Carlisle Herald, 1881 Reports on the composition of the Carlisle Indian School, Carlisle PA

"The Indian School.

The composition of the school down to Oct. 5th, 1880, is set forth in the report of Capt. R.H. Pratt to the Commissioner of Indian affairs, as follows:

The school opened Nov. 1st, 1879 with 147 students, of whom 60 boys and 24 girls were drawn from the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Agencies in Dakota; 38 boys and 14 girls from the Cheyenne, Kiowa, Pawnee and other tribes in Indian Territory, and 11 young men from the Hampton Institute. On the 6th Nov., 1879; 6 Sisseton Sioux and 2 Menominees arrived; on 28th Feb., 1880, 8 Iowa and Sac and Fox children; on March 9th, a Lipan boy and girl, who had been captured three years previously by the 4th Cavalry in Old Mexico. On 20th Feb., 11 Ponca and Nez Perces children, and on 1st April, 10 Kiowa, Comanche and Wichita children were received. Rev. Sheldon Jackson brought 1 Apache and 10 Pueblo children from New Mexico on July 31st, and on Sept. 6th, Agent Miles brought 41 Cheyenne, Arapahoe and Comanche children. In all 239 children have been in the school.

The following losses have occurred: Nine young men, former Florida prisoners, were sent home, on account of age and sufficient advancement to be of service to their people. Spotted Tail, because his son-in-law was cashiered, carried away 9 of his children and relatives; 4 others returned with the visiting chiefs, and 15 more were sent home because of imperfect physical and mental condition. Six boys have died at the school, ad 4 of those returned have died. there remains in the school (Oct. 5th is the date of the report) 196 pupils - 139 boys and 57 girls. Two-thirds of them are children of chiefs and head men. About 10 per cent, are of mixed blood."

CARLISLE HERALD, Thursday, February 3, 1881.

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