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In 2010, I lost access to my original epix.net Carlisle Indian School web pages. These pages were developed in 1993, after a quick tutorial from my son, a computer software developer freshman at NYU. He taught me basic HTML code and I embarked on a steep learning curve in Indian boarding school studies.

Those pages introduced me to a huge network of Carlisle Indian Industrial School (CIIS) boarding school student descendants, researchers, writers, filmmakers and friends interested in the names of students. I spent many years during my free time, transcribing newspaper articles and answering emails from this on line network. This network supported and encouraged "Powwow 2000," the first major gathering of CIIS descendants to the site of the Indian School for two days of dancing and programs. This site facilitated the installation of a PHMC marker identifying the CIIS as the first off-rez federally funded Indian boarding school.  

After the epix.net URL was purchased by Frontiernet, which in turn, was bought out by Yahoo in 2019 the pages have been floating in the ether with no direction. As soon as Frontiernet took over, I lost access to the pages. Passwords no longer worked and file transfer protocols were rendered useless.
The technical support people at Frontiernet couldn't negotiate the epix protocols. So these pages are still sitting out there, linked to an old email addy that no longer works, showing outdated events that have long since expired, and linked to student name lists by nations that one needed the URL's to find, since they weren't publicly linked out of respect for those nations who prefer their names not be readily available.

The purpose of these pages has always been to "get the names to the nations."

The history page (shown above) couldn't be updated or edited for almost a decade. Despite the presence of the pages showing up at #6 in google searches as recent as last night, the pages have just been floating around in the ether with no direction.

Now there is a new development.

My position as the Carlisle Indian School Archives and Library Specialist for the Cumberland County Historical Society (CCHS) has been abruptly axed - due to budget cuts. I had intended to migrate all my original web pages to the CCHS site but after spending time and frustration trying to make it work, I now realize that's not where they belong.

With a little help from my son, the pages are back!!


Say Their Names

Slavery is not America’s Original Sin.

Genocide and displacement of indigenous nations preceded slavery.

Both of these egregious sins had and have long lasting consequences.

Both of these egregious sins have been and continue to be erased or whitewashed in American children’s educational curricula.

Check the indices of our famous historians’ biographies of Abraham Lincoln for their entries on the murder of thirty-eight Dakota men in Mankato, MN the day after Christmas in 1862 on the orders of President Lincoln and you won’t find it. It was the largest mass murder in U.S. history before 9/11/2001’s world trade center attack. Say their names.

In my chapter, “The Names,” published in CARLISLE INDIAN INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL: SITE OF INDIGENOUS HISTORIES, MEMORIES AND RECLAMATIONS, I mention the power of naming as a form of exercising control over newly enrolled children from American Indian reservations.  As a goal to assimilate young people into the dominant culture, children were re-named to forever change them to fit in to a model U.S. society. 

Say their names.

I heard a radio interview on NPR in 1999 with Nelson Mandela, who was making his lecture tour visiting universities in the U.S., part of his truth and reconciliation movement. When asked about how he felt being in America, he described America as a great country with one enduring problem: racism. When asked how America could fix its racism problem, his response was succinct: “Just listen to the stories and in the telling, just the telling – healing can begin.” You cannot fix the problem but if you can just sit and listen, healing will happen.

Nobody who needs to be heard gives a shit about your white guilt.

This is no longer about how white people might fix things. It is about hearing the stories of people of color who may happen to live in a country where they hear politicians, journalists and educators hearken back to the basic edicts of the “founding fathers.” Those very founding fathers are quoted every day – their intentions outlined with one basic omission. “We hold these truths,” if you are white. “All men are created equal,” if you are white.

We live in a racist country and it behooves every one of us to examine our own racist views. I submit that not one of us is free from racist tendencies. It creeps into our perceptions of strangers and acquaintances that are so subtle we hardly notice, and when we do notice, and analyze those thoughts, we often identify their origins as having come out of fear. And conditioning.

So, let’s recognize and admit our own inherent racism and move forward, Listen quietly to the stories of others. Understand by hearing “just the telling,” and remember them.

And say their names.


Cherokee students enrolled in to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School from the Cherokee Boarding School, NC 1910-1917

I've been exploring the lists of Cherokee names, focusing on the NC groups.

See: https://ciis.blogspot.com/2020/01/cherokee-students-at-carlisle-indian.html

Looking at the 117 students listed who were transfered in to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School from the Cherokee Boarding School out of 254 total Eastern Cherokee students enrolled, I find that the first to arrive December 14, 1893, was a group of 13 boys and 10 girls. Also with the group was one Catawba girl. The documentation for the enrollment of this group does NOT appear in the NARA student folders or the Bell database, but rather - in the December 15, 1893 INDIAN HELPER school newspaper. The NARA folders do not include applications for enrollment for any of these students.

At this writing, this date of enrollment is the first I've researched, therefore, given the availability of more newspapers, these total numbers are likely to change as I move further through the newspaper references tied to dates of enrollments.

In the summer of 1903, three more boys ages 14 - 18 enrolled who were transferred from Cherokee, although there could have been more between 1893 and 1903. As I look further into the newspaper accounts of arrivals, there might very well be others.

All in all, 32 females and 85 males attended Carlisle from the Cherokee Boarding School between 1893 and 1918.

So, they were transferred mostly in small groups and we know something of their arrivals - but what were the circumstances surrounding their departures?

According to the Bell database:
Two were expelled.
One passed away on "Outing"
One girl passed away at school and is buried in the Indian Cemetery.
Two failed to return from leave
One transferred to the Ford Motor Company on "Outing."
Ten graduated (three male / seven female)
Eleven suffered from illness - TB was a major cause of illness.
Five joined the Army and/or Navy
Twenty Ran Away (1 more to the Army)
Eight left because the Carlisle Indian School closed.
Four left due to "Termination of leave."
And typically of most groups, Forty left due to "Time Expired."
Most of these children/young adults were enrolled for five year terms.




914 Carlisle Indian School students enrolled with affiliation to the "Chippewa" nation according to the documents found at NARA and CCHS. 

For digitized student files, enrollment cards or photos, go to   CARLISLE INDIAN SCHOOL DIGITAL RESOURCE CENTER.

This list of names, agency and home communities include parent or guardian information. The geographical breakdown of Anishanaabe names below show 345 Minnesota, 253 Wisconsin, 237 Michigan, 65 North Dakota, 3 Oklahoma, 3 Montana, 2 Idaho, 2 South Dakota, 1 Massachusetts, 1 California, and one Canadian students.

Abidosh, Carrie Petite / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Jos Abidosh, Red Cliff, Wi
Abidosh, Michael / WI Red Cliff / Joseph Abidosh, Gdn Bayfield Wis
Abraham, David / MI /
Abrams, John / MI Whiteville / Daniel Abrams, Whiteville Mich Bro
Ackley, Albert / WI Wittenberg School / C/ De Will Ackley, Antigo, Wis
Ackley, James / WI Wittenberg School / C/ De Witt Ackley, Antigo, Wis
Adams, Edward / MI Saginaw Co / Sarah Adams,Pinconning, Mich
Adams, Johnson / MI Pinconning / John Adams
Ahnahquod, Antoine / MN Grand Marais / Marie Anhahquod, Grand Marais, Minn
Aiken, Agnes / MI - Not from agency / C. Grandmother: Agnes Green, Horton Bay, Mich
Aiken, Mary / MI Horton's Bay / C. Stephen Aiken, Horton’S Bay, Mich
Allen, Elizabeth / MN Leech Lake / Grand View, Manitoba Canada
Ance, Clara / MI / Mitchell Ance
Ance, Louisa / MI Elk Rapids / Michael Ance
Andrew, James / MI Harbor Springs / C/ Andrew
Andrews, William (Willie) / MN White Earth / C. Edwin R Andrews
Angus, Frances J / MN Tower / Theresa Angus, Tower Minn
Animikwam, Joseph / MI Cross Village / Sophia Naschanami, Cross Village
Antell, Charles / MN Aitkin Mille Lacs / C/ Elmer Antell, Aitkin, Minn
Antell, Nellie Lizzie [Antil] / MN Aitkin Mille Lacs / Elmer Antell, Aitkin, Min
Antell. Lizzie / MN Aitkin Mille Lacs / Elmer Antill, Lengby, Minn
Antoine, Francis / WI Odanah / Antoine Denomie, Odanah Wis
Armstrong, Earl Anderson / MN White Earth / White Earth Minn
Arnold, James / OK Oklahoma City / Fg Arnold, Oklahoma City
Arteshaw, Marie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Teresa Green, Odanah Wis
Ascher, Joshua / MI / Dan Asher
Asher, Joshua / MI /
Ashland, Lucy / MN Leech Lake /
Ashquab, Julia / MI Mt Pleasant / Mt Pleasant, Mich
Aslin, Elizabeth Eva / MI / C. Mrs Agatha Aslin, St Ignace, Mich
Aslin, Joseph Peters / MI / C/ Mrs Agatha Aslin, St Ignace, Mich
Auge, Francis / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mike Auge, Odanah Wis
Ayn-Mah-Sung, May / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. John Ayn Mah Sung
Azure, Ovilla / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Isadore Azure, Laureat Nd
Azure, Patrick / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / C. Isadore Azure, Lawreat, Nd
Bahpio, Joseph / MN Cloquet / Cloquet Minn
Baker, James / ND Fargo / Mrs Clara Baker, Fargo Nd
Ballinger, Lizzie / MN Beaulieu / C. Geo Ballanger, Beaulieu, Minn
Barker, Mary / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Omadence Barker
Barnes, Irene / MI Pontiac / Mrs Phebe Barnes, Pontiac Mich
Barnes, Ruby / MI Pontiac / Thomas H Barnes, Pontiac Mich
Barrar, Antoine / MN Red Lake / Island Lake, Minn
Barril, Napoleon / MN White Earth / Napoleon Barril, Detriot Minn
Battenburg, Fred / MN / /C Michael Battenburg, St Cloud, Minn
Beadie, James / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Wm Beadie
Bear, Charles (Baer) / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Julia Bear, Red Cliff
Bear, John (Baer) / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Jno Bear, Red Cliff, Wis
Beaudoin, William / MI / Jno Beaudoin, Pt Mills, Mich
Beaulieu, Agnes / MN White Earth / Fosston Minn
Beaulieu, Delphine / MN Beaulieu / Beaulieu, Minn
Beaulieu, Elizabeth / MN White Earth /
Beaulieu, John / MN Lengby / Dengby, Minn
Beaulieu, Joseph / MN White Earth / C/ Alex H Beaulieu
Beaulieu, Maggie / MN White Earth /
Beaulieu, Mary / MN White Earth /
Beaulieu, William / MN White Earth /
Beauregard, Rose / MN White Earth / Angeline Beauregard, Odanah Wis
Bebeau, Annie Bibeau / MN White Earth / C/ Mary Bibean, Mahnomen, Minn
Bebeau, Genevieve Jennie / MN White Earth / C/ Mary Bebuea, Mahnomen, Minn
Bebeau, James / MN White Earth / Mary Bibeau, Mahnomen, Minn
Bedell, Louis / MI L'Anse / C/ Gregory Bedell
Bedell, Sarah / MN White Earth / C. Gregory Bedell, L’Ance, Mich
Belcourt, Charles James / MN White Earth / Charles Belcour, White Earth Minn
Belcourt, Esther / MN Red Lake / C. Joe Belcourt, Lengby, Minn
Belcourt, Joseph / MN White Earth / C/ Eustash Belcourt, White Earth Minn
Belcourt, Louis / MN White Earth / Frank Belcour, White Earth Minn
Belcourt, Paul / MN White Earth /
Belgarde, Mary / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Theodore Belgarde, Belcourt Nd
Bellanger, Alice {Nanhakahwabek} / MN White Earth / C/ Geo Bellauger
Bellanger, Margaret / MN White Earth / Beaulieu, Minn
Bellcourt, Georgina / MN White Earth /
Bellefeuille, Emanuel / MN White Earth / Theodore Bellefeuille,
Bellefeuille, Philip / MN White Earth / C. Theodore Bellefieulle
Bellefeuille, Theodore E / MN White Earth / Callaway Minn
Bemos, James / MI (not in record ~all others near date of departure MI) /
Bender, Charles A / MN White Earth / Albert Bender
Bender, James / MN White Earth / C/ Albert Bender
Berard, Elizabeth / MN Red Lake / Red Lake
Bergie, Joseph / ND Warwick / Barney Bergie, Warwick Nd
Bernier, Jospeh / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / La Pointe Ag, Wis
Berrard, Eliza / MN Red Lake / Baptiste Berrard, Red Lake Minn
Bird, Daniel / MI Munsing / C/ Jacob Bird, Munising, Mich
Bishop, Ernestine / MN White Earth / Chas Bishop, Mahnomen Min
Black Cloud, Andrew / MN White Earth /
Black Wood, Edward / WI Ashland / Josephine Blackwood, Ontonagon, Mich
Black Wood, Margaret / MI Ontonagon / John Blackwood, Ontonagon, Mich
Blackbird, Evelyn / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Wm Sickles, Gdn, Lac Du Flambeau
Blaker, Joshua / MI Mackinac / Welsey Blaker, L’Anse, Mic
Blanchard, John / WI (not in record ~all others near date of arrival MI) / C. Maggie Blanchard
Blatchford, Henry / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C Frank Blachford, Odanah Wis
Bluesky, Louise / MN Grand Portage / Duluth Minn
Bobidosh, Alex / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / C. Ba Bi Dosh, La Du Flambeau, Wis
Bonga, Henry E [Data] / MN White Earth / C/ Peter Bonga, Hotel Keeper
Bonga, John [Kunigonshish] / MN White Earth / C/ Peter Bonga, Hotel Keeper
Bonga, Robert / MN White Earth / C/ Peter Bonga
Boniosh, Charles / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Charels Boniosh, Lacduflambeau
Bontang, Nellie / MN Cass Lake / Mrs Alf Bontang, Cass Lake
Bontwell, Leon / MN White Earth / Whit Earth Ag, Minn
Boswell, Annie / MN White Earth / C. Golden Boswell
Boswell, George / MN / C/ William Boswell, Mrs Nancy Boswell, Kimberley Minn
Bottineau, Emerald / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Sidney Bottineau, Superior
Bouley, Thomas / MN Fon du Lac / Susan Bouley, Floodwood, St Louis Minn
Bourassa, Aldia / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Ellan Bourassa, St John Nd
Bourassa, Frank / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Ellen Bourassa St John Nd
Bourassa, Rosa / MI / Bf Bourassa
Boutang, Adeline / MN Cass Lake / Alfred Boutang, Cass Lake, Minn
Boyd, Anna / WI Odanah / Wm Boyd, Odanah Wis
Boyles, Edward / MI / C/ Wm P Preston, Mackinac Is, Mich; Mrs Jon Cadrow Mackinac Isl, Mich, Sister
Boyles, Reuben (Boylis) / MI / /Wm P Preseton, Mackinac Is, Mich C/ Mrs Jno Cadrow, Mackinac Is, Mich. Sister
Bozele (Buziele, Martha / MN Libby / Muck Buziele
Bozelle, Richard / MN Libby / Muck Bozelle
Bracklin, Edward / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Thomas Bracklin, Reserve Ws
Bradley, Isaac / MI Rose Bush / Joseph Bradley, Rose Bush, Mich
Bradley, Stella / MI Swan Creek and Black River / Jas Bradley, Rosebush Mich
Brenner, Alice / MT / Browning Mt
Bresette, Charles / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Charles Bresette, Odanah
Bresette, Cora / WI Odanah / Alex Bresette, Odanah Wis
Bresette, Dominick / WI Red Cliff / Simon Morrin, Gdn/Uncle
Bresette, Edward / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Lyzette E Bresette, Bayfield Wis
Bresette, Emily V / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Sara V Bresette, Odanah Wis
Bresette, Francis / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Madeline Bresette, Odanah Wish
Bresette, George / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mary B Reil, Bayfield Wis;
Bresette, Gertrude / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Duffie Bresette, Bayfield, Wis
Bresette, Leonard / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Sarah V Bresette, Odanah Wis
Bressett, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Bressett, Henry / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Bressett, William C / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Chas Bressett, Odanah, Wis
Brien, Edward / ND Belcourt / Gregoire Brien, Belcourt Nd
Brisbois, Felix / MN White Earth / Mehnomen Minn
Brisbois, Gabriel / MN White Earth / Solomon Hamlin, Mahnomen Minn Gdn
Brisbois, Leo / MN White Earth / Solomon Hamlin Mahnomen Minn Gdn
Brisbois, William / MN White Earth / Ellen La Chapelle Gnd 553 Waconta St, St Paul Minn
Broker, Fred / MN White Earth / Charlotte Broker, Ponsfor Minn
Broker, Henry / MN White Earth / Ponsford Minn
Broker, Irene / MN White Earth /
Broker, Robert / MN White Earth / John Broker, Ponsford, Minn
Brophy, John / ND St John / St John, Nd
Brown, Carrie / MN White Earth / Julius H Brown, White Earth Minn
Brown, Daniel / MN White Earth / George Brown
Brown, Julius / MN Red Lake / C/ John Brown
Brown, Peter / MN White Earth /
Brown, William M / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Brown, Willie / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / C/ Manly Brown
Bruce, Robert / MN White Earth / Joseph Bruce, Medicine Lake, Mont
Brunette, Charles L / MN Bemidji / Louis Brunette
Brunette, Mabel Charlotte / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Bemidji Minn
Buffalo, Edward / WI La Pointe / Angeline Buffaolo, Odanah Wis
Buffalo, Henry Peter / WI Red Cliff Bayfield / Antoine Buffalo, Bayfield Wis
Buffalo, Margaret / WI Red Cliff /
Buffaloe, Henry / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Burnette, Lena / MN White Earth / Wm Burnette, White Earth Minn
Burns, Charles / MN Leech Lake /
Butcher, William [Kebewens] / MN White Earth / C/ Wabanini
Butterfly, William / WI Red Cliff / Angelique Butterfly, Bayfield, Wis
Cabay, Agnes / MI Bay City / Peter Cabay, West Bay City, Mich
Cabay, Chester Ozah We Shho Be Nas / MI Bay City / Peter Cabay, W Bay City, Mich
Cabay, David / MI Bay City / Mrs Peter Caby, Bay City Mich
Cabay, Jonas / MI / Elliott Cabay (Chief)
Cabay, Judson Jettie Pezon-Ge-Zhig / MI Bay City / Peter Cababy, West Bay City, Mich
Cabay, Rachel H / MI Bay City / Eliza Cabay, Bay City Ws Mich
Cadotte, Alexander / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / John Cadotte, Bayfield Wis
Cadotte, Charles / MN Fon du Lac / Isabel Cadotte, Superior Wis
Cadotte, Charlotte J / WI Superior / Chas Cadotte, Bayfield, Wis
Cadotte, Clarence Earl / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mr Frank Cadotte, Odanaah Wis
Cadotte, Julia Bernesay / WI Red Cliff Bayfield / Joe Cadotte Bernesay, 3/4 Chippewa
Cadotte, Maggie (Margaret) / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Charles Cadotte, Odanah
Cadreau, Gabriel / MI / Sault St Marie Mich
Caisse, John / MI / Anotoino Caisse
Cajune, Francis / MN White Earth / C/Frank Cajune, Langley, Minn
Cajune, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ John Cajune, Odanah, Wis
Cajune, James L / MN Lengby / Frank Cajune, Lengby Minn
Campbell, William Francis / MN White Earth /
Campeau, Edward / MI Mt Pleasant / C. Andrew Campeau
Campeau, Frank / MI Mt Pleasant / C. Andrew Campeau
Campell, Donna / MN White Earth /
Carefell, / Carufel, Willie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Tursing Carefell
Carefell, George / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Joe Carefelle
Carl, Annie / MN White Earth /
Carpenter, Arthur Oliverr / MN Cass Lake / Emma Carpenter, Cass Lake Minn
Carpenter, Fred / MN Cass Lake / Emma Carpenter, Cass Lake, Minn
Caswell, Benjamin / MN White Earth / Louis Caswell, Red Lake Minn
Caswell, Evangeline (Eva) / MN White Earth / Louis R Caswell, Red Lake Minn
Caswell, Leila / MN White Earth / White Earth Minn
Caswell, Louis / MN White Earth /
Caswell, Louisa C / MN Red Lake / Louis R Caswell, Red Lake Minn
Catfish, Joseph / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Louisa Roy, Lac Du Flambeau
Catfish, Tillie / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / C. Mrs Annie Catfish, Lac Du Flambeau, Wis
Cayenne, George J / MT Blackfeet / Browning Mt
Charboneau, Frances / ND / C. Robert Charboneau
Charles, Lucy / IA Toledo / Toledo Iowa
Charrette, William / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Julia Charette, Odanah Wis
Chase, Daisy / WI Clam Falls / Hartley F Chase, Clam Falls Wis
Chase, Lettie Lottie? / WI Clam Falls / Hartley F Chase, Clam Falls Wis
Chase, Rachel / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / C. Hartley F Chase, Clam Falls, Wis
Chatfield, Joseph (Thomas) / MI Rose Bush / C/ Chatfield, Rosebush, Po, Isabella Co, Mich
Chatfield, Levi / MI Mt Pleasant / C/Thomas Chatfield
Chatfield, Peter / MI Elba Lapeer / C/ Wm Chatfield, Elba Lapeer, Mich
Chesley, Pauline / MN White Earth /
Chinault, Della / MI Saulte Ste Marie / Harriet Chinault, Salte Ste Marie , Mich
Chingwa, Lewis / MI / Frank Chingwa
Chisholm, Annie / WI Hayward / Wm A Light, Supt, Hayward Wis
Clark, George Henry / MI Tower / C/ John Clark, Tower Mich
Clark, Peter / MN Red Lake /
Clement, Nellie / MI / C. Jason Clement, Shingleton, Wish
Cloud, Aggie / MI /
Cloud, Ira / MI Kawkaulin / James Cloud, Kawkaulin Mich; Step Fatehr
Cloud, Joe / MI Oscado / C. Thomas Cloud
Cloud, Lucy / MI / Rev Jas Cloud
Cloud, Malpass / MI / C. Rev Jas Cloud
Cloud, Simon / MI Hubert Lake / Joseph Peters, Hubert Lake, Mich
Cobmoosa, Jacob Walker / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ Mawbeen Cabmoosa, Beal City, Mich
Coleman, Francis E / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Celia Belong, Odanah Wis
Coleman, Hie / MN White Earth /
Collins, Betsy / MI / John M Collins
Collins, Elliot / MI Rose Bush / C/ John Collins, Rosebush, Isabelle Co, Mich
Collins, Mary Mrs / MI Mt Pleasant / Jos Collins (Husband)
Collins, Sampson / MI Rose Bush / Rose Collins, Rosebush Mich
Collins, Solomon / MI Mt Pleasant / /C John Collins, Rosebush, Mich
Commander, Peter / WI / No Gdn; No Home
Connelly, Allen / MI Leator / C. Wm Shaw
Conner, Andrew / WI Webster / Frank Conner, Webster, Wis
Conner, Georgia / WI /
Conner, Theresa / WI Tomah /
Cook, Mary / MI /
Coon, Charles / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Samuel Essenbow, Reserve Wis
Coon, Charles / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Sam Coon, Reserve Wis
Coon, Louis / WI Hayward / Samuel Essibow, Reserve Wis
Cornelius, Delila [Della] Mrs Peter Trottershaw / MN /
Couture, Mary M / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Antoine Costure
Couture, Michael / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Couture, Willie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Antoine Coiture
Covert, John L / MI Pinconning / C/ Grandfather. Rev Dan E Covert
Crane, Isaac / MI Chippewa / Amos Crone, L’Anse,Mich
Crane, Julia / MI / C. Amos Crane L’Ance, Mich
Crowd, Katherine Naw Geshe Go Kwo / MN Ponnsford / John Crowd, Ponsford, Minn
Curtain, Fred / WI Red Cliff / Mary Curtain, Bayfield
Curtis, Ada C / CA Greenville / C. Supt, Greenville Cal
Curtis, Louis / MI L'Anse / C/ Adam Curtis, L’Anse, Mich
Dagg, Samuel / MI Isabella Rez / Ed St Peters, Mt Pleasant, Mic
Daisy, Jessie / MN Red Lake / John Daisy, Ponemah, Minn
Davenport, Lucy / MI Cross Village / C. Nancy Or Theresa Davenport, Cross Village Mich
Davenport, Robert / MI / Theresea Davenport, Cross Village
David, Thomas / MI Oscado / C/ David Wah-Be-Ra-Re
Davis, Anna Belle / MN Red Lake / Julia Belle, Onegum Minn
Davis, Delancey / MN White Earth / C/ Sam’L Davis
Davis, Edward / MI / C/ John Davis, Chief
Davis, John D / MI /
Davis, Margaret / MI / Mf Davis
Davis, Olivia / MN White Earth / Miles Davis
Davis, Oscar / MN White Earth / C. Mrs Eliza Davis, Oscoda, Mic
Davis, Sarah Kejigasaqua / MN White Earth / Miles Davis
Davis, Theodora / MN White Earth / C/ Mrs Eliza Davis, Oscoda, Mich
Davis, Thompkins [Natmub] / MN MNeapolis / Oscar Davis, Minneapolis Minn
Davis, Vernon / MN White Earth / C. Rolland Delancey Davis 306 Hennepin Court, Mineapolis Mn
Day, Julia / WI Red Cliff Bayfield / George Day, Bayfield Wis
Day, Mary / MN Libby / Chas Day
Default, John / WI Odanah / Margaret Default, Odahan Wis
Defore, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Simon Defoe, Odanah, Wisc; Emily Cadotte
Degan, Lillian / MN Beaulieu / Jas S Degan, Beaulieu Minn
Degan, Louise / MN Beaulieu / James F Degan, Beaulieu, Min
Deloney, Ella / MN Floodwater / C. Mrs Kate Deloney, Floodwater, Minn Mooselake Minn
Deloney, George / MN Fon du Lac / Kate Deloney, Moose Lake, Minn
Deloney, Samuel / WI La LaPointe / La Pointe Wis
Demarais, Flora / SD Standing Rock / Charles Demarais, Ft Yates
Demarr, Alfred Peter / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Jos Demarr [Damarah]
Demarr, Edward / WI Reserve / C/ Frank Demarr, Reserve, Wis
Dennis, Benjamin / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Antoine Dennis, Odanah, Wis
Dennis, Edward / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Antoine Deniis, Odanah Wis
Dennis, Lizzie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Antonio Dennis, Odanah
Denomie, Alice / WI /
Denomie, Annie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Antonie Denomie
Denomie, Cecelia / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Sam’L Denomie, Odanah
Denomie, Elizabeth / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. John Denomie
Denomie, John / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Denomie, Joseph / WI /
Denomie, Margaret Eliza / WI Edberst / Sam F Denomie, Ashland Wis
Denomie, Rosa / WI Odanah / C. Joseph Denomie, Odanah
Denomie, Rose Annie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Simon Denomie, Odanah, Wis
Denomie, Simon Jr / WI Odanah /
Denomie, Thomas / ID Leonia / Samuel Denomie
Denomie, William H / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Samuel Denomie
Denomie, William J / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Wm Denomie, Odanah Wis
Devine, Thomas / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Thoas Devine, Buswell
Doherty, Martina F / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / John J Doherty, Ashland Wis
Donnell, Antoine / MN White Earth / George Donnell
Doolittle, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. James Doolittle, Odanah, Wisc
Doud, John / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / La Du Flambeau, Wis
Douglass, William (Namens) / MN White Earth / Kebebeyindung (Chief)
Downwind, Xavier / MN Red Lake / James Downwind, Ponemah, Minn
Doyon, Cecil / MA Fall River / C/ Octave Doyon, Fall River, Mass
Dubois, Alfred / ND Alcide / C/ Alcide, Nd
Durant, Edward {Nelson E Crow} / WI Odanah / Mary Durant, Odanah Wis Mother
Dutton, Frank / MI Burt / C/ Wm Dutton, Burt, Mich
Dutton, Thomas / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ Luke Dutton
Earth, George (Wahweyeacomig) / MN White Earth / Wahweyaycumig, White Earth Minn
Ebert, Theresa / MN White Earth / Maggie Ebert
Edwards, Julia / MI Mt Pleasant / C. John Edwards Mt Pleasant
Edwards, Robert / MI L'Anse / C/ Mrs Elizabeth Edwards, L’Anse, Mich
Elgin, Stafford / MI Algonac / James Elgin, Algonac, Mich
Evans, Mrytle May / MN Wabasha / C. Mrs Emma Londrosche, Wabasha Minn
Fairbanks, George / MN White Earth / John Fairbanks, White Earth Minn
Fairbanks, George W / MN White Earth / C/ Geo A Fairbanks, White Earth Minn
Fairbanks, William A / MN White Earth / C/ Albert Fairbanks
Farr, John B / WI Chippewa Falls / Chippewa Falls
Feeder, Roy / ND / Marg Feeder, Leeds, Nd Mother
Ferguson, Wm / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Wm Ferguson, Hamood, Wis
Fineday, Jacob Henry / MN Leech Lake /
Fineday, John Charles / MN White Earth / Mah-Ge-Gah-Bow; John Fineday
Fisher, Austin / MI / C/ James John Fisher, Caro. Mich
Fisher, Emma / MI Caro / Father: John (dec'd) C. Wm Westbrooke, later: c. Helen Gage, Caro Mich
Fisher, George / MI /
Fisher, James / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ Jacob Fisher
Fisher, William / MI Mt Pleasant / Charles Fisher
Flammand, Louis / MT Medicine Lake / Louis P Flammand, Medicine Lake, Mont
Flemming, Margery / MN Cass Lake / C. Ernest Flemming, Cass Lake Minn
Fox, Adam / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ David Fox
Fox, Ella / MI Rapid City / C. Mrs Rose Fox, Rapid City Mich
Fraser, Thomas Tiosh / MI L'Anse / C/ Samuel Tiosh, L’Anse, Mich
Frechette, Julia / MI Saute Ste Marie / Miss Burgess, 1410 W Adams St, Chicaco Ill
Fuller, Peter / MN Red Lake / Peter Fuller, Red Lake Minn
Funk, Rea / MN White Earth / C. Est. Funk
Gage, Nelson / MI Caro /
Gardner, George / ND / Nd
Gardner, William / ND / C/ Anna Gardner
Gaston, Alma / OK Indian Terr WIton / C. Thomas Sprinkle [Uncle], Wiston, It
Gesis, Annie / MN White Earth / Jno Gesis
Gheen, Evelyn M / MN Tower / C. Wm Gheen, Tower Minn
Giard, Henry A / MN White Earth / Albert Giard, Fosston Minn
Giard, Mamie / MN White Earth / Albert Giard, Fosston Minn
Gilbert, Peter / MI /
Gilman, Joe / MN Leech Lake / Emily Minn
Godfrey, Frank / MN Fon du Lac / Mrs Susan Godfrey, Cloquet, Minn
Godfrey, Louis / MN Fon du Lac / Mrs Susan Godfrey, Cloquet, Minn
Goedken / Goedker, Agnes / MN Niawa / C. Catherine And Barney Goedken, Niawa Minn
Goedker, Herman / MN Niawa / C/ Barney Goedker, Niawa, Minn
Gokee, John Jr / WI Red Cliff / John Gokee,Bayfield
Gokee, Mary / WI Red Cliff / Fv Holston, Red Cliff, Wis Gdn
Golden, Addison P / WI Hayward / Peter Robb, Cadotte Wis (Gdn)
Gongie, George Colby / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Goodwin, Susan / MN White Earth / Beaulieu, Minn
Gooselaw, Joe / MN St Vincent / C/ Wm Gooselaw, St Vincent, Minn
Gordon, George / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Francis Gordon, Bayfield, Ws
Gordon, Joseph [Pe-Ne] / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Edward Gordon
Gordon, Margaret / WI Odanah / Jos Stoddard, Odanah Wis
Gordon, Mike / WI Red Cliff Bayfield / Eli Gordon, Fahter, Bayfield Wis
Gordon, Miles [Ta-Bog-An] / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Edward Gordon
Gordon, S Jean / WI Odanah /
Gordon, Sarah Jane {Sarah Jennie Gordon} / WI Odanah / C. John Gordon, Red Cliff Wis
Goslin, John / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / John Missabe, Hayward, Wis
Goslin, Madeline / WI Odanah / Antoine Goslin Sr, Odanah Wis
Gouge, Joseph / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / John Gouge
Granger, Edward / MN MNeapolis / C. Jennie La Claire, Sister
Grant, Margaret / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Jno Baptiste Grant, Belcourt Nd
Gray, Dora / MI Mt Pleasant / C. David Gray
Greeley, Elizabeth [Ka Ba Que] / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. James Greely
Greeley, Mary / WI Odanah / Margaret Greeley, Odanah Mich
Greenbird, Henry / MI Mt Pleasant /
Greenbird, John / MI Standish / C. Jonas Greebird
Greenbird, Louis / MI Mt Pleasant / Mt Pleasant, Mich
Greenbird, Wm / MI Standish / C/ Jonas Greenbird
Greenleaf, Henry / MN Red Lake / Henry Greenleaf, Ponemah, Minn
Greensky, John [Shawahnezhig] / MI / C/ Rev Simon Greensky, Alvin, Mich
Greensky, Noami / MI / Mikado Mich
Greensky, Peter / MI Oscado / Simion Greensky, Oacoda, Mich
Gregory, Oliver / MN White Earth / Js Gregory, Fosston Minn
Grombois, Emma / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Patrice Gromboise, Medicine Lake Mont
Gruett, Samuel / MI Mt Pleasant / Philip Gruett
Guiom, Julia / MN White Earth / Mary Gagnor, Mahnomen Minn
Gurno, Michael / MN Fon du Lac / John Gurno, Urenshall Minn
Gurnoe, Edmund / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mrs Robert Greenwood, Washburn Wis
Guyon, Benjamin / MN White Earth / Mahnonen, Minn
Guyon, Charles [Nahas / Wahoo] / MN White Earth / C/ Jos N Guynor, White Earth Minn
Guyon, Joseph / MN White Earth / Mrs Mary Guyon, White Earth Minn
Guyon, Rowena / MN White Earth / Mahnomen, Minn
Gwinn, Josephine / MN White Earth / Petro Gwinn, White Earth Minn
Hall, Blanche / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mary Hall, Bayfield Wis
Hall, Mamie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mary Hall, Bayfield
Hallet, Robert / MN White Earth / C/ James Hallet
Hamlin, Louis / MI / C/ Isadora Hamlin
Hamlin, Solomon / MI / C/ Isadora Hamlin
Hanks, Taylor / MN White Earth / C. Vinelad, Minn
Hanks, Wallace / MN White Earth / White Earth Ag, Minn
Hart, John [We Back Way] / MI /
Hart, Mabel / MI Pinconning / Thos Hart, Pinconning, Mich
Harto, Cecelia / WI Odanah / Antoine & Annie Denomie, Odanah
Hatch, Agnes / MI Ste Marie / St Marie Mich
Hawk, Blanche [Hauck] / MN / C. Mrs Sadie Hauk
Heany, Julia (Heaney) / MN Fond Du Lac / Mrs Lizie Heaney, Fond Du Lac, Minn
Heany, Mamie (Heaney) / MN Cloquet / Mrs Lizzie Heaney, Fond Du Lac, Minn
Heany, Paul (Heaney) / MN Fond Du Lac / Mrs Lizzie Heaney, Fond Du Lac, Wis
Heany, Rose (Heaney) / MN Cloquet / Mrs Lizze Heaney, Cloquet, Minn
Hearty, John Hardy / WI Red Cliff / Joseph Hearty Radcliffe, Wis
Hendrick, Millard / MI Baroga / C/ Susan Hendrick, Baroga, Mich
Henry, Abraham / MI / Mrs Julia James
Henry, George / MI / C/ Martha Henry
Hodder, Harry / MN White Earth / Mary Hodder, Detriot Mich
Hole-In-The-Day, William / MN White Earth / C/ Simon Michelete, 2Nd Agent
Holliday, Arnold / WI Odanah / Odanah
Holliday, Hattie / WI Odanah /
Holliday, Thomas / MI / Jas Holliday, L’Anse Mich
Holliday, Veronica / MI / C. James Halliday, L”Ance
Holmes, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Frank Holmes, Odanah Wis
Holmes, John / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. John Holmes, Webb Lake, Hoff Lake, Wis
Holmes, Josephine / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Frank Holmes, Odanaha
Holmes, Rachel / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Frank Holmes, Odanah, Wis
Holmes, Richard Eugene / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Frank Holmes, Odanah Wis
Holstein, Charles / MN White Earth / Gus G Holstein
Holstein, James / MN White Earth / Ben Holstein, White Earth Minn
Holstein, Mary Merceline / MN White Earth / Geo Holstein, White Eath Minn
Hugo, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Baraga Mich
Hunter, James Day Bioh Cu Wy We Oung / MN Cass Lake / Mahegi-Ke-Quay-Wis, James Hunter, Cass Lake Minn
Hutchinson, Mary / MN Lengby / Herbert Hutchinson, Lengley Minn
Isaac, Dan / MI / John Isaac
Isaac, James / MI Pinconning / Jno Isaac, Pinconning
Isaac, Martha / MI Mt Pleasant / C. Marcus Otto (Gnd) Mt Pleasant
Isaacs, Abram / MI / Elizaberth Isaacs Mother
Isaacs, Dan / MI /
Isham, Carrie / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / C. Ida R Isham
Isham, Ida / WI Lac Court O’Reilles /
Isham, Lawrence / WI Hayward / C. Ira C Isham, Hayward
Isham, Lucy / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / C. Ira R Isham
Isham, Sara / WI /
Isham, William / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Ira Isham, Reserve Wisc
Isham, William George / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Ro Isham, Reserve, Wis
Jackson, May / MI Mt Pleasant / Jas Jackson, Mt Pleasant, Mich
Jackson, Annie / MN White Earth / Wm Jackson
Jackson, Daniel / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ Andrew Jackson
Jackson, Edward / MI Mt Pleasant / Mich
Jackson, John (Quakejig) / MI Pinconning / Isaac Jackson, Oscoda Mich
Jackson, May / MI Mt Pleasant / Jas Jackson, Mt Pleasant, Mich
Jackson, William B / MI Rose Bush / C/ Peter Jackson, Rosebush, Mich
Jackson, Willis / MI Rose Bush / Peter Jackson, Rosebush Mich
Jackson,Julia / MI Mt Pleasant / C. John Jackso, Mt Pleasant
Jackson,Justina / MN White Earth / C. White Earth Minn
Jacobs, Sarah / MI Quanoose / C/ Sam’L Williams
James, Katie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Michael James
James, Leslie / MI Saginaw / Peter James, Saginaw Mich
James, Martha / MI Pinconning / C. Lucy And Geo James, Pinconning Mich
James, Stephen / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Frank James, Cedar Wis
Jeanotte, Mary / ND / C. Frederick Jeanotte, Belcourt Nd
Jerome, Elmira / ND /
Jerome, Louis / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Wm Allard, Belcourt Nd (Uncle)
Jerome, Mary Louise / ND /
Johnson, George / MN White Earth / C/ Geo Johnson
Johnson, Joseph [Neshode] / MN White Earth / C/ Chas Johnson, White Earth, Minn
Johnson, Julia / MN White Earth / Catherine Johnson, White Earth Minn
Johnson, Martha / MI / John Johnsn
Johnson, Wilson / MI / John Johson, Kawkawhin, Mich
Johnson, Wm / MN White Earth /
Johnston, Wallace E / MI Bay City / Mrs Lucy Johnston, W Baycity, Mich
Jollie, Blanche / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Jas J Jollie, Belcourt, Nd
Jollie, David / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / James J Jollie, Belecourt Nd
Jolly, William {Jollie} / ND Ft Totten / James Jolly
Jordan, Alex / MN Red Lake /
Jordan, Peter J / MN Red Lake / Joseph Jordan Red Lake Minn
Jordan, Wm Geo / MN White Earth / C/ Sausao (Frank Jordan)
Jude, Frank “Bones” [Lude] / MN White Earth / Mr William Jude, Benna Min
Kabogom, Frank / MI Mt Pleasant / Mt Pleasant Mich
Kakagon, Joseph / WI Odanah / John Kakagon, Odanah Wis
Keezer, Maggie / MN White Earth /
Kern, Amos / MN Red Lake / Gustave Kern, Royalton, Minn
Kern, George / MN Red Lake / Gustave Kern, Royalton, Minn
King, Anna Sophie / MN White Earth / White Earth Minn
King, Carrie / MN White Earth / Peter King, White Earth Minn
King, Ella / WI La Pointe / C. Mrs Maggie Kind And Frank King, St Paul, Minn
King, Emmeline / ND / C. Mrs Ida Premeau
King, Findley / ND / C/ Mrs Ida Prumean
King, Lillian / MN White Earth / C. Peter King, White Earth, Minn
King, Louisa / MI Petoskey /
King, Susie / MI / Petoskey Mich
La Chapelle,Louisa / MN White Earth / C. Louis La Chapelle
La Fernier, George / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Kate Le Fernier, Ashland Wis
La Fernier, Susie / WI Ashland / Katie La Fernier, Ashland
La Framboise, Napoleon / ND / C/ Jos La Fromboise
La Pointe, William / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Jacob La Pointe, Odanah, Wisc
La Prairie, Henry / MN White Earth / C/ Louis La Prairie
La Prairie, Lizzie / MN White Earth / C. Henry La Prairie
La Roche, Eugenie / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Maggie Laroche, Dt John Nd
La Roche, Lucien / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Maggie La Roche, St John Nd
La Rocque, Elizabeth / ND Numedahl / C. John La Rocque, Numedahl, Nd
La Rocque, Frances / ND Chippewa /
La Rocque, John / ND / C/ Peter La Rocque, Numedahl
La Rocque, Virginia / ND Numedahl / C. John La Rocque, Numehdahl, Nd
La Rush, Ella / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. John Larush
Lachapelle, Ida / MN White Earth / Louis La Chapelle
Lacy, Susie M / MI Detroit / Me Lacy, Detriot Mich
Ladouceur, Mary / ND Leyden / C. Henry Ladouceur, Leyden, Nd
Laduke, Fred / MN White Earth / Foston Minn
Laduke, Henry / MN St Paul / St Paul, Minn
Laduke, Louis / MN White Earth / Ogema Min
Laduke, Napoleon / MN Fosston / Fosston, Minn
Lafernier, Anna / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Jas La Fernier, Ashland Wis
Lafernier, Delia / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Frank La Fernier, Ashland Wis
Lafromboise, Alfred / ND /
Lambert, Alice / MN White Earth / Isaac Lambert
Lambert, Eugene / MN White Earth / C. Isaac Lambert
Lambert, Mary / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Augustine Lambert, Dunslith Nd
Lamont, Alfred / MI Ontanagon / C/ Peter Lamon, Ontanagon, Mich
Lapointe, Francis / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Alfred La Pointe, Odanah Wis
Laquier, Chales Laquire Ne Sho Id / MN Cass Lake / Simon Laquier, Cass Lake Minn
Laquier, Frank [Ke Che In No Dri] / MN Cass Lake / Simon Laquier, Cass Lake Minn
Laroche, Alice / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Maggie La Roche, St John Nd
Larocque, Mary / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Mary Louise Larocque, St John, Nd
Larush, Margaret / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Lasley, John / MI Cross Village / Louise Lasley, Cross Village, Mich
Latraille, Clemence / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Napoleon Latraille Ft Totten, Nd
Launderville, Charles / MI Baroga / C/ Joseph Launderville, Baroga Mich
Launderville, William / MI Baroga / C/ Jos Launderville, Baroga Mich
Laursen, Harry / WI Shell Lake / Shell Lake Wis
Laursen, Susie / WI / Shell Lake
Lawrence, Benjamin / MN Red Lake / Susan Lawrence, Mother, Red Lake, Minn
Lawrence, Williamm / MN Red Lake / Susan Lawrence, Red Lake Minn
Le Fernier, Michael / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / James La Fernier, Ashland, Wis
Le Rocque, Paul / MN Beaulieu / C/ Henry La Rocque, Beaulieu, Minn
Leith, Frank / MN White Earth / Mahnomen
Lemieaux, Elizabeth (Lizzie) / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Julia Coffey, Bay Field, Wis
Lemieux, Catherine / MN Fon du Lac / Julia Coffey, Cloquit, Minn
Lemieux, John / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Frank Lemieux
Lemoux, Louis / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ La Mot Lemoux
Lenoir, John / ND Graham Island / Joseph Lenoir
Lenoir, Lucy / ND Belcourt / Jas Lenoir, Grahanis Island Nd
Lenoir, William / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Belcourt Nd
Leslie, Frances / MI Mt Pleasant /
Libby, Archie / MN White Earth / Leech Lake /
Libby, George / MN Libby / Mark Libby
Libby, Joseph / MN White Earth /
Libby, Susan / MN Libby / Mark Libby
Limeaux, John / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Eli Limeaux, Odanah Wis
Little Deer, George / MN Red Lake / C/ Me-Shuch-E-Dush-Eke, [Mother] Red Lake, Minn
Littlewolf, William / MN White Earth / Bishop Little Wolf, Naytahwanush Minn
Lone Star, Esther / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Lone Star, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / John Lonestar, Gdn Hayward, Wish
Lone Star, John [Ke-Wa-Ge-Zi-Gne-Ba] / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ John Lonestar
Louzon, Anna / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Margaert Glover, White Earth Minn
Lufkins, John / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / William Santure, Gdn
Lufkins, William / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Lumbar, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Lizzie Lumbar, Spr Brook, Wis
Lydick, Charles / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Mrs Chas Lydick, Cass Lake, Minn
Lydick, Henry / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Geo Lydick, Cass Lake Minn
Lydick, James W / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Geo Lydick, Cass Lake, Minn
Lydick, Ruth Mrs Leo La Fontaine / MN Cass Lake / C. Mrs Nellie Lydick, Cass Lake, Min
Lyon, Rose / MN Cass Lake / Wm H Lyons, Bena Minn
Madison, George / MN White Earth / C. James Madison, Baeulieu, Minn
Manson, Charles / MN White Earth /
Mark, Jane / MI Aarwood / C. Peter Mark
Mark, Josephine / MI Aarwood / C/ Peter Mark
Marksman, Charles / MI / Peter Marksman
Marshall, Clinton / MI Bunley / Chas A Marshall, Bunley Mich
Marshall, Frank / MN Leech Lake / Obe Zon Ege Slig Oke, Bena Minn
Martell, William J [Ba Ka Ak Kwa] / WI Post / Joseph Martell, Post Wis
Martin, Charles [Takomine] / MN White Earth / C/ Henry Martin, Canoe Man
Martin, George / MN White Earth / Andrew Martin Or Wah Be Sache
Martin, James [Ne Da Wa Sl] / MN White Earth / Shaw-Bosh-King
Martin, Mary / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Mrs Bob Pine, Lac Du Flambeau
Martineau, Henry / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ John Hugo, Baroga, Mich
Martineau, John / WI Red Cliff Bayfield / Henry Martineua, Bay Field Wis
Martineau, William / WI Red Cliff Bayfield / Henry Martineau, Red Cliff, Wis
Mason, Thomas / MN White Earth / C/ James Rabbit
Mataxagay, Jos / MI (not in record ~all others on date of arrival MI) / C/ Edw Metaxagay
Mayo, George Henry / MI Mackinac / Lake Superior Wis
Mcarthur, Robert / MN White Earth / C/ Henry Selkirk, Step Father, Mother: Julia
Mcarty, Alice / MN White Earth /
Mccann, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Delena Mccann, Spr Brook, Wish
Mccann, Michael / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / De Lena Mccann, Spr Brook, Wis
Mccarthy, Alice / MN Faribault / Mis Ml Cota, Faribault, Min; John Mccarthy, Little Falls Minn
Mccauley, Eugene / MN White Earth / Mahnomen, Minn
Mccoonse, Joe / OK Sac and Fox / C/ Mccoonse
Mcdonald, Charles / MN Cass Lake / Mrs Nellie Lydick, Cass Lake, Minn
Mcdonald, Claudia / MN Cass Lake /
Mcdougal, Duncan / MN White Earth / C/ Peter Mc Dougal
Mcdougal, Lillie / MN White Earth / C. Duncan Mcdougal
Mcdougal, Susie / MN White Earth / Jas Mcdougal
Mcdougall, Alex / MN White Earth / C/ James Mcdougall
Mcgillis, Frank / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Wahpeton Nd
Mcintosh, Alice / MN White Earth / C. Aj Mcintosh
Mcintosh, Daisy / MN White Earth / C. Aj Mcintosh
Mcintosh, John Robert / MN White Earth / Wabun Minn
Mckeig, Frank / MN White Earth / Pj Mcking, Ponsford, Minn
Mcmahon, Francis / MN Moose Lake / Mrs Kate Delaney, Moose Lake Minn
Mctavish, Earl / MN Bandette / Angus McTavish
Medler, Andrew / MI /
Merrick, Alfred / ND Belcourt / St John Nd
Merrill, George / MN White Earth / White Earth Ag, Minn
Merrill, Nellie Mrs Jasmcintosh / MN Libby / C. John Merrill, Libby Minn
Miller, George / MI Elk Rapids / George Miller, Elk Rapids Mich
Miller, Hattie / WI /
Miller, James Jr / MI South Milton / C/ James Miller, South Milton, Mich
Miller, James Sr / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ George Miller
Miller, John Henry / MI South Milton / James Miller, South Milto N Mich
Miller, Liley Lillian A Miller Robertson / MI Petoskey / C. James Miller
Miller, Mary / MI Petoskey / James Miller
Miller, Nettie / MI / James Miller
Miller, Silas / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ James Miller [Brother] Isa Osham [Sis] Reserve Wis
Miller, Solomon / MI South Milton / C/ James Miller, South Milton, Mich
Mishler, Arthur / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Jno Mishler, Father, Spring Brook, Wis
Mishler, Charles / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Louis Mishler, Hayward, Wis
Mishler, James [Jim Mamewagon] / WI Hayward / C/ John Mishler
Mishler, John [John Nameragon] / WI Hayward / C/ John Mishler
Mishler, Lillian / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Jno Mishler, Spr Brook, Wis
Mishler, Louis / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Louis Mishler, Hayward Wis
Mishler, Peter William / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Jno Mishler, Spr Brook, Wis Father)
Mishler, Stella Estella / WI Spring Brook / John Mislhler, Spring Brook Wis
Mitchell, Benjamin / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Gus Mitchell
Mitchell, Maggie Wahweyaucumig / MN White Earth / White Earth Minn
Moder, Mamie / WI Marengo / Julia Moder, Marengo, Wis
Monchamp, Charles / MN White Earth / Ch Morrison, Rossville Kansas
Moore, Margueritte / WI Red Cliff / Ellen Moore, Drummond Wis
Morin, Edward / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / William Morrin, Bayfield Wis
Morin, John / ND /
Morin, Solomon Moran/Morain / ND St John / Philomene Morin, St John Nd
Morrin, Adolph / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mike Morrin, Bayfield, Wis
Morrin, Alvis / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mike Morris, Bayfield, Wis
Morrin, Edward / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Morrin, Joseph / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / William Morrin, Bayfield Wis
Morrisette, Fred / WI Superior / Peter Morisette, Superior Wis
Morrison, Daniel / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. John Morrison
Morrison, Donald / MN White Earth / C. Jg Morrison
Morrison, James / MN White Earth /
Morrison, John G / MN White Earth / Jg Morrison
Morrison, Jos / MN White Earth /
Morrison, Thomas / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ John Morrison
Morse, Dora (Dorothy) / MN Cass Lake / Ne Zho Cunig Ok, Bena Minn
Moses, John / MI Baroga / C/ Baroga, Mich
Mouchamp, Mamie / MN White Earth / C. Joe Mouchamp
Mouette, Alvina / ND Belcourt / Peter Mouette, Belcourt, Nd
Mountain, William / MN Red Lake / Adam Mountain, Red Lake Minn
Mudgett, Henry / MN White Earth / Beualieu, Minn
Murphy, Maud / MN Libby / C/ James Murphy
Murphy, William / WI Wallace / C. Jas E Murphy, Libby Minn
Muscoe, George / MI Cedarville / Frank Muscoe, Cedarville
Muscoe, John / MI Cedarville / Frank Muscoe, Cedarville Mich
Muscoe, Mitchell / MI / Frank Muscoe, Gros Cap, Mich
Nahmais, Edward / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Nahmias
Nahmais, Peter / WI / Nahmais
Nahmais, William / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Nahmais
Nah-Rah-Ne-Gan, Daniel / MI Oscado / C/ John Nah-Rah-Ne-Gan
Naska, Jane / MI Petoskey / Edward Naska, Elk Rapids Mich
Nason, Bertha / MN White Earth / Al Nason
Nason, Madge / MN White Earth / C. Al Nason
Nauwagesic, Lucy / MI Mackinac /
Nauwegesic, Eliza / MI Mackinac / Moses Nauwegiesic
Nay Bim Way, Mary / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. John Nay Bin Way
Needham, Daniel / MN Red Lake / C/ Patsey Needham, Red Lake Minn
Needham, John / MN Red Lake / Patrick Needham, Red Lake Minn
Needham, Simon / MN Red Lake / Patrick Needham, Red Lake Minn
Nelson, Clyde / MI / C/ Jake Nelson
Nelson, Willie / MI / C/ Jake Nelson, Caro Mich
Neveaux, Joseph / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / John Neveaux, Odanah Wish
Neveaux, Maggie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / John Neveaux, Odanah
Newagon, Sophia / MN Cloquet / Sophia Newagon, Odanah, Wis
Northrup, Joseph / MN Cloquet / C/ Louisa Northup And Chas Northrup, Cloquett Minn
O’Connor, David / MI Grand Rapids / Clarence O’Connor, 716 Sibley St, Grand Rapids
Obern, Francis / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Wm Obern, Odanah Wis
Obern, Lawrence / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Wm Obern, Odanah, Wis
Obern, Luke / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Oden, Esley / MN St Paul / Mrs Emma Landrake, 234 Commercial St, St Paul Minn
Oga, Edw / MI L’Anse / C/ David Ofa, L’Anse, Mich. Bigler Po Mich
Ojibway, Francis A / MN Fon du Lac / John Ojibway, Cloquet Minn; 2015 John Ave, Superior Wis
Oliver, Edward / MN White Earth / Allen Oliver, White Earth Minn
Pallado, Julia / WI Green Bay / C. We Pallado, Greenbay, Wi
Pallado, Willie / WI Green Bay / C/ We Pallado
Palmer, Thomas / MN White Earth / C/ Thomas Palmer
Parker, Alice S / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Peter Parker
Paul, Jacob / MN White Earth / Antonne Paul, St Jno, Nd
Peake George C / MN White Earth / Isabel Schneider Frderick W Peake
Peake, Emily / MN White Earth /
Peake, Fred W Frank? / MN White Earth /
Pego, Enos / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ Henry Pego, Vandecar, Mich
Pego, Levi / MI Mt Pleasant / C/. Henry Pego, Vandecar, Mich
Pelcher, Cecelia / MI Lumas / Lumas Wash
Pelcher, Lena / MI / Mrs Maria Pelcher, Mt Pleasant Mich
Pelcher, Simeon / MI Mt Pleasant /
Pelcher, William / MI Loomis / Joe Pelcher, Loomis Wis
Peltier, Alfred / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Louise Peltier, Belcourt Nd
Penasa, Jonah / MI / Joseph Penasa
Pepin, Delphia / SD Flandreau School / C. Peter Pepin
Pero, Lucy / WI Odanah / Antoine Pero, Odanah Wis
Perrault, Henry / MN White Earth / Joseph Roy, Red Lake Minn Uncle
Pershebay, Ben [Pershoba] / MI Suttons Bay /
Peters, Charles William / MI Pinconning / Joseph Peters, Pinconning Mich
Peters, Edward / MI / Henry Peters, Alger Mich
Peters, Ernest / MI Wageshick / C/ Philip Peters
Peters, Flora / MI Pinconning / Jos Peters, Pinconning Mich
Peters, Helen / MI / Paul Peters, Pinconning Mich
Peters, Jennie Francis / MI Isabella Rez / Marg Peters, Mt Pleasant Mich
Peters, Nancy / MI / Jos Peters, Pinconning Mich
Peters, Roland / MI / C/ Joe Peters Pinconning Mich
Peters, Scott / MI Caldwell / C/ Caldwell, Mich
Petite, Antoine / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Jos Petite, Bayfield Wis
Picard, Emery / MI Baroga / C/ Mary Picard, Baroga, Mich
Picard, Joseph / MI Baroga / C/ Chas Picard, Paroga, Mich
Plante, Daniel / ND Ft Totten / C/ John Plante, Belcourt, Nd
Plante, Edward La / MN Grand Portage / Louise Plante, Grand Portage, Minn
Plante, Louis / MN Grand Portage / Louise Plante, Grand Portage Minn
Pontiac, Samuel / MI Hortons Bay / C. Josephine Pontiac
Porter, Chas [Ka-Do-We-Zo] / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Dewaine Porter
Porter, Duane / MN White Earth / Fosston Minn
Porter, Harvey / MN White Earth / Fosston Minn
Porter, Jesse / MN White Earth / Fosston Minn
Porter, Lizzie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe /
Porter, Melinda / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Alexis Porter
Porter, Nelson / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ Doam Porter
Porter, Scott J / MN White Earth / C/ Duane, Min
Porter, Susie / MN White Earth / Maggie Porter, Duane Mich
Poupart, Marie / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Chas Poupart, Lac Du Flambeau, Wis
Poupart, Vincent / WI Lac Du Flambeau / Kate Armstron, Odanah, Wis
Quagin, Johnny / WI Lac Court O’Reilles /
Quarter, Louis / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ John Quarter
Quinlan, Arthur Edward / MN White Earth / C. Mrs Jh Quinlan, Jamestown, Nd
Quinlan, David / MN White Earth / C/ Mrs Elmio Quinlan (Mother) Whte Earth Minn
Quinlan, Delia / MN Beechwood / C. Jos J Quinlan, Beechwood, Minn
Quinlan, Joseph / MN White Earth / Mrs Jh Quinland, Jamestown Nd
Rabbit, Elsie / MN Bena / C/ Jno Rabbit, Bena Minn
Rabbit, Joseph / MN White Earth / C/ Simon Michiner, Ag
Rabideaux, Lawrence / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Julius Rabideaux, Odanah, Wis
Rabideaux, Margaret / WI Bayfield / Frank V Holston, Bayfield Wis Gdn Michael Morrow Grdfather
Raiche, Margaret / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mrs Veronica Raiche, Odanah Wis
Raiche, Mary / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mrs Veronica Raiche, Odanah
Razer, John / MN White Earth / Frank Razer, White Earth Minn
Redcloud, Isabel / MN / Minn
Rice, Frank / Canada Quebec Caughnawaga / C/ Mary Rice, Caughnawaga, Quebec,Canada
Richardson, Cecil / MN White Earth / Cecil Richardson, Ogema Minn
Richardson, Mamie / MN White Earth / Anna R Ryan, Ogema, Minn
Roberts, Chas / WI Cumberland / William Roberts, Cumberland Wis
Roberts, Francis / MN White Earth / Waubum, Minn
Robinson, William Jr / WI Cumberland / Cumberland Wis
Rock, Minne / MN White Earth / C. John Sloan Rock, Pine Point, Mnn
Rock, Rose / MN White Earth / C/ John Slaon Rock, Pine Point
Rodd, Susan / MI Mt Pleasant / Dave Rodd, Mt Pleasant Mich
Rogers, Chas [Esquaish] / MN Aitkin / C/ Wm D Rogers
Rogers, Edward Lowell [Enwwayeidung] / MN Aitkin / William D Rogers
Rogers, John / MN Callaway / John Roger, Callaway, Minn
Rogers, Louise / MN Libby / Mrs Mary Smetsinger, Wa Rogers, Libby Minn
Rogers, Mary / MN / C/ Jno And Faith Rogers, Minn
Rolette, Anna / ND Devils Lake / Joseph Rolett, Belcourt Nd
Root, Lucy / MI Pinconning / Mrs Belle Root [Mother]
Rose, Annie / MI Alvin / John Wastinarbi, Gd, Alvin Mich
Rose, Mamie / MI Alvin / Jno Wastinarbe, Gdn, Alvin Mich
Roussian, John / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Alexander Roussian, Reserve Wis
Roy, Alex / WI Red Cliff Bayfield / Lizzie Roy, Red Cliff, Wis
Roy, Benjamin / MN White Earth / Peter Roy, Duane Minn
Roy, Chas / MN White Earth / Joseph Roy,, White Earth Minn
Roy, David / MN /
Roy, Joseph Naytahosay / MN White Earth / White Earth Minn
Roy, Robert Charles / MN Lengby / Benj S Roy, Lengby, Minn
Roy, Wm / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Jos Roy
Ruby, William / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Mrs Margaret Ruby, Odanah
Rufus, Edw / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C/ John Rufus, Odanah, Wis
Rush, George / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / John Wm Rush
Sampson, Anna / MI Beale City / C. Thomas Sampson... Mrs Jos Williams, Beale City, Mic
Sampson, Henry / MI Kawkawlin / C. Thomas Sampson
Sampson, Jennie / MI Kawkawlin / C. Thomas Sampson, Kawkawlin Mich
Sampson, Lucy / MI Kawkawlin / C. Thomas Sampson, Kawkawlin, Mich
Sands, Ida Coon / MI Sagaming / Jos Coon, Sagaming, Mich
Sangaret, Clara / MN White Earth /
Santineau, Clifford / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / The Santineau, Odanah Wis 62 Yrs Old 1910
Sauve, Alex / ND Leyden / C/ Peter Sauve, Leyder, Nd
Sauve, Joseph W / ND Leyden / C/ Peter Sauve, Leyden, Nd
Sawmick, David / MI / Jno Sawmick, Pinconning Mich
Sayer, Martin / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn /
Shadamo, James / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / James Shadamo, Lac Du Flambeau, Wis
Shagobay, William / MN White Earth /
Shashawabach, Eli / MN White Earth / John W Carl, Mahnomen Minn
Shaw, Jacob / MI L’Anse / C/ John Connelly
Shawbush, Harry / MI Isabella Rez / C/ Jack Shawbush/Nancy Or Harry Shawbush, Beal City, Mich
Shawbush, James / MI Mt Pleasant / Jacob Shawbush
Shawbush, Westbrook / MI Mt Pleasant / Jacob Shawbush
Shawmegaw, Smith / MI Mt Pleasant / C/. Jas Shawmegaw
Shaycaw, Julia / MI / John Shaycaw,
Shaycaw, Sarah / MI Burt / Eliza Shaycaw, Burt Mich
Shay-Shah-Wah-Bausch, Barney / MN White Earth / John W Carl,, Mahnomen, Minn
Shekee, Geo [Na-Gav-Ah] / MN White Earth / C/ Mah-Ge-Be-Nais
Shelefo, George / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ Frank Shelefo
Shelefoe, Wm / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Saul Shelofoe, Lac Du Flambeau, Wis
Shooter, Joseph / MN White Earth / Mattie Howard Armstrong, Trail City, Sd
Silas, Joseph / MI Mt Pleasant / Silas Paynnersadury, Step Fath
Silas, Mary Jane / MI Mt Pleasant / Waymegance Silas, Mt Pleasant
Simon, Elmer / MI Mt Pleasant /
Sitting, Peter / MN Red Lake / Equay, Red Lake, Minn
Sky, Isabella / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Jacob Skey
Smart, Thomas / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Jacob Smart, Odanah Wis
Smith, Charlotte / MI Mt Pleasant / Mt Pleasant, Mich
Smith, Eliza / MN White Earth / Rev Fred Smith, Gdn
Smith, Emma / MN Libby / John Smith
Smith, Frank / MN White Earth / Mrs Eliza Swank, Cloquet Minn
Smith, Frank / MN White Earth / Ogema Minn
Smith, Lucy / MN White Earth / C/ Thomas Smith, White Earth, Minn
Smith, Mary / MI / L’Ance, Mich
Smith, Paul / MI Bayshore / C/ Wm Smith
Smith, Samuel / MN White Earth / C/ Spirit Bear
Soulier, Simon / WI Red Cliff / Mike Soulier, Bayfield Wis
Sowmick,Stella / MI Pinconning / C. Jno Sowmick, Pinconning, Mich
Spear, Benjamin / MN Ponemah / Ponemah, Minn
Spears, William / MN Red Lake / Julia R Spears, Red Lake Minn
Spott, Louise / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Louise Spott, Lac Du Flambeau, Mother
Spruce, Christine / MI /
Spruce, Nellie / MI /
Spry, Henry / MN White Earth / C/ Mitchell Spry
Squirrel, John (Also John Martin) Wagita Ga Mig / MN White Earth / White Earth Minn
St Germaine, Thomas / WI Lac Du Flambeau / Wn Sickles, Agt, Lac Du Flambeau, Wis
Stand, James / MN Red Lake / Walter F Dickens, Red Lake Gdn
Star Bad Boy / MN White Earth /
Starr, Catherine [Ah Pe Du Squay] / MN Leech Lake / Onigum Minn
Starr, Corrine / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Jin Ho Hi She Go Kiva, Lacduflambeau, Wis
Starr, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Susan Starrr, Cedar Wis
Starr, Maggie / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Samuel Denomie, Odanah
Stevenette, Edgar / MN Cloquet / Mrs Mary Martin, Cloquet, Minn
Stevens, Agnes / MI Pinconning / Nancy Stevens, Pinconning Mich
Stevens, Lucy / MI Pinconning / Nancy Stevens, Mother, Pinconning Mich
Stone, Dollie [Hauser] / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / C/ Jim Stone (Father) Aspen Wis
Stone, Joseph / MN Red Lake /
Strong, Delia / MI Mt Pleasant / Henry Strong, Mt Pleasant Mich
Strong, Moses / MI / C/Henry Strong
Strong, Pearl / MN Red Lake /
Sumner, John / MN Red Lake / Peter Sumer, Red Lake Minn
Sumner, Joseph / MN Red Lake / Red Lake Minn
Sumner, Simon / MN Red Lake / Baptiste Sumner, Red Lake Minn
Sutton, John / MN White Earth / C. White Earth, Minn
Sweet, Elizabeth / MN White Earth /
Sweet, Raymond / MN White Earth / C/ Geo Sweet
Tabasash, Anna / MI / Jos Tabasash Petoskey Mich
Tadgahsong, Nancy / MI /
Tadgasong, Elijah / MI Oscado / C/ John Tadgasong, Gdn
Teeple, Frank / MI Mt Pleasant / Mt Pleasant Mich
Teeple, John / MI Mt Pleasant / Mt Pleasant Mich
Tetrault, Albert / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Wapheton Nd
Thayer, Ida / WI Winter / Charles Thayer, Winter, Wis (Father)
Thayer, William / WI Hayward / Henry Thawyer, Winter, Wis
Thomas, Ellen / MN Shell Lake / Le Thomas, Shell Lake Minn
Thomas, John / MI Fergus / C/ Sameul Sugot, Fergus Mich
Thomas, Myrtle / WI Shell Lake / Le Thomas, Shell Lake Wis
Thomas, Rebecca / WI Shell Lake / Le Thomas [Father], Shell Lake Wis
Thompson, Amelia / MI Oscado / C. John Thompson, Algonac Mich
Thompson, Barcley [Nock-Ke-Che-Go-Me] (Nickname: Barclay Beans) / MI Isabella Rez / C/ Jos Thompson, Pinconning Mich
Thompson, Chas / MN White Earth / C/ John Thomspon
Thompson, John / MN Lengby / C. Lengby Minn
Thompson, Mary L / MI Oscado / John Thompson
Thompson, Nellie / MI Alvin / Jas Thomspon, Alvin Mich
Thompson, Peter / MN White Earth / C. John Thompson
Thunder, Otto / MN Red Lake / Red Lake Minn
Tibbett, Zema / MN White Earth / Roscoe George Tibbett, Pine Point Minn
Tibbetts, Eugene / MN White Earth /
Tibbetts, Fred / MN White Earth /
Tibbetts, George / MN Lengby / Katie Wakefield, Lengby Minn
Tibbetts, Luzenia / MN White Earth /
Tipsico, David / MI Mt Pleasant / Jacob Tipsico
Trepania, Claribel / WI Hayward / C/ Alfred Trepania, Hayward, Wisc
Trepania, Josepah A / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Alf Trepania, Spr Brook, Wis
Valley, Edward / MI (not in record ~all others near date of arrival MI) / C/ Oliver Valley
Van Wert, Eva / MN White Earth /
Van Wert, James / MN White Earth / James E Van Wert
Van Wert, Julia / MN White Earth / C. James Van Wert
Van Wert, Martha / MN White Earth / C. Jas E Van Wert
Van Wert, Robert / MN White Earth / C/ James Van Wert
Vanacy, Dave / MI / Phineas Vanacy, Kawkawhin, Mich
Vanacy, Sarah / MI / C. Phineas Vanacy
Vasseur, Frank / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Joseoh Vasseur
Vedernack, George Vetternack / WI Lac Court O’Reilles /
Venne, Alfred M / ND / Michael Venne, Wahhalla Nd
Venne, Edmund / ND Walhalla / C. Michael Venne, Walhalla, Nd/Le Roy Nd
Venne, Ernestine / ND Walhalla / Michael Verne, Walhalla, Le Roy< Nd
Venne, Maggie / ND / C. David Venne Nd
Venne, Roger / ND Walhalla / C/ Mrs Wm David Venne, Walhalla Nd
Vetternack, Frank / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Jno Blackbird, Odanah, Wiss
Vornwald, Catherine Uran / MN Red Lake / Cath Roy, Redby, Minn Father’S Mother ... Grandmother
Wahmegance, Martha / MI Mt Pleasant / David Wahmegance
Wakefield, Clara / MN White Earth / White Earth Minn
Walker, James / MI Mt Pleasant / Minnie Walker, Mt Pleasant Mich
Walker, Joseph / MN White Earth /
Wallette, John / ND Belcourt / Belcourt Nd
Warren, Eugene / MN White Earth / James Warren
Warren, George / MN White Earth / James Warren
Warren, Grace / MN White Earth / James Warren
Warren, Henry W / MN White Earth / James Warren
Warren, Ida May / MN White Earth / C/ Ogema Minn
Warren, James / MN White Earth / Huron, Sd
Warren, John / MN White Earth / James Warren, White Earth
Warren, John {Tchitchibin} / MN White Earth / Wm V Warren (Cirucs Attache)
Warren, Josephine / MN Naythawaush / Naythawaush, Minn
Warren, Sophia / MN White Earth / Wm Warren
Wastenabe, Anna / MI /
Wastinaba, Felix [Wastinabi] / MI Oscado / C/. Jos Wastinaba
Waymegance, Mawbeens / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ John Waymegance
Wayshe, Lottie / MI Alba / Martha Peters, Alba Mich
Weacuming-Earth, William / MN White Earth / Supt, White Earth Minn
Welch, Gustave “Gus” / WI Spooner / John Welch, Spponer Wis
Welch, James / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / John Welch, Spooner Wis
Wesley, James / MI Pinconning / Peter Davis, Step Father, Pinconning Mich
West, Lillian / MN Leech Lake / Onigam Minn
Wetenhall, Martha / ID Lapwai / Eliza Wetenhall, Lapwai, Id (Sister)
Wheelock, (Richard) Edmund / WI Oneida / Dennison Wheelock, W Depere
White, George / WI Ashland / Mrs Mary White, Odanah, Wi
Wilkie, Cypiran R / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn / Gabriel Wilkie, Belcourt Nd
Wilkie, Michael / ND Belcourt / Gabriel Wilkie, Belcourt Nd
Wilkie, Peter / ND Belcourt Turtle Mtn /
Williams, Delia Adelia / MI / Grandmother: Nancy Joshua Caro Mich Father:Wm Ka-Yah-Yash
Williams, Elizabeth / MI / Henry Williams
Williams, Eva / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Margaret D Williams, Bayfield Wis
Williams, Julia / MI /
Williams, Sarah / MI Mt Pleasant / Jas Williams,Mt Plesant Mich
Williams, Wallace / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ James Williams Gdn
Williams, Wesley / MI Mt Pleasant / C/ Mark Williams
Wilson, Edward {Gagwaian] / MN White Earth / Medwekumigishkung Chief
Wilson, Fred Ayer / MN White Earth / Geo Wilson
Wilson, Isaac / MN White Earth / Beaulieu, Minn
Wilson, Joseph / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Sanborn, Wis
Wishcop, Joseph / MN Grand Portage / Joseph Wischop, Grand Mavais, Minn
Woodbury, Clarence [Hole In The Day] / MN White Earth / C/ Mrs Rh Stocker, 1104 Sutter St, Sf, Ca
Woodbury, Harry Pease [Hole In Day] / MN White Earth / Jennie C Stocker, Saratoga Springs, Ny
Wright, George / MN Onigum / Mrs Nancy Hayes, Onigum, Minn
Wright, Susan / MN White Earth / White Earth Minn
Yankeejoe, William / WI Lac Court O’Reilles / Yankeejoe, Post Wis
Young, Andrew / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / Young
Young, Mary / WI Bad River Bayfield Odanah LaPointe / C. Wynockyo {Adopted Ather - Young]



12 Carlisle Indian School students enrolled with affiliation to the "Catawba" nation according to the documents found at NARA and CCHS. 

Most of these students came from the Rock Hill / Roddey area of South Carolina. This list includes student names and parent or home address as records show.

For digitized student files, enrollment cards or photos, go to   CARLISLE INDIAN SCHOOL DIGITAL RESOURCE CENTER.

Ayres, Mary / David Ayres, Roddey SC
Ayres, Wade / David Ayres, Rock Hill SC
Blue, Fred Nelson / Sam T Blue, Roddey, SC
George, Beulah / See Cherokee list
George, Moroni / Taylor George, Roddey SC
Harris, Artemis / David Harris, Roddey, SC
Harris, Charlotte aka Lottie / F Harris, Cherokee NC
Harris, Edith / David Harris, Roddey Sc
Harris, Hester / c. Nancy Harris, Roddey SC
Harris, Lavinia / David Harris, Roddey SC
Harris, Rosa /
Sanders, Joseph / John Sanders, Wanwycch SC




324 Carlisle Indian School students enrolled with affiliation to the "Cherokee" nation according to the documents found at NARA and CCHS. 

These students came from North Carolina (254), Georgia (4), Oklahoma (54), Kansas (3), Missouri (2), Louisiana (2), Illinois (4) and Wisconsin (1). This list includes student names and parent or home address as records show.

For digitized student files, enrollment cards or photos, go to   CARLISLE INDIAN SCHOOL DIGITAL RESOURCE CENTER.

Amachana, Nick (To Night) [Arm Chair] / Joseph, NC
Arch, Jennie / C. David Arch, Cherokee, NC
Arch, Johnson / Mrs Taxie And David Arch, Cherokee NC
Arch, Kodeskie / Irne Consum, Cherokee NC
Arch, Olivan / David Arch,Cherokee NC
Arch, Ross / David Arch, Cherokee NC
Armachain(E), Jonah Ann Eliza Welch, Stoney NC
Asher, Buck / Jg Schofield, Chectoah OK Gdn
Baldridge, William James Baldridge, Poorn, OK
Bean, Albert / Ochelata OK
Beck, Diana / C. James Beck, Cherokee School NC
Beck, Ella / C. Samual Beck, Homing Post, OK; Dora Red Eagle
Beck, Eugene / Samuel Beck, Clayton GA
Beck, Mamie / C. James Beck, NC
Beck, May / C. Samuel Beck, Clayton, GA
Beck, Rose / Samuel Beck, Cherokee NC
Beck, Savannah / C. Samuel Beck, Clayton, GA
Beck, Stacy / James Beck, Clayton GA
Bell, Ernest / Caroline Bell, Lumberton NC
Big Jim, Goliath [Gillowich]/ aka James B Driver / Driver Big Jim, Cherokee NC
Big Jim, Lassla / Cherokee NC
Big Meat, Robert John Crow [Uncle], Cherokee NC
Bird, David / Mrs Sarah Bird Arneach, Almond NC
Bird, Lizzie / Jefferson Amach, Whittier NC
Blythe, Fred / James Blythe, Cherokee, NC Gdn
Blythe, Sampson / Cherokee NC
Blythe, Stella / NC
Boles, Richard / Kate Downing, Tezanna OK
Bradley, Henry / Vandalia Bradley, Cherokee NC
Bradley, Johnson Vandalia Bradley, Cherokee NC
Bradley, Margaret Nancy Bradlye, Stonery NC
Bradley, Nick / Vandalia Bradley, Cherokee NC
Cannot, Abel / Geo Cannot, NC
Catolst, Etta / Charley Catolst, NC
Christian, Alva Blanchard / Thoms M Christian, Shawnee OK
Clark, John / John C Clark, Lumberton NC
Coats, Elmer E / Susie D Coats, Pryor OK
Cody, John / Keller Cody NC
Coleman, Nancy / Nancy Mary Ellen Coleman, Cherokee NC
Colonahaska, Abraham / Doneola Colonahaska Father, Cherokee NC
Colonahaski, Joseph / Isiah Colonahaski,Whittier NC
Colonhaske, Charles / Susan Colonahski, NC
Conley, John / NC
Conley, Luke / John Conley, Wahiyah, NC
Conseen, Junalaski / Augani Conseen, Cherokee NC
Corbin, Sara / OK
Cornsilk, Dow / Cherokee NC
Cornsilk, Martha / Cherokee NC
Crittenden, Cicero / Rb Worsham, Stilwell OK Gdn
Crow, Alice Bigwitch / Sallie Bigwitch, Whittier NC
Crow, Arthur / Mary Greene, Cherokee NC
Crow, Boyd / Joseph Crow, Cherokee NC
Crow, David / Sevier Crow, Cherokee NC
Crow, Dora / Cherokee NC
Crow, Etta / C. Mrs Laura Crow, Sevier Crow, Cherokee NC
Crow, Nana Anona / Survey Crow, Cherokee NC
Crow, Ossie / Welsey And Peter Crow NC
Crow, Robert Elige / Wesley Crow, Cherokee NC
Crow, Ute / Wm Chitoske, Cherokee NC
Crowe, Dora Dell / Mary Crowe, Whittier NC
Crowe, Luther / Mary Greene, NC
Crowe, Minnie / Joseph Corw, Cherokee NC
Cucumber, Gena / Ross Cucumber, Cherokee NC
Daniel, Adolphus / Wm Buzzard, Jay, OK
Daughtery, Robin / Rb Worsham Gdn, Stilwell OK
Davis, Anita / Sallie Long, Cherokee NC
Davis, David / Charlie Davis, Swayney NC
Davis, Isaac / Charlie Davis, Cherokee NC
Davis, Israel / Charlie Davis, Swayney NC
Dewatley, Sam / James Dewatley, Cherokee NC
Dewitt, Charles / Shawnee OK
Downing, Hill / Father Houston Downing, Jay OK
Driver, Adam / Eliza Kruaght, Cherokee NC
Driver, James B (see Goliath Big Jim) /
Duncan, Charles / Thos J Sanders, Stillwell OK Gj Sanders, Stillwll OK Gdn
Duncan, Felix / Lydia Duncan, Stilwell OK
Feather, Hettie / Sallie Shell, Cherokee NC Gdn
Feather, Mary / Samuel E Adair, Stillwell, OK
Fields, Leslie Earl / Nellie Fields, South West City, MO
Fisher, Moses Wiley / Maggie Fisher, Choteau OK
Fishinghawk, Chickkilla / Jl Morton, Stillwell OK
Foreman, Evaline / Minnie Foreman, Tahlequah OK
Foreman, Osceola / Joe Foreman, Locust Grove, OK
French, Maud / Arves French, Cherokee NC
French, Morgan / Will French, Swayney NC
French, Moroni / Awee French, Birdtown, NC
French, Ned / Birdtown NC
French, Nellie / Adam Owl, Whittier NC (Cousin)
French, Songhee / Awee Toonie, Birdtown NC
George, Abraham / Joe Stone George, Cherokee NC
George, Annie Smoke / Mrs Mary George, Dawson George, Cherokee NC
George, Beulah / Sampson Owl, Cherokee NC
George, Dahney / Stemper George, NC
George, Green / William Johnson, Cherokee NC
George, Hayes (I Gon Du Geh) / Stamper George NC
George, Jordan / Yonasjena Geroge, Cherokee NC
George, Judas / Jonah Skena George NC
George, Manly / Qualla, Whittier NC
George, Mark / Charleston George, Birdtown, NC Gdn
George, Samuel / Qualla Boundary NC
Geroge, Sohn / David George, NC
Gilstrap, Anna / Lou Gilstrap, Evanston, IL Mother
Gilstrap, David F / Lou Gilstrap, Evanston, IL
Gilstrap, Mamie / Lou Gilstrap, Evanston, IL
Graybeard, James / Moses Vilnotz, Cherokee NC
Graybeard, Sallie / Moses Vilnotz, Cherokee NC
Green, George / Wm Johnson, Cherokee NC
Green, Willie Lucy / Mrs Frances Green, Muskogee OK
Hall, Bessie / Wd Hall, Viaw, OK
Hicks, May / Jw Wyrick, Baxter Springs, KS
Hicks, Nina / Jw Wyrick, Baxter Springs, KS Gdn
Hildebrandt, Benjamin / Mrs Laura Butler, South West City, MO
Hill, Blaine M / Maul Hill, Wahhiyah NC
Hill, Minda / Louisa Hill, Sonery NC
Holland,Walter / Hugh Holland, OK (identified as Creek in IH)
Holomiheskie, Martha / Cherokee, NC
Hornbuckle, Dinah / Leander Hornbuckle, Cherokee NC
Hornbuckle, Fred / C. Will Hornbuckle, Cherokee NC
Hornbuckle, Jefferson Davis / Davis Hornbuckle, Cherokee NC
Hornbuckle, Johnson / Sallie Catt, Bryson City NC
Hornbuckle, Maggie / C. Jas Hornbuckle, E Cherokee, NC
Hornbuckle, William / Rebecca And James Hornbuckle, Cherokee NC
Hornbuckle,. Ross / Ross Smith, Cherokee NC
Israell, Ella / Wm Israel, Salina OK
Jackson, Fannie / John Jackson, Cherokee NC
Jackson, Jack {Owanita) / Nannie Jackson, Cherokee NC
Jackson, Jonas / John Jackson, Cherokee NC
Jackson, Sarah / John Jackson, Cherokee NC
Jacobs, Luther / William Jacobs, Lumberton NC
Jasson, John / Jassan, Cherokee NC
Jessan, Joseph / Lydia Jessan, NC
Jessan, Dahnola / Wagnersville NC
Johnson, Addison / Janus Johnson, Cherokee NC
Johnson, Amy / NC
Johnson, Clifford / Hnery West, Vian OK Gdn
Johnson, Frances F / John W Anderson, Claremore OK
Johnson, Lewis / William E Johnson Rose OK
Johnson, Richard W / John W Johnson, Claremore OK
Johnson, Samuel M / John W Johnson, Claremore OK
Johnson, Simon / Janus Johnson,Cherokee NC Amanda Thompson, Cherokee NC
Johnson, Tempa / C. Idaih Colonahashi, Cherokee And Thaddeus Nick Whittier NC
Johnson, William / Golia Blithe, Cherokee NC
Jumper, Stansil / Ute Jumper, Whittier NC
Lambert, John / John Lambert, Cherokee NC
Larch, David / Daniel Larch, Cherokee NC
Larch, Olive / Daniel Larch, Cherokee NC
Larch, William / Daniel Larch, Cherokee NC
Largen, Mary E / Salliswa OK
Lewis, Bert / Jas Lewis, Turley, OKl
Littlejohn, Agnes / Cherokee NC
Littlejohn, Guy / Will Littlejohn, Cherokee NC
Locklear, Charles / Fuller Locklear, Lumberton NC
Locklear, George / C/ Fuller Locklear, Lumberton, NC
Locust, Peter / William Locust, Whittier NC
Long, Carl Wheeler / George Long, Cherokee NC
Long, Charles / Joe Long, Whittier, NC
Long, Peter Ichudahulattah / Connehatah, Cherokee NC
Long, Rachel / C. Con Ne He Tah, E Cherokee NC
Long, Sylvester Clark / Jos Long, Winston NC, Robeson Ag
Lossih, John / John Dehart Lossih, Cherokee, NC
Lossih, Solomon / Lon Toineeta, Cherokee NC
Lossih, Thomas / Mrs Hennie Lossih, Cherokee NC
Lowin, Lucy / NC
Lowrie, Garfield / Alex Lowie, Pembroke NC
Maney, James / Jasper Maney, Birdtown NC
Mcclanahan, Leonard / Tb Cornelius, Vian OK Gdn
Mcdaniels, George / Thomas Mcdaniel, Gdn, Muscogee, OK Indian Territory
Melton, Anna M / Grove OK
Melton, Clara / Grove OK
Melton, Cora / Grove OK
Miller, Iva / Grace Gray Morris, Arkansas City, KS
Miller, Leon / Nora Miller, Evanston IL
Mixwater, Lollie / OK
Mumblehead, James Bradley / John Mumblehead, Almond NC
Mumblehead, James W / Mrs Sallie Catt, Almond NC
Mumblehead, Roger / Nancy Saunooke, Cherokee NC
Muskrat, Harvey R / Jas Muskrat, Grove OK
Newcomb, Otmus A / Thomas Newcomb OK
Newcombe, Robest F / Amanda Wilson, Nowata OK
Nick, Bessie Eganola / C. Cherokee NC
Nick, Chittoske Tassie Nick Chiltoski Nick / C. Sam Collins, Cherokee NC
Nick, Minnie / NC
Ocumma, Mattie / James, E Cherokee, NC
Oosowie, Tarquette / Sallie Johnson, Cherokee NC
Osowie, William / Jennie Osowie, Cherokee NC
Owl, Agnes / B Jumper, Cherokee NC
Owl, Ammons / Suate Owl, Cherokee NC
Owl, David / Adam Owl, Birdtown NC
Owl, Enoch / Annie Owl, Cherokee NC
Owl, Fanny / NC
Owl, John / Adam Owl, Cherokee NC
Owl, Johnson / George Owl, Cherokee NC
Owl, Kamie / Sampson Owl, Cherokee NC
Owl, Martha / Jos Owl, E Cherokee NC
Owl, Martha Jane / Solomon Owl, Birdtown, NC
Owl, Samuel / Adam Owl, Birdtown NC
Owl, Theodore / NC
Owl, Thomas / C. Adam Owl, Cherokee NC
Owl, William / Adam Owl, Ja Tahquette, Cherokee NC
Owl, William H / Suate Owl, Cherokee NC
Oxendine, James / Charity Oxendine, Pembroke NC
Oxendine, Lacy / Pembroke NC
Paris, Marion / Mrs Annie E Paris, Catale OK
Parker, Harrison G / R Jordan Gdn. Mcalester OK
Parris, George / Johnanna Parris, Rose OK
Partridge, Bird / Jm Partridge And Delvid Partridge, Bird Town, NC
Payne, George / Hasel Payne, Cherokee NC
Powell, Moses / John Powell, Wahhiayah, NC
Powell, Sarah / Doogah Powell, Swayney NC
Powell, Stansill / John Powell; Dague Powell, Wahhiyah NC
Ratliff, William Ratley / Hughie Battles, Cherokee NC
Reed, Lloyd / Peter Reed, Grdfather, Cherokee NC
Reed, Lucinda [Cindy] / Cherokee, NC
Reed, Margaret Goleach / Mrs Rachel C Reed, James Reed, Cherokee NC
Revels, Willard / Like Revels, New Auburn WI
Rogers, Winifred D (Winnie) / Andrew J Rodgers, Short OK
Ross, Adam [Tewatley - Nick Name] / C/ James Tewatley, E Cherokee NC
Ross, Mckinley / NC
Ross, Rosa / C. Joshua Ross, Tullahassee Mission OK
Running Wolfe, Lloyd / Running Wolf, Cherokee NC
Sam, Josiah / Sulteesky Sam, Stillwell OK
Sannooka, Jackson / Stacey An John Saunooke, Almond NC
Saunook, Stillwell / John Sounook, Whittier NC
Saunooke, Dora / C. Dora Saunooke Mother NC
Saunooke, Isabel / C. John Saunooke NC
Saunooke, Joe / C/ Cowan Saunooke, [Chief], Cherokee NC
Saunooke, Malinda / Stilwell Saunooke, NC
Saunooke, Nana / Joe Saunooke,Cherokee NC
Saunooke, Nannie Mrs Manus Screamer / C. Stilwell Saunooke NC
Saunooke, Samuel / C/ John Saunooke, Cherokee NC
Saunooke, Stephen / Cherokee NC
Screamer, Manus / C/ James Screamer, And Ollie Saunooke, Cherokee, NC
Seay, John W / C/ Poleman Seay, Cherokee NC
Sequoyah, Lizzie / C. Jackali, Cherokee NC
Sequoyah, Luzena Luzena Jackali Mrs Blaine Hill / C. Jackali, Cherokee NC
Sequoyah, Noah / John Sequoyah, Cherokee NC
Sequoyah, Tahquette / Jackalye Sequoyah, Wahhiyah NC
Shell, Huckleberry B / Wp Fay, Stilwell, OK Gdn
Shell, Ute / C/ John Shell, Cherokee NC
Shevill, William / Andy Shevill, Cherokee NC
Smith, David / Stoney NC
Smith, Duffia / C/ Dock Smith, Birdtown NC
Smith, Jacob / C/ Henry Smith, NC
Smith, Jesse / NC
Smith, Lewis / C. Jesse Murphy, Gd, NC
Smith, Lottie / C. George Smith, Cherokee NC
Smith, Mary Ann / Henry Smith, Cherokee NC
Smith, Robinson / Floyd Smith, Cherokee NC
Smith, Roxanna / NC
Smith, Sibbald / C/ Nimrod Smith, Cherokee NC
Smith, Tom / C/ Henry Smith, Cherokee NC
Squirrell, Dinah / Gdn: Je Henderson, Birdtown NC
Standingdeer, Culgaluska (Carl W) / C. Wesley Standingdeer, NC
Swaney, Calcina / Laura Swayney, Swayney NC
Swayney, Luzena / John Swayney, Swayney, NC
Teesateske, Welch / Robert Crowe, Whittier NC
Teleskie, Jesse / Ute Jumper, Cherokee NC -- Step-Father
Tewatley, Cain / C/ James Tewatley, Cherokee, NC
Thompson, David B / Johnson Thompson, Swayney NC
Thompson, James / Johnson Thompson, Swaynex, NC
Thompson, Jeffress William / C/ Johnson Thompson NC
Thompson, Newton / Frank M Breene, Bartlesville OK Gdn
Toolate, Nelson / Geo Squirrel, Salina OK
Tramper, Ammoons / C/ Aggie Tramper, Cherokee NC
Tramper, Chittoske “Tossie” / Molly Tramper, Yellow Heel NC
Tramper, Lottie C. / C. Molllie Tramper, Cherokee NC
Tubbs, Laura / C. Tabitha Tubbs, Leesville LA
Tubbs, Texie / C/ Mrs T A Tubbs/ George Tubbs, Leesville LA
Turley, William B / Jw Turley, Turley OK
Wahhahoo, Lista Wahoo / C. John Grey Beard, Cherokee, NC ... Mrs C E Saunders, Cherokee (Mother)
Wahyahnetah, Maggie / Wm Wahyahnetah, Cherokee NC
Wahyahnetah, Posey / Joh Wahyahenutah, Whittier NC
Wahyahnetah, Samuel / Wm Wahyahnetah, Cherokee NC
Walkingstick, Mike / Jno Walking Stick, Birdtown NC
Washington, Joseph / C/ Lizzie And James Washington NC
Washington, Rachel / C. Lizzie Washington (Mother) NC
Webb,William David / Gertrude Webb Norton, Fairland, OK
Welch, Lucinda M / C. Isaac Welch And Nancy Welch, Cherokee NC
Welch, Bettie / NC
Welch, Charlotte [Lottie] / C/ John G Welch, Cherokee, NC
Welch, Clarence / Jas B Welch, Stonery NC .. Browning Mt
Welch, Cornetta / C/ Sampson Welch, Birdtown, NC
Welch, James / Davis Welch, Cherokee NC
Welch, Jesse / Stoney NC; Cherokee NC, Ewen Welch
Welch, John / Jacson Welch, Tomotla, NC
Welch, Lloyd / Mary E Toinetta, Cherokee NC Mother
Welch, Lucinda / C. John G Welch, Cherokee NC
Welch, Mark / Elija Welch, Stonery, NC
Welch, Mary / NC
Welch, Mollie / NC
Welch, Moses / C/ Isaac Welch NC
Welch, Ned / Stonery NC
Welch, Robin / Cherokee NC
Welch, Tony / Mary E Toineeta, Cherokee NC
Welch, William / John G Welch, Cherokee NC
Welch, Wilson Ocumma / James Ocumma, Cherokee NC
Welsh, Mary / Jackson Welch, Cherokee NC
West, James / William West, Cherokee NC
Whippoorwill Allan / Cherokee NC
Whippoorwill, Manly / C/ John Whippoorwill NC
Wiley, Wilson / Josie Hendricks, Ochelata OK
Wilnotih, Ned / Annie Littlejohn, Cherokee NC
Wofford, Jesse / Ochelata OK
Wolf, Callie / Jos Wolfe, Stoney NC
Wolf, Elkany / Abraham Hill, Cherokee NC
Wolfe, Amanda / C/ Nancy Wolfe, Cherokee, NC
Wolfe, Edward / C/ Margaret Wolfe NC
Wolfe, George / David Wolf, Cherokee NC
Wolfe, Jesse / Swayney NC
Wolfe, John / Cherokee NC
Wolfe, Katie / Mrs Margaret Saunooke, Cherokee NC
Wolfe, Mark / David Wolfe, Cherokee NC
Wolfe, Mary / David Wolfe, Cherokee NC
Wolfe, Mary Elizabeth {Lizzie} / Comeback Wolf NC
Wolfe, Pearl / C/ Nancy Wolfe, Cherokee, NC
Wolfe, Tarquette Taquah / Ojalade Dickey, Wahhiyah, NC
Woodell, Margaret / Mallissa Oxedine, Pembroke, NC
Woodfire, Hattie / Edward Hyht NC
Wright, Ellis S / Rose OK
Young Bird, Rufus / John Youngbird NC
Young Bird, Saughee / Whittier NC
Young Bird, Wesley / Cherokee NC
Young Bird, Yhannie / Cherokee NC
Young Deer, Jessie / C/ Youngdeer NC
Young Deer, Stephen / C/ John Youngdeer NC




54 Carlisle Indian School students enrolled with affiliation to the "Assiniboine" nation according to the documents found at NARA and CCHS. For digitized student files, enrollment cards or photos, go to   CARLISLE INDIAN SCHOOL DIGITAL RESOURCE CENTER.

Adams, Quincy / Ft Peck / Pipe, Stepfather
Armstong, Bunn / Ft Peck /
Bacon, George / Ft Peck / Henry Owens, Stepfather
Baker, Susie / Ft Peck / Stands On Iron, Stepfather, Poplar Creek Mt
Ball, William / Ft Belknap /
Bent, Katie / Ft Belknap / William Bent
Black, Mary / Ft Peck / Red Feather, Poplar Creek, Mt
Brown, Solomon / Ft Belknap /
Buckles, Nettie Jeanette / Ft Peck / Thos Buckles
Camp, Peter [Four Blankets] / Ft Belknap / Listens In The Camp
Carson, Moses / Ft Peck / White Horse
Clear Eyes, Seth / Ft Belknap /
Cloudbird / Ft Peck / Long Crane
Cox, Isaac / Ft Peck /
Crawford, Julia / Ft Peck / C.Stone Ghost, Poplar Creek Mt
Cree Girl, Regina / Ft Belknap / C. Broken Arm
Davis, Nimrod / Ft Peck /
Emmett, Robert / Ft Peck /
Enter Lodge, Lucy / Ft Belknap /
Flynn, Sarah / Ft Peck / John Flynn, Poplar Creek, Mt
Flynn, Thomas / Ft Peck / John Flynn, Stepfather, Point Poplar Creek, Mt
Forest, Bedford / Ft Peck / Afraid Of A Bear
Gray, Ocie / Ft Peck /
Gray, Vista / Ft Peck / C. Smoker, Stepfather, Poplar Creek Mt
Gregg, Clark / Ft Peck / Dog Eagle, Stepfather
Hammond, Katie / Ft Peck /
Harvey, John / Ft Belknap / Charles Harvey (deceased)
Hayne, Paul / Ft Peck / Tobacco, Relative
Henderson, Charles M / /
Hickman, Maggie / Ft Peck / Big Head, Poplar Creek, Mt
Hovermale, Addie (Hoovermalle) / Minneapolis MN / Mrs Mh Hovermale, father: George B, Minn Minn
Howard, Delia / Ft Peck / Red Feather, Poplar Creek Mt
Howe, Peter / Ft Peck / Checker (Mother)
Iron Claws, Harry / Ft Peck /
King, James / Ft Belknap /
Knor, Charles / Ft Belknap / Philip Knor
Medicine, Ammi / Ft Peck / Moving Medicine
Mitchell, Charles / Ft Belknap / Father: Robert Moore
Mooney, Thomas / Ft Peck / Blue Man, Poplar Creek
Muligan, Albert / Ft Peck /
Murdock, Wesson / Ft Peck / Walking Bull, Stepfather
Nicols, Ollie / Ft Peck / Swings His Thigh Low
Oldrock, Lizzie / Ft Peck / Sister: Lizzie Wirth Smith, Poplar Mt
Parnell, Joseph / Ft Peck / Oswego
Perry, James / Ft Peck / Father: Charles Perry
Redstone, Christine / Ft Peck / Redstone, Stepfather, Poplar Creek
Rogers, Moses / Ft Peck / Wound Plenty, Stepfather
Ryan, Mamie / Ft Peck / Plenty Road, Poplar Creek, Mt
Ryan, Rose / /
Strong, Edith / Ft Peck / C. Stone Shell, Stepfather, Poplar Creek
West, Joseph / Ft Peck /
Wheeler, Dewitt / Wolf Point Rez / Dewitt Clinton Wheeler
Wirth, Christine / Ft Peck / Jacob Wirth
Wirth, Lizzie / Ft Peck / Jacob Wirth

Zitkala Sa (aka Gertrude Simmons Bonnin) at Carlisle.

Indian Helper and other CIIS Newspaper References

VOL. XII. FRIDAY, July 9, 1897 NUMBER 39
Miss Gertrude Simmons is the latest addition to our force of workers. Miss Simmons is a Sioux, seven years a student of White's Institute, Indiana, and of Earlham College two years, is temporarily assisting with the clerical work in Miss Ely's office.

VOL. XII. FRIDAY, July 16, 1897 NUMBER 40
Miss Simmons is pianist for chapel services.

VOL. XII. FRIDAY, August 6, 1897 NUMBER 43
Misses Mary Bailey, Gertrude Simmons and Nellie Robertson departed for the West on Tuesday and Wednesday. Miss Bailey goes to Laguna, New Mexico, Miss Simmons to Yankton, Dakota, and Miss Robertson, to Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota.

On Monday, at the opening exercises of school, Miss Senseny, Vocal Instructress, sang in most excellent voice and with pleasing effect Lynes' "He was a Prince," and Belmont Smight's "Creole Love Song." On Tuesday, Miss Simmons talked upon "The Achievements of the White and Red Races Compared." This from a young Indian maiden was a most thrilling and earnest appeal to the youth of her race to show to the world by their earnestness of purpose that the history of the Indian has been wrongly written, and that their motives as a people have been misunderstood. From this on, the Indian will be judged by the growing generation, who should be industrious and worthy. Every student who heard her remarks should be quickened into a deeper intensity. On Wednesday, Miss Barclay talked on "Li Hung Chang's visit to the United States." This, also, was very interesting and instructive, entering into the details of his daily life.

VOL. XII. FRIDAY, October 1, 1897 NUMBER 51
The King's Daughters have been organized for the year with the following named leaders: Wayside Gleaners-The Binders, Miss Nana Pratt; the Reapers, Miss Cummins; Sunshine Scatters, Miss Barclay; Lend-a-Hand Circle, Miss Luckenbach; What-so-evers, 1st section, Miss Shaffner; 2nd section, Miss Miles; Willing Workers, Miss Simmons and Miss Bailey; The Little Learners, Miss Ericson. Their lessons in Bible Study will be upon the life of Christ as found in the four Gospels. On last Thursday, at the opening exercises of school, Antonio Apache gave an account of his trip through the British Colonies. On Friday, "Seth Lowe and the Greater New York," occupied the time, Professor Bakeless the speaker. On Monday he again spoke upon Nicola Tesla and his Electrical Researches, showing how little things change the world. On Tuesday, James Wheelock, played a clarinet solo, accompanied on piano by Miss Simmons. It was one of Hartmann's compositions and was beautifully rendered and well received. On Wednesday, Miss Lida Standing gave an excellent talk on "Lord Nelson and his Service in the British Navy.' The talks at the opening exercises this year have all been spirited and much enjoyed.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, October 15, 1897 NUMBER 1
On Tuesday, at the opening exercises of school, Miss Simmons sang in excellent voice "The Dove" by Arciti, and was accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Sawyer and by James Wheelock, on his clarinet.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, October 29, 1897 NUMBER 3
The Minnehaha Glee Club is the name the singers, who have chosen Miss Simmons for leader, have given themselves.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, November 12, 1897 NUMBER 5
Capt. Pratt, Mrs. Pratt, Miss Burgess, Miss Senseney, Miss Barclay, Miss Seonia, Miss Simmons, Mr. Snyder, Mr. St. Cyr, and the Wheelock Bros. took in the game Saturday.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, December 24, 1897 NUMBER 11
The school entertainment on last Monday evening was a sort of Christmas event. The stage trimmings, with quaint fire-place in which was a glowing fire and hanging kettle added to the picturesqueness of the scene. The programs, with "A Merry Christmas," printed in brilliant red, was the first reminder of what was coming. On the outside page was a stanza from Milton's Hymn to the Nativity. The singing by the entire school received more than usual applause from the faculty. Spring Time waltz, accompanied by clarinet, violin and piano was sung with very pleasing effect. Didn't little Agnes White speak well and loud? Frank Cayou's solo pleased everybody and he was obliged to respond with an encore. Miss Cochran's pupils did themselves proud in the scene from Dickens' "Christmas Carol." Oscar Davis spoke remarkably well. "Somebody's Mother,' stood vividly out to view when he was through. The sparkling little piano solo "Spring Carol," by Edythe Pierce enlivened all, and the double quartette, deserves special mention. Miss Simmons', James Flannery's and J. Wheelock's voices being specially conspicuous, while all blended beautifully. "The Poet's Calendar," by pupils from 5, 6, and 7 in costume representing the months of the year was well done. Theodora Davis quite captured the audience in her very natural message to Santa Claus through the Telephone. "Primitive Life in New York," adapted from Irving's Knickerbocker History of New York was good, but perhaps the best thing of the evening was Fannie Harris as Mrs. Ruggles preparing her nine "young'uns" for the Christmas Dinner, taken from Kate Douglas Wiggins' "Bird's Christmas Carol." The evening was delightful throughout. The band did its part and was enjoyed as it always is. The pupils from the lower grades, Maude Murphy, No. 1, and Julio Romero, No. 3 deserve mention for the efforts made.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, January 21, 1898 NUMBER 14
One of the most interesting hours the Man-on-the-band-stand has spent for many a day was in No. 6, last Thursday evening when Miss Simmons in the chair, conducted a debate between her morning and afternoon schools upon the subject of whether or not the treatment of the Indians by the early settlers caused King Philip to make war. There was a degree of life manifested on the part of the speakers in gaining the floor, that was refreshing, and arguments pro and con that would have done credit to the higher grades. Mr. Dennison Wheelock, Miss Wilson and Miss Burgess were appointed judges and decided that the best argument was on the negative side. Those who had the most to say were Lewis Curtis, John Morris, and Arthur Degray, on the affirmative, and Frank Bender, Tommy Griffin, John Jessan, Minnie Reed and Evaline Hammer, on the negative.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, February 4, 1898 NUMBER 16
It was a pleasant change to peep in for a moment at the art work, going on in No. 5--Miss Carter's room. Art teacher, Miss Forster, was directing, individually, the drawing and painting of some pretty initial letters, while a part of the class was a reproducing a squash placed before them for a model. We arrived at No. 6 door just as Miss Simmons' pupils were passing out to Assembly Hall to take a lesson in singing. When asked to sum up the difficulties of her room in one word, she said "Language."

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, February 25, 1898 NUMBER 19
A surprise was tendered Miss Simmons last Tuesday evening in the Teachers' parlor. She celebrates the 22nd, as the anniversary of her birth, and Miss Seonia had quietly invited to the parlor a host of Miss Simmons friends, who joined in laughter, song, games and other merriment. Soon after the delicious cream and cake were served and a few more pleasantries enjoyed the company dispersed, each feeling that it was good to have been there.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, April 1, 1898 NUMBER 24
Miss Simmons and her class of girls made a tour through the shops on Wednesday.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, June 3, 1898 NUMBER 33
Miss Simmons gave a very select reading, entitled, "The Blue and the Gray."

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, June 17, 1898 NUMBER 35
Miss Simmons has taken Miss Peter's place in school, this month and Miss Paull is in the Normal Room, while Miss Bowersox is doing library work.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, July 1, 1898 NUMBER 37
Miss Simmons intends remaining most of the summer at Carlisle, and will take violin lessons under Prof. Taube of Harrisburg. He is a Leipsic graduate.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, August 12, 1898 NUMBER 43
Miss Simmons is spending a part of her vacation in New York City a guest of the artist Mrs. Kasebier.

VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, September 2, 1898 NUMBER 46
Misses Carter, Bowersox, Robertson, Peter, and Simmons came on Monday.
VOL. XIV. FRIDAY, October 21, 1898 NUMBER 1
Mr. F.W. Kasebier, 201st Regiment N.Y. was Miss Simmon's guest on Thursday evening. Mr. Kasebier's mother is the artist at whose lovely home in New York City, Miss Simmons was a guest for a few weeks this summer.

VOL. XIV. FRIDAY, January 6, 1899 NUMBER 11
Miss Newcomer, of Kansas, is the late Civil Service appointee. Miss Paull has taken Miss Simmons' school and Miss Newcomer has No. 2. Miss Simmons has gone to Boston to take special musical training. In her life as a teacher with us she has made a host of friends who wish her the greatest success in her new field. Miss Simmons has musical talent, and no doubt will make her mark in the world as a violinist. It will be remembered that Miss Simmons is a Sioux Indian maiden who has worked her way through school and partly through college, having attained prominence in her college life at Earlham College, Indiana.

VOL. XIV. FRIDAY, January 20, 1899 NUMBER 13
Mr. Sowerby and Mr. J. Wheelock will attend the Invincibles this evening. Mr. Blackbear and some one in Miss Simmons' place the Standards, and Mr. Snyder and Mr. St. Cyr the Susans.

Miss Gertrude Simmons, a Sioux maiden, who has received a partial college education and for the past two years has been a teacher with us, left at the beginning of this year for Boston, where she will take a special course in the Conservatory of Music, her special line of study being the violin. 

VOL. XIV. FRIDAY, April 28, 1899 NUMBER 27
Thomas Marshall. One of the saddest duties that has come to us as a recorder of the historical events at the school is that of telling our readers of the sad death of student Thomas P. Marshall. Thomas was a Sioux from Pine Ridge agency, S. Dakota, where a mother, brothers and sisters, and a step-father, a deacon in the Episcopal Church, reside. Four years ago, last Fall, Thomas came to us from the Friends' White's Institute, Indian, which had been engaged successfully many years in educating young Indians. He at once entered Dickinson College Preparatory Department, and had advanced to the Junior class in the college proper. It would be impossible to overstate the excellence of Thomas Marshall's character and influence as shown both in Dickinson College and in the Indian School. Tributes and testimonials from his Professor in the college and the President, of his superior character, are unstinted. A memorial service presided over by President Reed and attended by the Professors and students of the College, addressed by President Reed, Rev. McMillan and others was held in Bosler Memorial hall at the college on Wednesday morning. Later there will be a service of the same kind, here at the school. Every year since coming to Carlisle, Thomas was elected by the Young Men's Christian Association to take charge of the delegation to Mr. Moody's Northfield Conference. As the Assistant of Mrs. Given in charge of the small boys, and as a leader in every good movement in the societies and general work of the school, Thomas was without a peer among our students. He never failed in any duty and always happily led when occasion offered. He received letters from home, telling of the sickness and death of a brother and sister of "Malignant Measles." Nothing of the kind had appeared anywhere in this vicinity. He was taken ill, and in view of what had occurred at his home he was at once isolated in the hospital. The disease baffled the greatest skill of the physician and the tenderest care of the skillful nurse, and relentlessly centered in his face, and the brain, and finally on his lungs. He was unconscious for about twenty hours before he died, which was at midnight on Sunday last. The life of one most promising and unselfish as well as most dear to a loving family and to a wide circle of friends is thus inscrutably taken.

A large and beautiful wreath of white roses from Miss Gertrude Simmons [Zitkala Sa] of Boston, to whom Thomas Marshall was engaged to be married, was received by Mrs. Cook, to be placed on his grave. Miss Simmons has the sympathy of her friends at Carlisle, in this her great bereavement.

Owing to the death of Thomas Marshall, Major Pratt issued orders strictly quarantining all the pupils and employees within the limits of the school reservation. At this writing no other malignant cases have appeared.

Thomas Marshall's case was sporadic and there seems no danger of the disease spreading so great is the vigilance and so strict the quarantine order. Everything that was in his room was burned and the room thoroughly fumigated. It was a room that Miss Barr had held as a spare room, in the closet of which she had her best clothing. Everything in the closet was burned even to her silk dress and a new and stylish garment she had recently purchased.

VOL. XIV. FRIDAY, May 5, 1899 NUMBER 28
TO THE INDIAN HELPER: In her deep sorrow, Miss Gertrude Simmons wishes to express gratitude for the sympathy extended to her through the HELPER and also through personal letters. There is no reconciliation for the loss of so pure and noble a life-force, only in the thought that Mr. Marshall has gained "that purest heaven." -May 2nd, Boston. 

VOL. XV. Feb 1900, THE RED MAN. NUMBER 11, p. 8 
School Days of An Indian Girl.
   In the January number of the Atlantic Monthly, Zitkala Sa, (Miss Gertrude Simmons), dwelt with much simplicity upon the picturesque "Memories of an Indian Childhood." In the magazine for February, she relates the impressions made by her school life.
   Miss Simmons' work has literary quality. She has a striking gift of characterization. Her satire is keen. She excels in giving what seem to be the genuine records of the mind of a child, uncolored by later knowledge and experience. We regret that she did not once call to mind the happier side of those long school days, or even hint at the friends who did so much to break down for her the barriers of language and custom, and to lead her from poverty and insignificance into the comparatively full and rich existence that she enjoys today.
   We do not for a moment believe that "Zitkala Sa" desires to injure the cause of her own people, whose title to the blessings of enlightenment and civilization has so lately found general recognition, but we do feel that the home-sick pathos --nay, more, the underlying bitterness of her story will cause readers unfamiliar with Indian schools to form entirely wrong conclusions. Her pictures are not, perhaps, untrue in themselves, but, taken by themselves, they are sadly misleading. The following chapters will serve as examples.
The Cutting of my Long Hair
     The first day in the land of apples was a bitter-cold one; for the snow still covered the ground, and the trees were bare. A large bell rang for breakfast, its loud metallic voice crashing through the belfry overhead and into our sensitive ears. The annoying clatter of shoes on bare floors gave us no peace. The constant clash of harsh noises, with an undercurrent of many voices murmuring an unknown tongue, made a bedlam within which I was securely tied. And though my spirit tore itself in struggling for its lost freedom, all was useless.
     A paleface woman, with white hair, came up after us. We were placed in a line of girls who were marching into the dining room. These were Indian girls, in stiff shoes and closely clinging dresses. The small girls wore sleeved aprons and shingled hair. As I walked noiselessly in my soft moccasins, I felt like sinking to the floor, for my blanket had been stripped from my shoulders. I looked hard at the Indian girls, who seemed not to care that they were even more immodestly dressed than I, in their tightly fitting clothes. While we marched in, the boys entered at an opposite door. I watched for the three young braves who came in our party. I spied them in the rear ranks, looking as uncomfortable as I felt. A small bell was tapped, and each of the pupils drew a chair from under the table. Supposing this act meant they were to be seated, I pulled out mine and at once slipped into it from one side. But when I turned my head, I saw that I was the only one seated, and all the rest at our table remained standing. Just as I began to rise, looking shyly around to see how chairs were to be used, a second bell was sounded. All were seated at last, and I had to crawl back into my chair again. I heard a man's voice at one end of the hall, and I looked around to see him. But all the others hung their heads over their plates. As I glanced at the long chain of tables, I caught the eyes of a paleface woman upon me. Immediately I dropped my eyes, wondering why I was so keenly watched by the strange woman. The man ceased his mutterings, and then a third bell was tapped. Every one picked up his knife and fork and began eating. I began crying instead, for by this time I was afraid to venture anything more.
     But this eating by formula was not the hardest trial in that first day. Late in the morning, my friend Judewin gave me a terrible warning. Judewin knew a few words of English; and she had overheard the paleface woman talk about cutting our long, heavy hair. Our mothers had taught us that only unskilled warriors who were captured had their hair shingled by the enemy. Among our people, short hair was worn by mourners, and shingled hair by cowards!
     We discussed our fate some moments, and when Judewin said, "We have to submit, because they are strong," I rebelled.
     "No, I will not submit! I will struggle first!" I answered.
     I watched my chance, and when no one noticed, I disappeared. I crept up the stairs as quietly as I could in my squeaking shoes,--my moccasins had been exchanged for shoes. Along the hall I passed, without knowing whither I was going. Turning aside to an open door, I found a large room with three white beds in it. The windows were covered with dark green curtains, which made the room very dim. Thankful that no one was there, I directed my steps toward the corner farthest from the door. On my hands and knees I crawled under the bed, and cuddled myself in the dark corner.
     From my hiding place I peered out, shuddering with fear whenever I heard footsteps near by. Though in the hall loud voices were calling my name, and I knew that even Judewin was searching for me, I did not open my mouth to answer. Then the steps were quickened and the voices became excited. The sounds came nearer and nearer. Women and girls entered the room. I held my breath and watched them open closet doors and peep behind large trunks. Some one threw up the curtains, and the room was filled with sudden light. What caused them to stoop and look under the bed I do not know. I remember being dragged out, though I resisted by kicking and scratching wildly. In spite of myself, I was carried downstairs and tied fast in a chair.
     I cried aloud, shaking my head all the while until I felt the cold blades of the scissors against my neck, and heard them gnaw off one of my thick braids. Then I lost my spirit. Since the day I was taken from my mother I had suffered extreme indignities. People had stared at me. I had been tossed about in the air like a wooden puppet. And now my long hair was shingled like a coward's! In my anguish I moaned for my mother, but no one came to comfort me. Not a soul reasoned quietly with me, as my own mother used to do; for now I was only one of many little animals driven by a herder.
Iron Routine
     A loud-clamoring bell awakened us at half-past six in the cold winter mornings. From happy dreams of Western rolling lands and unlassoed freedom we tumbled out upon chilly bare floors back again into a paleface day. We had short time to jump into our shoes and clothes, and wet our eyes with icy water, before a small hand bell was vigorously rung for roll call.
     There were too many drowsy children and too numerous orders for the day to waste a moment in any apology to nature for giving her children such a shock in the early morning. We rushed downstairs, bounding over two high steps at a time, to land in the assembly room.
     A paleface woman, with a yellow-covered roll book open on her arm and a gnawed pencil in her hand, appeared at the door. Her small, tired face was coldly lighted with a pair of large gray eyes.
     She stood still in a halo of authority, while over the rim of her spectacles her eyes pried nervously about the room. Having glanced at her long list of names and called out the first one, she tossed up her chin and peered through the crystals of her spectacles to make sure of the answer “Here.”
     Relentlessly her pencil black-marked our daily records if we were not present to respond to our names, and no chum of ours had done it successfully for us. No matter if a dull headache or the painful cough of slow consumption had delayed the absentee, there was only time enough to mark the tardiness. It was next to impossible to leave the iron routine after the civilizing machine had once begun its day’s buzzing; and as it was inbred in me to suffer in silence rather than to appeal to the ears of one whose open eyes could not see my pain, I have many times trudged in the day’s harness heavy-footed, like a dumb sick brute.
     Once I lost a dear classmate. I remember well how she used to mope along at my side, until one morning she could not raise her head from her pillow. At her deathbed I stood weeping, as the paleface woman sat near her moistening the dry lips. Among the folds of the bedclothes I saw the open pages of the white man’s Bible. The dying Indian girl talked disconnectedly of Jesus the Christ and the paleface who was cooling her swollen hands and feet.
     I grew bitter, and censured the woman for cruel neglect of our physical ills. I despised the pencils that moved automatically, and the one teaspoon which dealt out, from a large bottle, healing to a row of variously ailing Indian children. I blamed the hard-working, well-meaning, ignorant woman who was inculcating in our hearts her superstitious ideas. Though I was sullen in all my little troubles, as soon as I felt better I was ready again to smile upon the cruel woman. Within a week I was again actively testing the chains which tightly bound my individuality like a mummy for burial.
     The melancholy of those black days has left so long a shadow that it darkens the path of years that have since gone by. These sad memories rise above those of smoothly grinding school days. Perhaps my Indian nature is the moaning wind which stirs them now for their present record. But, however tempestuous this is within me, it comes out as the low voice of a curiously colored seashell, which is only for those ears that are bent with compassion to hear it.

VOL. XV. FRIDAY, February 2, 1900 NUMBER 14
The people's eyes whom Zitkala Sa alludes to in her Atlantic Monthly article might be called a pair of stares.

VOL. XV. FRIDAY, March 9, 1900 NUMBER 19
The lecture on Lincoln before the Literary Societies, Tuesday evening, March 13th, is to be delivered by Rev. Dr. Melancthohn Woolsey Stryker, President of Hamilton College. Dr. Stryker was specially selected by the War Department to deliver the memorial eulogy at General Lawton's funeral before the President, Cabinet and many of the most distinguished officials and citizens of this and other countries. Dr. Stryker's oratorical powers are of the highest order, and this lecture promises to be one of the finest ever delivered in Carlisle. The lecture will begin at 8 o'clock, but to make the evening still more interesting the exercises will begin at 7:30 o'clock, the half hour preceding the lecture being filled with music by the School Band, Glee Club and by a violin solo from Miss Zitkala Sa. The price of admission will be 25 cents. The people of the town, by buying tickets at either Mr. Means' or Mr. Piper's Bookstores and paying 30 cents therefore, will get trolley tickets to and from the School. No reserved seats.

Miss Gertrude Simmons widely known by her Dakota name - Zitkala Sa, is with us, and will remain until the Band starts on its tour, when she will go along as violin soloist. She is looking well and says that the people of Boston have treated her well.

VOL. XV. FRIDAY, March 23, 1900 NUMBER 21
Zitkala Sa's rendition of "The Famine" from Hiawatha, at the Memorial Association in Washington, last Friday took the audience by storm. "The recitation was a magnificent effort, and the young girl was most enthusiastically applauded," says the Star. The Post says "she recited in a very capable manner. She was enthusiastically applauded and was compelled to return to the stage to bow her acknowledgements. At the conclusion of the program she was taken among the audience and introduced to Miss Longfellow, the poet's daughter."

Mrs. Cook goes with the Band as a chaperon for Zitkala Sa.

On Saturday last, the Band boys were the invited guests of the President of the United States to play at the White House, Mrs. McKinley selecting the numbers rendered. The latter was delighted with the music, and spoke in high praise of the performers. At the same time Miss Zitkala Sa, recited for Mrs. McKinley, and received from her hands a large bunch of beautiful English violets, which she prizes very highly.

On Wednesday evening, the usual "class meeting" as Major Pratt calls them was held. Most of the inspiring speeches by distinguished visitors made at this meeting are quite fully reported for the Red Man. There was a large crowd present and the occasion was one long to be remembered. It was at this meeting that Zitkala Sa recited the famine scene in Hiawatha, surprising her audience with an artistic rendition that was delightful to hear. A Dakota girl, in Dakota costume of beaded and fringed buckskin, with her long black locks combed very smoothly over the ears and braided in 2 braids, she was decidedly picturesque and typical in style, and the recital from start to finish would have satisfied Longfellow's highest ideal of native grace and eloquence.

VOL. XV. FRIDAY, March 30, 1900 NUMBER 22

One who is travelling with the band has promised to keep the readers of the HELPER informed of some of their doings on the road.
Fifty-three members of the Band with Dr. Montezuma, of Chicago, as care-taker and health-keeper of the crowd, and Mrs. Cook at chaperon for Zitkala Sa, and J. Quincy Eaton as treasurer, left last Friday morning, giving their first concert in Philadelphia. One whose nom-de-plume will be known as Xena, writes thus:
Now that we are so far away that even your eagle eye can not rest on the Band-standers we begin to realize our distance and hasten to send you our loyal greetings, for no matter how far we may go or what fortunes are ours we started from THE Band Stand!
Less than a week has passed since we last saw you, but already we feel at home on "the road" and only wish you might sometime join us, if only to see how we take the fun that comes to us and how bravely we meet any adverse conditions.
Philadelphia showed us its "brotherly love" in the enthusiasm of the audience.
Our arrival in Trenton was a bit disturbed by the mistaken notions of our advanced guard in conjunction with our would-be "mine-host." Cots galore were found sardined into 9x10 rooms, and when one of them boasted a sheet it proved a strip of unbleached muslin without the grace of a hem.
Our capable manager soon set matters straight, gave the command "Right-about face!" and found comfortable quarters elsewhere. We think he was most strongly moved thereto by Dickie who sat on his cot in a hallway and declaimed "Behold Me! I have no room today!"
A good audience greeted our matinee, and tickets are selling well for Tuesday night.
The evening proved the old saying false, for our prophets found honor in their own country, and all Bucks County turned out for the Bristol concert to show their regard for the boys from Carlisle.
They entered into the concert, heart and soul, and we played our best for them.
The local agent strongly urges us to come again and he will give us a packed house.
We are proud of ourselves for your sake. We are proud of our Minnehaha who takes each audience by storm and holds it breathless till she chooses to release it. Her rendering of the pathos and beauty and truth of Longfellow's lines is a revelation to her hearers, while her violin wins all hearts.
We are proud of our Calm Director who is not even thrown off his base when his remarkable versatility as the ex-captain of the football team is remarked upon.
Some day we may tell you of the Ancient Israelite, who "Stood on the STAIRS at midnight;" of the Somnambulist who nearly gave his bed fellows each a black eye and of the Lucky Sioux, the universal favorite.
These are a few of your devoted Band Standers who send faithful remembrance by the hand of XENA.

What the Papers Say.
The Band does not come as Indians might be expected and permitted to do, with a repertoire of little easy waltzes and marches that any children might learn to play in time, but they come with "Semiramide" and with "Bohemian Girl," "Il Trovatore" and "Lohengrin."
It was not alone in ensemble that the Band made a good impression but there were soloists that ranked high as musicians of soul and execution.
-[Trenton Daily Gazette.

The Trenton Times says: It may be strictly in order to say that all of these young men are Americans - there can be no doubt about that, and there can be no more remarkable entertainment than that given yesterday afternoon at Association Hall by the Carlisle Indian School Band. Other bands have played in this city but none ever made such an impression on those who heard it as did this band of young Indians. It would have been a grand musical feast aside from any special features but with those features it stands alone as an extraordinary and unique entertainment. The wonder of the whole thing is how all of these young men - and some of them are but boys - have been taught to play such music.
Perfect harmony, precision of movement and delicacy of expression prevailed throughout, and one could scarcely believe that it was the performance of descendants of the aborigines that one was hearing. -[Trenton True American.
Any criticism of the concert that failed to take note of the wonderful performance by Zitkala Sa, a charming young Indian woman who must have surprised everybody with the power of her declamatory force would be incomplete. Her recitation was "The Famine" from Hiawatha. Her beginning scarce kept the attention. She warmed and as the lines called for the exposition of the passions the young girl's dramatic power grew till it became marvelous. She held every ear and the recourse frequently to handkerchiefs told how great an effect she was exerting over her audience. She was applauded to the echo.
-[Trenton Daily Gazette.

Their tone is especially mellow and pleasing and even in the crescendo passages developed none of the brassy harshness often heard in bands of the kind. Zitkala Sa recited with much feeling and decided elocutionary ability the "Famine," from Hiawatha.
-[Phila. Evening Bulletin.

The admirable execution of these young artists, the precision of their work which, is at all times marked by enthusiasms and spirit, caused every one of the dozen or more numbers on the well-chosen program to be encored, and the high character of the Band's work is indicated by their high grade selections.
-[Phila Times.

The performance was a very praiseworthy one, the organization showing the beneficial effects of careful preparation and drill, while individually considerable skill and musical ability was displayed.
-[Phila. Record.

VOL. XV. FRIDAY, June 15, 1900 NUMBER 33
Zitkala Sa is spending the summer with her mother in South Dakota. An editorial on her Atlantic Monthly articles which appeared in the Word Carrier will be reprinted in the June Red Man.

VOL. VI. No. 3. / JUNE 1900 RED MAN
Andrew Lang concludes from his study of their legends that our Indians have little original imagination. We would like to know his opinion after reading Zitkala Sa's articles in the Atlantic Monthly. They certainly show considerable power of imagination. They are exceedingly well written and highly praiseworthy as realistic word paintings. Some may have eagerly hoped that in these experiences of an Indian girl we would now have the material for a new psychological study. But many of the incidents are purely fictitious and often the situaion is dramatically arranged to produce the desired effect. There is the conventional berating of "the paleface who has stolen our lands and driven us hither." And our hearts swell with indignation as we see these unfortunates driven like a herd of buffalo many days and nights, while with every step the sick sister shrieks with the painful jar, until at last, when they reach the far western country, on the first weary night she dies. It will relieve the sympathetic tension to remember that this is simply dramatic fiction.
The same is undoubtedly true of the climactic scene when her mother discovers a new fire in the bluffs across the river where white settlers have made homes. When she exclaims, "Well, my daughter, there is the light of another white rascal, springs to her feet beside her wigwam and raising her right arm forcibly into line with her eye shoots out her doubled fist vehemently at the strangers with a curse upon them.
We may however expect to gain some information regarding the true inwardness of Indian schools and the character of those who teach them. But here too her portraits are either so exaggerated as to be untrue or are pure inventions. From the broad brimmed Quaker "missionaries" and the pale-face woman teacher with the cold gray eyes and gnawed pencil to the leather tanned stage driver with blurred and blood-shot blue eyes, she finds no one for whom she has any other sentiments than contempt and disgust.
There is one remaining field of study for which we have enough material and of a genuine character, that is Zitkala Sa herself. By her own showing she is a person of infinite conceit. She is insulted because a pale-face woman catches her up in her arms and tosses her in the air; she is outraged because a loud breakfast bell sends its metallic voice crashing into her sensitive ears. Nothing is good enough for her. Her small carpeted room, with neat white bed she calls a ghastly white walled prison. She is passionate and ill-tempered from a child, when she chases her own shadow with set teeth and clenched fists; or when a little older she is dragged out from under a bed kicking and scratching wildly. She carries the same temper into mature age when her enraged spirit feels like burning the Bible her mother has brought for her comfort. She is utterly unthankful for all that has been done for her by the pale faces, which in her case is considerable.
It would be doing injustice to the Indian race whose blood she partly shares to accept the picture she has drawn of herself as the true picture of all Indian girls. They average far better.
-[Word Carrier.



There are people like Zitkala Sa, in her Atlantic Monthly articles a few months ago, who always insist upon sitting on the cold side of a hill. They have all sorts of experiences in life, happy as well as dull, but the remembrance of gloomy scenes and the dark pictures in life is alone retained.
Those who make light of small trials and push them aside that sunshine and cheer may enter are the people who make the world worth living in.
There is enough gloom in life as we go along from day to day, without treasuring up disagreeable experiences of the past.
The following from Forward has a lesson in it for us all:
"May I come in, dear?" called the girl's bright voice.
"Pull the bobbin and the latch will fly up," was the merry answer.
The girl pushed open the door and ran across the room to the bed.
Nobody could have guessed the pain and the wearisome plaster cast from the cheery voice; still less could one have guessed that the need to earn made the weeks of pain still harder to bear.
These things the woman lying there told to her God, never to her guests.
"The very last," she declared. "I hunted and hunted!"
"Are you sure?" her friend asked quickly. "I've always found them later than this every year. Did you go over to the south side of the hill?"
"No," the girl confessed laughingly, "I believe that I looked on every side but that. I'll go straight back and hunt again."
Twenty minutes later she returned laden with autumn bloom.
"You were right," she said. "I had no idea that the south side made such a difference. The slope was half covered with the most beautiful blossoms, so big and deep colored. I'm going to put them in the pitcher beside you, so that you can reach your hands down deep into autumn and pretend you're picking them yourself."
"Then," her friend returned, "I should have to give up the memory of somebody who picked them for me."
The girl stopped her pretty work.
"Now I understand the difference," she said slowly. "You insist that you are living on the south side of life, and that you are getting every bit of sunshine there is, while most of us deliberately go and sit on the north side, and grumble because it is cold. Never mind, I've caught your secret now, and I'm going to sit in the sun. Then maybe I'll blossom."
The white face in the bed smiled.
"And the best of it all is that there always is a south side," she answered," the sun's side, and God's."

VOL../ FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1902

Raymond T. Bonnin and Miss Gertrude Simmons, both of Yankton Agency, were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Benedict in this city on Saturday afternoon, May 10, 1902. The Tribune is pleased to make a few comments upon this marriage from the fact that the bride is a full blooded Sioux whose Indian name is ”Zitkala-Sa,“ which means Red Bird. After receiving a common school education at Yankton Agency she was sent to Carlisle College, where she remained two years and where she developed great musical and literary talents to such an extent that she was sent to the Boston Conservatory of Music and was selected to accompany a musical troupe to the Paris exposition in 1900. The rare talent show both on the violin and piano brought forth many flattering comments from the leading magazines and newspapers, both at home and abroad. Upon her return she made a tour of the principle cities of the East, not only as an accomplished musician but as an author of esteemed merit. One of her productions entitled “Indian Legends” has commended itself to the reading public to the extent that the publishers are having a great demand for her works. She is also a contributor to some of the leading magazines at the present time. The groom is the grandson of the old French trader, Picotte, one of the first traders to come up the Missouri River to Yankton Agency and points above and into who married one of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. His family were all educated at the Standing Rock Reservation, South of St. Louis and they and their children are among the foremost of the Yankton tribe in civilized attainments. This is considered a marriage in high life among their people, as both of the contracting parties are proud of their aboriginal blood, and especially of their rapid acquirement of the educational skill of the Caucasian race so rapidly adopted by them. Her Indian friends may well feel proud, without being egotistical, at the marvelous advancement made of a full-blood of their race who left her native home encumbered with that legacy of native habits and who within a few short years mastered the English language to the extent that she rivals in literature some of the leading authors of America, and whose quaint productions are equal to those of Kipling. -[Tyndall (S. D.) Tribune.]


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