The Passing of Willard Lear Jones

With heavy heart, I'm posting the notice of Willard Lear Jones' passing April 5th.
I first met this remarkable man when he and his wife and daughter visited Carlisle seven years ago, in May 2000 during the Powwow 2000 weekend of events. Willard and Mary became the much-appreciated, calming presence that stayed with us throughout the three days of our commemorative events.

Blessing the children of the Carlisle Indian School cemetery during special Tlinget and Haida ceremonies to which all people were welcomed on that memorable weekend, Willard Jones left a lasting mark on our community.

He will be missed and my family's condolences extend to the family of this very special person.

His obituary link to the Ketchikan, Alaska news may be found here.

Barbara Landis


S Watkins said...

I read the posting of Willard Lear Jones and give my sympathy to his family and friends.

Ms. Landis I tried to reach you by e-mail but it would not work. At the end of the Tribal list you stated that there is a list of student that were at the school. I am looking for a girl who attened and Married an Irivn Manwiller, she stayed in Pa. and lived in the Temple, Pa area. I'm grasping at straws. Can you help me? exeagle74@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hi S Watkins,

My lists don't include any Manwiller's or any other surnames that come cloe. I also searched for any references to that name in the Bell database, with no success.

Sorry, I couldn't be of more help.