Racial Slurs

Senator George Allen's racist epithets over the years expose him as an unfit candidate for public office in his current bid for re-election as one of Virginia's US senators. The embattled politician faces a long, uphill climb and can probably forget about any aspirations of running for President in 2008. Adding to the swirl of bad press is tonight's interview with the wife of Allen's former rugby coach, who confronted him thirty years ago after hearing him repeatedly use the "N"-word while on the field, preparing for a game. A young college student at the time, Allen brushed her off and continued his tirade featuring racial slurs. Pat Waring is quoted in an interview with MSNBC:

"When George Allen stood right up and said he had never used that word [the "n" word], and that just blew me away,” [Pat] Waring said. “I thought, ‘Boy, you could, if you had any integrity, you would say yes, I may have made some mistakes in my youth, in my younger years, but, and I'm sorry.’ But to hear him lie about it when I know he is lying."
So - here's this woman in a fresh television interview, despairing over the conduct of the son of the coach of her favorite football team, the REDSKINS. And, in one segment, she's shown in her REDSKINS cap lamenting the insensitivity of this racist pol! I mean, is there no disconnect here?


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