Coming in early October - the centennial anniversary of the closing of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School commemorations. For more information, go to Carlisle Journeys 2018: Places of Memory and the Unfolding Stories from the Carlisle Indian School. Descendant sharing panels will be held Saturday, October 6th and a Roundtable Discussion will take place Sunday morning, October 7th with breakfast for registrants. Events are Free, but registration is required. To register visit the site (above) or call 717.249.7610.


Carlisle Journeys: Celebrating the American Indian Sports Legacy, Oct 7-9 2016

carlislejourneys.orgWe continue to add speakers to the Friday and Saturday lineup. Please visit the site and register. And even if you can't join us, please consider making a donation. We want to be able to keep these biennial conferences free. Go to carlislejourneys.org
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Carlisle Journeys: Celebrating American Indian Sports Legacy

Call for papers is up! Go to Carlislejourneys.org


I have canceled the http://www.epix.net/~landis, aka epix.net account. I shouldn't be able to receive the blandis@epix.net emails and my pages shouldn't open but they do and I do. Go figure. I've been paying for this hosting for over 20 years and for the past year have been unable to access the host site to make changes in the pages. So I canceled the account. My pages will eventually belong to the Cumberland County Historical Society, historicalsociety.com BUT it seems the epix.net folks also can't access their hosting because I'm still getting emails and have pages at the old site. I guess when the Frontiernet corp took over the Epix corp, they lost the hosting memo. So - those old pages are still our there in the ether, floating around in cyberspace. A lot has happened since they first appeared. Talk of repatriating the Indian Cemetery, biennial "Carlisle Journeys" conferences at the historical society, TRC issues trickling down to the U.S. from Canada...and so much more. My working email address is blandis01@comcast.net. Spread the word, friends. Thanks, Barb.


Carlisle Indian School Digitization Project

This site features digitized Carlisle Indian School records, including applications for enrollments, Outing Reports, Student enrollment cards, photographs, correspondence and more. If you are searching a particular name and it doesn't show up, it may not yet have been uploaded and/or there could be variations of spellings (commonly found among these names).


School Records Digitized on line

Dickinson College has created an on-line archive for the Carlisle Indian School records housed at the National Archives. These are the actual student records developed at the school and followed up on after students returned to their home communities during the period 1879-1918.The bulk of the student records are housed in File 1327 of Record Group 75 at the Washington, D.C. repository. These student folders, along with various student enrollment cards from File 1329 are included in this ambitious, carefully organized project. Opening these records to the public in this way has the potential to catapult the U.S. government-run boarding school era into the limelight and will become a huge asset to researchers looking for information about their relatives. For more information about the contents of these student records, go to www.carlisleindian.dickinson.edu


Michael Burns, Apache, Arrives at the Carlisle Indian School

- A new bright boy reached here at Carlisle School on the 26th of October. He can talk good English and he can write a good hand. He is a smart boy. He is an Apache and was captured by white soldiers about eight years ago.
October 1880 SCHOOL NEWS

Rosebud Sioux Pages

LaVera Rose has put together a good collection of pages for Rosebud history, biography and communities. Nice work.


Dovie Thomason presents "The Spirit Survives" Nov. 7, 2011

Dovie Thomason will be featured giving her story "The Spirit Survives" free to the public and Messiah College, Grantham PA, Monday November 7. Please join us for an evening of story and information about the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (1879-1918) the first U.S. government-run, off-reservation boarding school for native American Indian children and young adults.


The journey of two Lipan Apache children sent to the Carlisle Indian School, and their journey home.


Carlisle Farmhouse Open House June 5, 2011

Carolyn and Derek Tolman will graciously open their home on the Carlisle Barracks garrison to visitors interested in touring this historic house. The house is slated to be torn down July 2012. See where many Carlisle students lived or visited before the school's closure in 1918. If you are planning to visit, be sure to bring photo id in order to pass through security.