January 24, 1896 INDIAN HELPER

The reward for ten subscriptions - a book of images of the Carlisle Indian School grounds and the six graduating classes.

Also of interest in January 24, 1896 INDIAN HELPER:
Mrs. Phebe A. Leland, who was reported seriously sick with pneumonia, last week has since died. - Doylestown Intelligencer.
The Carlisle school loses a good friend in the death of this excellent woman. Mrs. Leland has been a patron of the school since 1883, and had eighteen Indian boys under her care at different times.

Five of those boys were:
Marcellus Bahazum, Apache POW, enrolled 1887-1903
Martin Christjohn, Wisconsin Oneida, enrolled 1891-1893
Humphrey Escharzay, Chiricahua Apache, enrolled 1886-1894
Jesse Kinjoekety, Jr., Cayuga from Versailles NY, enrolled 1892-1909
Nelson Porter, Chippewa from LaPointe Wisconsin, enrolled 1890-1896

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