Lost Sparrow at the American Indian Film Festival

Lost Sparrow at the American Indian Film Festival

Hello everyone,

I'd like to pass along some info about this documentary, "Lost Sparrow". I
recently watched it after obtaining a personal copy via the website;
lostsparrowmovie.com. You can also view a trailer of the film there.

The film is an incredible story of 2 Crow children who were adopted into a white
family in the '70s and their tragic deaths. The film is made by their adopted
brother who investigated their deaths and uncovered some brutal truths about
his own family. It's an amazing story on so many levels. If you have an
interest in Native film, the Lost Generation, ICWA and Indian assimilation
policies, multi-cultural families, child abuse, and reconciliation, then I
would see this film.

This story is also near and dear to me personally because it takes place in the
town where I grew up, Little Falls, NY. I grew up hearing rumors and stories
about this family and the boys tragic deaths. I commend the film maker, Chris
Billing for revealing the tragic truth of his own family and for bringing
closure to those involved in this story.

Thanks for listening and hope you can see the film. Chris is also available for
viewings with Native communities, College and University campuses, and other


Louellyn White

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