I have canceled the http://www.epix.net/~landis, aka epix.net account. I shouldn't be able to receive the blandis@epix.net emails and my pages shouldn't open but they do and I do. Go figure. I've been paying for this hosting for over 20 years and for the past year have been unable to access the host site to make changes in the pages. So I canceled the account. My pages will eventually belong to the Cumberland County Historical Society, historicalsociety.com BUT it seems the epix.net folks also can't access their hosting because I'm still getting emails and have pages at the old site. I guess when the Frontiernet corp took over the Epix corp, they lost the hosting memo. So - those old pages are still our there in the ether, floating around in cyberspace. A lot has happened since they first appeared. Talk of repatriating the Indian Cemetery, biennial "Carlisle Journeys" conferences at the historical society, TRC issues trickling down to the U.S. from Canada...and so much more. My working email address is blandis01@comcast.net. Spread the word, friends. Thanks, Barb.

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