Dovie Thomason on Storytelling.

Dovie Thomason on Storytelling.


Dovie Thomason has developed and includes in her repertoire of stories, a story about the Carlisle Indian School.


Anonymous said...

Barbara- My name is Lauren and I am coming to Carlisle on January 7th and 8th from RI and would love to arrange a tour with your of the grounds. I am doing research for my thesis. I have tried to contact your via email several times and I'm not sure if the address is correct or what. If you do receive this message, could you please contact me? My email address is onnie46@yahoo.com. I know that I can complete other research while I am there, but I planned the trip in hopes to take the tour with you. I hope all is well. Thank you for your time.

Larry Cox said...

I seem to be having the same problem with contacting Barbara.

I have found an original advertisement for the Carlisle Indian Band, dated 1900.

I will give it any interested party.

ltcox@coxelectric 5/1/2008