King, Irving Ny
King, Stephen   /  Ms Harrison, Susan King, Irving Ny
Kinjockety, Joslyn   /  Louis Kinjockety,
Kinjockety, Leonard   /  Sidney Kinjockety, Irving
Lay, Blanche   /  Sylvest Lay Jr
Lay, Kelley   /  [No info on file]
Lay, Percival   /  C/ John C Lay
Lay, Rutherford   /  Sylvester Lay, Irving Ny
Lay, Theresa M   /  Sylvester Lay, Irving Ny
Lay,Lyman   /  C/ John Lay, Lawton Ny
Lee, Lawrence   /  Geo Lee, Coryden, Pa (Father)
Lee, Webster   /  C. George Lee, Corydon Pa
Leroy, Lee Daniel   /  Irving Ny
Lewis, Annie (Anna)   /  William Lewis
Lewis, Carrie   /  Johnlewis, Carrollton Ny
Lewis, William   /  Carlton Ny
Logan, Alice   /  Chas S Logan, Cornplanter, Pa
Logan, Sherman   /  C. Chas S Logan
Longfinger, Myra T   /  Louise Longfinger, Versailles Ny
Lyford, John   /  Kingsley Nephew, Versailles Ny Gdn
Lyons, Lamon   /  Emmett Lyon, Onondaga, Ny
Martin, Richmond   /  Amos Martin, Alabama Ny
Maybe, Lila   /  Sarah Maybe, Red House
Maybee, Clara Mary   /  Mrs Hattie Maybee, Irving, Solomon Maybee
Maybee, David   /  C. Soloman Maybee, Irving
Maybee, Edith   /  Alexander Maybee, Irving Ny
Maybee, Fleta Bell   /  Hattie Maybee, Iriving
Maybee, Grace   /  Hatte S Maybee, Irving Ny
Miller, Edith   /  Guy Miller, Versailles Ny
Miller,Moses   /  Thomas Orphan Asylum
Minne Wheeler   /  Wilson Wheeler
Minnie Paul   /  Henry Paul
Mohawk, Bertha   /  Wm Mohawk
Mohawk, Clara   /  Wm Mohawk, Irving, Ny
Mohawk, Sidney   /  Allen Mohawk
Moses, Alpha   /  Mary Moses, Ind Falls, Ny
Moses, Dora   /  Augustus Moses, Onondaga Castle
Moses, Hiriam Te-A-Yeh-Oh   /  C. David Moses
Moses, Ira   /  Anna Moses, Akron Ny
Moses, Leroy   /  Caroline Jones, Basom Ny
Moses, Myron   /  Akron Ny
Moses, Raymond   /  Tonawanda
Moses, Salem   /  [No info on file]
Moses, Stansill   /  Tonawanda
Moses, William   /  Wm Moses, Syracuse
Nephew, Arthur   /  C. Perry Nephew, Perrysburg, Ny
Nephew, Edith   /  Jerome Nephew, Versailles
Nephew, Leslie   /  C/ Ulysess Nephew, Versailles
Nephew, Lester   /  Gowanda, Ny
Nephew, Lloyd   /  C. Ulysses Nephew And Percival Nephew, Versailles
Nephew, Percy   /  C. William John Versailles; Press Nephew, Catarrugus
Nephew, Walter   /  Press Nephew, Iriving Ny
Newton, George   /  C/ Augustus Newton
Parker, Carrie   /  Frank Parker
Parker, Ely S   /  C. Wm O Parker Or Sara John (Mother)
Parker, Harold   /  [No info on file]
Parker, Lena   /  Wm Parker Jr, Versailles, Ny
Parker, Maisa Maeparker   /  C/ Frank Parker, Indian Falls
Parker, Nicholson   /  Frank Parker
Parker, Simon   /  C. Liza Moses (Mother)
Parker, Willie   /  Alexander John Gdn, Versailles
Patterson, Burnel   /  Mrs Alice E Patterson, Versailles Ny
Patterson, Cora   /  Wm Patterson
Patterson, Eva   /  Hamilto Halftown, W Salamanca, Ny, Gdn
Patterson, Eva   /  Hamilto Halftown, W Salamanca, Ny, Gdn
Patterson, Helen   /  Nathaniel Patterson
Patterson, Robert   /  Mrs Alice Patterson, Indian School, Carlisle
Patterson, Rosabel Anna   /  Nad Patterson
Patterson, Spencer   /  Hannah Mohawk, Gowanda
Paul, Walter   /  C. Henry Paul
Peters, Rosina   /  C. William Peters, Indian Falls, Ny
Pierce, Albert Jr   /  Hanna Pierce And Albert Pierce, Salamanca
Pierce, Anna   /  Hanna Pierce And Albert Pierce, 173 Front Ave, Salamanca
Pierce, Bemus   /  C. Jacon Pierce
Pierce, Bernice   /  Albert Pierce, Onoville Ny
Pierce, Bert   /  C. Lyman Pierce
Pierce, Bertha E   /  Frank Pierce
Pierce, Edith   /  Hattie Pierce, Versailles Ny Gdn
Pierce, Evelyn   /  Elon Pierce, Versailles Ny
Pierce, Franklin   /  Lyman Pierce, Cattaragus
Pierce, Harvey   /  Albert Pierce, Onoville Ny
Pierce, Hawley   /  C/ Jacob Pierce
Pierce, Jerry   /  C/ Jacob Pierce
Pierce, Jesse   /  C. Cyrus Scott, Gowanda
Pierce, Jesse   /  [No info on file]
Pierce, Lewis   /  C/ Lillie Pierce
Pierce, Linas   /  C. Wilson Pierce Gdn
Pierce, Mitchell   /  C/ Okley Pierce, Iroquois
Pierce, Nettie   /  John Pierce, Versailles Ny
Pierce, Newton   /  C/ John Pierce
Pierce, Oscar   /  Cora J Pierce, Farnham Ny
Pierce, Rachel   /  Okly Pierce, Iroquois Ny
Pierce, Rosetta [Da-Ge-Nade-Yohse]   /  C/ Thomas Pierce, Versailles, Ny
Pierce, Sherman   /  Irving Ny
Pierece, Edward   /  Peter Pierce, Farnham Ny
Pierson, Frank   /  C/ Emeline Jimison (Grandmother), Red House
Plummer, Hazel L   /  Clarrisa Plummer, Salamanca
Poodry (Poudry), Rose   /  John Poudry
Poodry, Aaron   /  Mollie Poodry, Akron Ny
Poodry, Dora   /  James Doxtator, Indian Falls, Ny
Poodry, Elmer   /  Akron Ny
Poodry, Emily   /  James Doxtator, Indian Falls, Ny
Poodry, Harrison   /  James Doxtator, Indian Fals Ny
Poodry, Hattie   /  Lyman Poodry, Indian Falls, Ny
Poodry, Joseph   /  Barnum Poodry
Poodry, Lyman   /  C. Samuel Poodry, Akron Ny
Poodry, Rose   /  [No info on file]
Poodry, Sherry   /  Mary Parker, Akron Ny
Printup, Claude Wilson   /  C/ Adam Printup, Akron
Printup, Cody   /  John Printup, Indian Falls Ny
Printup, Dora   /  Sanborn Ny
Printup, Jennie   /  [No info on file]
Printup, Josephine   /  Mrs Hiram Printup, Gowanda
Printup, Lorinda   /  Mrs Mary Shongo, Hiram Printup, Indian Falls
Printup, Nora   /  John Printup
Printup, Olive Ga-Sen-Woh-Gah Deh   /  John Printup
Printup, Winnifred   /  Herman Printup, Basom Ny
Purse, Howard Pierce   /  Seneca Purse, Indian Falls Ny
Redeye, Minnie   /  Alfred Jamison
Redeye, Mitchell   /  C. Henry Redeye, Versailles Ny
Redeye, Numan   /  C/ Betsie Redeye, Coldspring, Ny
Redeye, Rosetta   /  Lydia Redeye, Versailles Ny
Redeye, Warren   /  Lydia Redeye, Mother, Versailles Ny
Redeye,Resella   /  Versailles Ny
Reuben, Thomas   /  C. Nancy Reuben Miller; John Reuben, Basom Ny
Schingler, Clara   /  Martin Schingler, Irving
Schingler, Cora   /  Martin Schlinger, Irving Ny
Schingler, Evelyn   /  Alice Schingler, Irving Ny
Scott, Frank   /  C. Wallick Scott
Scott, Mary Jane   /  King Scott, Gowanda Ny
Scott, Robert   /  King Scott, Gowanda Ny
Scott, Ulysses G   /  C. Cyrus Scott, Gowanda
Scott, William   /  C/ Kind Scott, And Sarah Scott, Gowanda
Scrogg, Henan   /  James And Julia Scrogg, Akron
Scrogg,Soloman   /  C/ James Scrogg, Akron Ny
Seneca, Avery   /  C/ John Seneca, Irving
Seneca, Clyde   /  Press Nephew, Irving Ny
Seneca, George   /  C. Cornelius Seneca, Irving
Seneca, Isaac   /  Isaac Seneca
Seneca, Josephus   /  Jacob S Seneca, Irving, Ny
Seneca, Letha   /  Frank Seneca, Iiriving Ny
Seneca, Nancy   /  Isaac Seneca
Seneca, Victor   /  Jacob S Seneca, Irving Ny Gdn
Seneca,Sherman   /  C. Cornelius Seneca Irving
Shango, Harry   /  C/ Howard Shango
Shank, Oscar   /  [No info on file]
Shanks, Isaac   /  C. Mrs Eliza Shanks, Tonawanda
Shongo, Harry   /  Steamsburg Ny
Shongo, Lida Florine   /  Hattie A Jackson, Salamanca, Ny
Shongo, Mitchell   /  C. Nellie K Plummer
Shongo, Moses   /  C. Brant Ny
Silverheels, George   /  Lillian Silverheels, Gowanda
Silverheels, Kittie/Katherine   /  Oliver Silverheels
Silverheels, Lawrence   /  Lillian Silverheels, Gowanda Ny
Silverheels,Stephen   /  C. Kittie Silverheels, (Sister) Irving
Sky, Hallie (Hattiesky)   /  C/ Elner Skye, Pembroke, Ny
Skye, Elon   /  Asa Skye, Akron, Ny
Skye, George   /  C. Alexander Snyder (Grandmother), Akron
Skye, Grover   /  C. Asa Skye, Akron Ny
Skye, Hazel Nellie   /  Akron Ny
Skye, Libbie   /  Melcina Skye
Skye, Maizie L   /  Mckay Sky, Basom Ny
Skye, Noah   /  C. Asa Skye, Akron Ny
Skye, Simon   /  C/ Warren Skye, Basom, Ny
Skye, Victor   /  Laura Skye, Indian Falls Ny Gnd
Smith, Elsina   /  Peter Smith, Indian Falls Ny
Smith, Jane   /  Lucinda Johnnyjohn (Aunt), Gowanda
Smith, Kidd   /  Peter Smith, Indian Falls Ny
Smith, Patrick   /  C/ Lyman Smith, Versailles
Smith, Rose 2   /  Peter Smiht, Indian Falls Ny
Snow, Clarence   /  C/ Jerome Snow,
Snow, Eben   /  C/ Jerome Snow, Tunesassa Ny
Snow, Hattie   /  Mrs John Winnie, Farnham Ny
Snow, Levi   /  C. Jerome Snow
Snow, Mildred   /  D Forrest Snow, Irving
Snow, Rose   /  Martha Winnie,Farnham Ny
Snyder, Chauncey   /  Amanda M Farmer Mother
Snyder, Clarence   /  C/ John Snyder
Snyder, Cora   /  Cattaraugus
Snyder, Dora   /  Amanda M Farmer, Akron Ny
Snyder, John   /  C. Corilia Snyder, Steamburg, Ny
Snyder, Maud   /  Aunt Emma Stong, Seneca Ny
Snyder, Roxie   /  Hebert Johnson, Stepfather, Akron Ny
Spicer, Ora   /  Az Spicer, Tif City, Mo
Spicer, Reo   /  Az Spicer, Tiff City Mo
Spring, Adam   /  C. Soloman Spring
Spring, Eleanor   /  Solomon Spring, Basom Ny
Spring, Elsie   /  Solomon Spring
Spring, Elsina   /  Albert Spring, Akron Ny
Spring, Ira   /  Solomon Spring, Akron ny
Stafford, Melvin   /  C. Austin Stafford, Versailles
Steprock, Charles   /  C. Jonah Steprock, Akron
Stevens, Perry   /  Eliza Stevens, Lawton St Ny
Strong, Emma   /  John Strong (Tonawanda)
Sundown, Clara   /  Mrs Laura Pierce, Versailles Ny
Sundown, Failey   /  Louisa Ground, Gdn Akron Ny.
Sundown, James Peter   /  Akron
Sundown, Leslie   /  Owen Skye, Akron N
Sundown, Rosina   /  Jessie Sundown
Sundown, Rueben (Charles)   /  Tonawanda
Sundown, Sallie   /  Charles Sundown, Lawton State Ny
Sutton Eugene Jr   /  Louise Sutton, Lonseome Lake Ny
Sutton, Arthur   /  [No info on file]
Sutton, Charles   /  Louisa Sutton, Conesus Ny
Sutton, Ernest   /  C/ Mrs Louisa Sutton Ml Eugene Sutton Father Corydon Pa
Sutton, Gertrude   /  Louisa Sutton, Conesus Ny
Sutton, Henry   /  Eugene Sutton, Conesus Ny
Sutton, Myrtle M: Callahan   /  Tonawanda
Synder, Oscar   /  C. Harrison Halftown Gdn, Steamburg
Tall Chief, Georgia   /  Irving Ny
Tall Chief, Izora   /  Gowanda, Ny
Tallchief, Cyrus   /  C. Lettie Scott
Tallchief, Frank   /  Mrs Mary A Jones, Gowanda Ny
Tallchief, Izora   /  Frank Tall Chief, Gowanda
Tallchief, Jennie   /  Wm Tallchief
Tallchief, Levi   /  Alexander Tallchief
Tallchief, Mary   /  C. Chas Tallchief, Irving Ny
Tallchief, Nina   /  Charles Tall Chief
Tallchief, Sallie   /  Charlise Tallchief
Tallchief, Wesley   /  C/ Clarence Tallchief, Versailles, Ny
Taylor, Izora   /  John Taylor
Taylor, Jacob   /  C. Moses Taylor, Salamanca
Thomas, Electa   /  David Thomas, Onoville
Thomas, Retta   /  Geo J Lincoln, Supt Gdn
Thompson, Emily   /  Moses Thompson
Thompson, Lucy   /  [No info on file]
Thompson, Robert   /  C/ Moses Thompson Gowanda
Turkey, Clara   /  Alfred Jamison, Mrs Lucinda Lay, Irving
Turkey, Jennie   /  Jane Turkey, Brant Ny
Two Guns, Irene   /  Gowanda, Ny
Twoguns, Alfred   /  Geo Twoguns, Gowanda, Ny
Twoguns, George   /  George Two Guns, Gowanda N
Twoguns, Noah   /  Mrs Sophia John, Gowanda Ny
Twoguns, Salina   /  Thomas Eels, Gowanda, Ny
Van Arnum, Henry   /  Salamanca
Van Arnum, Lavinia   /  Henry Van Arnum
Warrior, Josephine   /  Peter Warrior, Irivng Ny
Washburn, Herbert   /  Cattaraugus
Washburn, Vaughan F   /  C. Catharine Washburn
Waterman, Charles A   /  C. Philip Waterman
Waterman, Glennie   /  Philip Waterman, Parents Parter. Aunt Miss Hare Gdn
Waterman, John   /  C/ John Waterman, Perrysburg, Ny
Waterman, Lilah   /  Glennie Waterman, Gowanda Ny
Waterman, Lillian   /  John Waterman
Waterman, Ralph   /  C/John Waterman, Perrysburg, Ny
Waterman, Wilford   /  Irving Ny
Watt, Clarence   /  Hiram Watt, Tunessa Irving Ny
Watt, Ulysses   /  Mrs Jane Watt, Tunessasa Ny
Wheeler, Cora   /  Wilson Wheeler
White, Agnes   /  Maria Jones, Akron Ny Grandmother
White, Archibald   /  C. Hazy White, Cattaraugus, Ny
White, Eliza   /  Hattie Killbuck, 240 3Rd St, Niagra Falls, Ny
White, Franklin   /  C. Myra White
White, James   /  C/ Moses Shongo (A Friend)
White, Josephine   /  Robert White
White, Katie   /  Wm White, Mary Martin Basom Ny
Whitetree, Scott   /  C/ Frank Whitetree, Grove It
Whitetree, Susie   /  C/ Frank Whitetree, Grove, Wyandotte, OK
Williams, Clarissa   /  Christopher Williams
Williams, Claudia   /  Chas Williams, Versailles Ny
Williams, Eugene   /  C. Wm H Williams
Williams, Eunice   /  Wm Williams, Beenie Williams, Brant Erie Ny
Williams, Leonard   /  C/ Angee Williams And Wm H Williams, Brant, Centre Ny
Williams, Levi   /  C. Griffith C Williams, Gowanda
Williams, Millie   /  Christopher Williams
Williams, Richard   /  Chas Williams, Versailles
Williams, Sarah   /  Gowanda, Ny
Williams, Spencer   /  Brant Ny
Winnie, Clarissa   /  David Winnie, Tunesassa Ny
Winnie, William   /  Tunesassa NY
Young, Louise   /  Sj Mudenter, Wyandotte, It